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We have bands of light around us that have been called the spheres - the five spheres- the music of the spheres. These are bands within bands within bands or spheres within spheres. Each band or sphere holds a different wave length and frequency. The higher frequencies are the outer bands and the lower frequencies are the inner bands.

However, these bands only spin when we activate them with our consciousness and our breath. We can only feel their presence when we activate them. When we activate them through consciousness, by breathing and spinning our merkabas correctly and focusing the energy correctly into the proper realms, the spheres of energy begin breathing and singing songs of frequencies within and around our bodies.

We can't just do this randomly. There is an exact formula to use. If the formula isn't followed, we would just be breathing "hot air." That is what most of the breathing and coding and tuning that I have been hearing as I have been examining the listening samples and youtubes that I found online. I rarely hear anything that sounds like the Breath of Source or the 12 coded divine blue print. I just hear people singing and breathing. They usually breathe heavily with a lot of energy and passion.

 It really doesn't take a lot of breath to connect to those bands through the clockwise spin of the upper pyramids of the merkaba and the counterclockwise spin of the lower pyramids of the merkaba. It does, however, take a lot of Consciousness; and, consciousness is very quiet and etheric sounding. There should be energy and power placed within the consciousness as it connects the breath with the spinning of the merkaba. A person can breathe very strongly and loudly without having any focus of consciousness involved. When the focus of consciousness is involved and it is connected to the Source field, the feeling within the breath can be felt strongly. This is the example that I am trying to put forth to my audience through the listening samples I place on the Main page

We have these bands within cells, within our bodies, around our bodies, around our atmosphere and clear around us in each individual's cosmic sphere, which exists about one hundred feet in diameter around the body. The spheres are always created by a merkaba spinning correctly (see my essays on merkaba).  Outside of the cosmic sphere is the Source field of pre sound and light energy.

These five sets of spheres are replicated from the inside to the outside. There are five fields of energy replicated over and over again - the energy field of the planetary body would be the hertzian and infra red and visible light, because that is what we experience.

The solar realm would include the invisible light and x ray that allows the blue body to be seen. The galactic realm is made of gamma rays and then we go clear out into the white light and pink white light of the Universal sphere. Finally we go out into the pre sound and pre light of pure invisibility.

All of these bands of frequencies exist within our cells, within our bodies and then within the merkabas that activate the at one ment with the liquid light energy of Source Consciousness bringing the attunement of all of these spheres into a reality activation.

When we focus our energy of consciousness within these bands in order to activate the outer band of Source Consciousness activating the pre sound and light or the gamma activating the white light that will transmute the inner bands of x ray and visible light into a higher level of frequencies which becomes visible as blue light. When we do this we change the atmosphere around us. When we activate crystal liquid light energy we are changing the water content of the atmosphere to bring in more and more hydrolaise around us and into our bodies. The water body is the magical form that our guardian races take on in order to visit us.

In order to convince our bodies to start reaching these levels of activation and understanding we must melt away the old ideas in the upper cerebellum - the mortal mind - we will call the yellow brain because yellow here will represent third dimensional understanding. We have a part of our brain that utilizes blue brain understanding or fifth dimensional frequencies. That takes place in the mid brain area.

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