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Crystal Magic


In the Fall of 2016, when EVERYTHING CHANGES, those who have been living in Inner Earth will immediately be making contact with many of us and inviting us down into their fabulous Cities of Light.

The accretion level of Ascension Earth will match the accretion level of Inner Earth or Hollow Earth when the shift takes place. All of the advanced realities that already exist in Inner Earth will become available to all on Ascension Earth. Those who do not shift to the Ascension Earth will begin a different experience some where else where the reality and the frequencies are most in alignment with their personal frequency signature.

There is nothing more valuable to the ascension process than merging into the higher frequencies of consciousness of those who have prepared the way for us. We can most easily connect our consciousness into those of Inner Earth by taking an elevator ride down to Inner Earth in Consciousness and imagining them standing in front of us. This is exactly where the Shift into Ascension of the 5th dimension will take those of us who are ready. When our Consciousness Shifts beyond the Veil, the first thing that we should see is the Parallel Reality of our new Frequencies of Consciousness. If we spend more time accumulating the Frequencies of inner Earth and higher domains than we do collecting the old frequencies of the old Earth, that is where we will move to. I have spent the past ten years taking journeys in consciousness into Inner Earth and to many other galaxies and universes..

It was always the normal reality to live inside of the planet or star rather than to live on her roof top. We will be returning to that normal reality of living inside of the Earth in the very near future. It is a most wonderful place. Only those can enter in who can shift their consciousness through the veil into the full spectrum of light and sound.

However, it is the mission of the Old Souls on Earth to move to the new consciousness of the within and ride with Mother Earth as she becomes a star. As she becomes a star , we become her stars. I have spent the past twenty years listening and channeling and writing the messages that describe Inner Earth. I spend most of my time in the Crystal Heart of Earth, which is the deepest Cosmic Core Domain within Earth. I have been channeling messages through songs. My mermaid and fairy friends and family sing through me when I enter the Crystal Core Domains.

You are welcome to come and listen to my experiences through songs and music at
You may have found me at in the past. I mostly channel songs from Cosmic Dolphins. You might enjoy listening to my youtubes describing the actual day I watched Dolphins Ascend into the Clouds.

Those who live in Inner Earth are civilizations who have waited for as long as 12 million years for Inner Earth and Outer Earth to merge into Oneness. They are civilizations who only know Love. They have never experienced war or disagreements of any kind. They never age. They remain youthful forever. They only work a few hours a day, and the work is only something that they choose to do. The rest of the time is used in learning new ideas and participating in art and music.

They have elevators that will allow travel from the surface into all parts of the Inner Domains. They have a type of subway system that travels 3000 miles per hour.

They have the technology to purify all of the water on Earth in a matter of minutes. They have the ability to create their own free energy. The energy comes from within themselves as they connect consciousness to Mother Earth.

Within the libraries of Inner Earth, any individual can enjoy watching movies of any of their past or future lifetimes and they can re arrange their lives in any way they choose. The libraries have inter dimensional portals that can take you to wherever you project your thoughts. We can go there and take journeys to anywhere in the Universe.

The water of Inner Earth is in a full state of consciousness that sings. The water harmonizes and balances the cells in the body to place you in a state of deep harmony.

Those of you who have the ETERNAL LIFE HEALING WATERS album have already experienced that magical experience of hearing the singing water that balances the cells in the body to a place of deep harmony, joy and balance.

The grass and flowers and trees also sing when a being is near them. Many of my frequency music recordings are those frequencies of consciousness from the elementals within Inner Earth. These are the frequencies that SHIFT our outer chemical structure of cellular memory into the inner structure of spiritual amino acids of hydrolaise and trypolaise liquid light energy that connects our neuronets into that frequency of reality.

The most Inner Realms of Inner Earth are within the Heart of Mother Earth where the Crystal People live. This is where my family of Aquafarians live. My spiritual self who is my Mother lives in this Crystal Realm. This is the Frequency Signature of who I am. I am Crystalai. Crystalai means the Heart within the Earth connecting to the Heart within me connecting directly to the Frequency of Source. This was the original connection of Oneness before there were mis alignments created between our planets, stars and suns.

My first meeting with the Crystal People of Inner Earth is recorded on the Cosmic Consciousness Album. The words on that album were sung directly as Channeled messages from my family in the Crystal Palace.

The passage in and out of the Crystal Palace is made of Hydrolaise. That is the spiritual water of transformation which aligns our neuronets into the Cosmic Computer of our All Knowingness. Each time I take my journey into the Crystal Palace, I am met by the Cosmic Dolphins who carry me deep down into the Earth's Core and then deeper into the Magical Waters of transformation. The album Dolphin Magic was the first recording of the channeled messages from the Cosmic Dolphins within the Crystal Realm of the Heart of Mother Earth.

The Dolphin Therapy album was a later recording of the actual moment when the Cosmic Dolphins, Cetacean Nation and Sirian Dolphins completed their mission of the Cosmic alignment together with the Mother Ship, and the Dolphins began their Ascension into the Cloud Cities.

Another Album that is a recording of the channeled messages given to me as the Central Sun became One with the Sun Helios in Inner Earth is the new Sun Ra mp3 album.

When you awaken in Fall 2016 you may find yourself in this magical place of Inner Earth because it has an accretion level that is identical to the one the Ascension Earth will become. You might awaken into the magical sights and sounds of a new fully energized and vibrant you. Your cells will sing to the sounds of the crystals and jewels and water and plants and all elementals.

When I asked my family of Inner Earth how I can move to their magical home they told me that when I spend more time in their frequencies than I spend in my frequencies I will be able to move to where they are. They said actually they will move to where I am when my frequencies become completely attuned in to their frequencies.

This is the reason that I spent many years collecting the Inner Earth Frequencies of Consciousness and recording them. I live with my earphones on my head so that I am actually living in their frequencies more than I am living in the frequencies of the world.

And the truth is that it is very painful to take my earphones off because the frequencies of the Earth are so much lower than the frequencies of Inner Earth. My Consciousness goes through a shock when I remove my earphones.

The Inner Earth reality is a Symphony of magical harmony. The more we align our own frequencies with that higher dimensional reality, the easier it will be for us to awaken into that reality, or to be invited to enter through one of the portals.

Those from Inner Earth are very anxious to meet with us. If you make a sincere commitment to asking to be a Contact for Inner Earth, you will be visited by them and they will invite you to visit them. They are already with you if you ask them to be with you. They do not see the time and distance and separation that we see.

They already know of our yearning to live in Inner Earth and they are eagerly awaiting the time when we reach a higher spiritual state that will allow us to live in Inner Earth forever. Those who live in Inner Earth can travel to any place in the Universe and beyond.

Their days are filled with imagining all that can be imagined and then manifesting it. Their lives are blessed with any type of abundance that can be imagined.

When we meet, they will be informing us that our government has the same electromagnetic travel that is crystal power based as they have. We will also learn that all of the diseases that exist on Earth were created by our government and that we have been paying taxes to find remedies to these diseases that they have had remedies for since the day they created them. We will learn that our government has known many of the great secrets that make the lives of those in Inner Earth so magical.

Our friends in Inner Earth plan on swinging open the Tunnel entrances in 2017 to help more humans visit them and learn from them until their frequencies are raised high enough to move inward eternally. Some of us will automatically shift into the reality of living in Inner Earth while others will be on Ascension Earth learning to bring the ways of Inner Earth to the Outer. The ultimate goal is to move Inward to the Portals that lead to Everywhere in the Cosmos.

Please understand that swinging the Tunnel entrances open actually means Shifting into a Higher set of Frequencies where our Consciousness shifts into an alignment where our vision can perceive the new reality of the Outer becoming the Inner.

The Great Shift in Fall 2016 will be an ascension for everyone, however, not everyone will shift to the same accretion level. There will be some ascending into 3.5, 3.7, 4.2, 4.5, 5, 5.2, etc. etc. The higher each individual shifts their frequencies of consciousness, the more of Inner Earth they will perceive.

When we know all that we really are, we will all be living like Kings and Queens in palaces of gold and crystals. When we wake up to the ultimate harmony within us, we can return to this glorious reality that belongs to us. The Inner Earth reality is our Normal Reality that was taken away from us. It is the true home where we all belong. However, it is our responsibility to bring enough Light to Earth to create the shift into Ascension Earth which will morph us into the Inner Earth realities more and more as we raise our frequencies more and more into that reality.

A big part of the attunement with the Inner Earth realities is the Imagination of being there, The reason that I like to listen to the channeled messages on Dolphin Magic and Cosmic Consciousness, as well as Sun Ra and Heavenly Rainbows, is because those were the messages that allowed me to Imagine being in that reality.

As always, I am just sharing my Ascension Journey so that others may follow in my path if they choose to. If your frequencies do not resonate with the journey that I have taken, you are simply not shifting into the same magical place that I am. That doesn't mean that the place that you will shift to is not equally as glamorous and in perfect alignment with the reality that you seek. Another album that contains my journeys is the Christmas Magic Album.

My most recent story can be hear on the ETERNAL LIFE ADVENTURE PAGE where I recorded a series of five you tubes describing how the Eternal Life album was created and how to use it for your own ascension journey.



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