Motivation and Movement

Before posting the channeling I would like to explain that I did what I could to remove my critical mind from the process. I realize some readers will not understand the following channeling, but as others might find value in it I will post.

I was not yet into the deep flow of channeling and my critical mind jumped in at a few points once I realized this information should be posted. This slowed the process and ended the channeling a bit earlier.

You let go of so much of your writing when you write this way. Afraid someone will read this. You didn’t used to have this fear and you proudly broadcast your writing. Now even a re-read is to much to handle. So what if someone reads what you write in a channeling state.

Know now. Those books you have started reading recently will not help you in any way. You are already studied enough. You do not need to weigh yourself down with processes that you don’t need anyway.

You want something. You ask for it. You forget about it or continue to focus on it. In the asking you started the momentum. Why did the iPad Pro take so long and not get won in a sweepstakes? Motivation. If you wanted nothing you would stagnate.

Yes you are right that Abraham speaks on contrast. The contrast is to get you to desire something different. And that desire results in a motivation to change. The balance must be kept where certain desires are fulfilled to keep a person from giving up.

Our task is to keep the wheels turning by providing the correct amount of contrast to produce the correct amount of desire that will result in the…. now we are going to replace the word Motivation with Movement.

This is an automated system as effortless as you blood circulating. Yes. You can take action which cause the blood to circulate faster. Energy. Movement creating Energy. It keeps the etheric field bright and clear.

Sometimes we need to up the contrast to create the movement and energy needed to burn stagnated thought processes out of the etheric field. I am not saying the Law of Attraction is not real, but that it is not completely understood.

The Universe is not stupid in the Law of Attraction where negative focus attracts negative experience just because. When a thought process is hindering the correct flow of energy the being needs to be motivated to make change. This can be done in a number of ways.

When possible we try to show the individual the contrasting viewpoint that dissolves the belief causing stagnation. When the belief is too powerful to be dislodged by the antithesis of the thought an increase of contrast (sometimes perceived as a negative experience) is used to create Motivation and Movement towards change. This action process, whether done internally or externally, hopefully produces the required energy to dislodge the belief and allow the energy field to flow.

Now the processes in the books are often designed to get a person into a state where they can burn off some limiting beliefs. Yet often the intensity of belief which can be touched is limited by the intensity of the process. Yet, for some individuals very simple processes can dislodge very big blockages.

Yes indeed movement can also be created with the granting of wishes. This builds up the faith principle. In some individuals the faith principle can be built up with signs like repeating numbers. Without a certain level of faith new blockages in the energy field can quickly form. Yet, it is also true that certain kinds of faith create blockages.

Sometimes a blockage is too big to be cleared in one lifetime. The level of contrast required to remove a big blockage would be too much to handle. We tend to focus on smaller blockages around the larger one and break the big blockage into pieces to be removed one by one.

As for healing, without touching the belief system the blockages in the energy field will reform. It is best to address the reason a block was created.

Here I broke the channeling up, but it continued somewhat in the following.

Let me tell you this. Games or farther study of the LoA will provide no benefit. I am not saying LoA is not real, but it is not some magic formula that bypasses… it is not a secret code to win the lotto.

When you enter the lotto a calculation is made. It is not a calculation among who needs it the most out of all that entered, easily everyone could be shifted to a universe where they are the one and only major jackpot winner of a billion. No no no.

You make a wish. You take an action. We ask, ‘will this benefit you are harm you.’ We decide based on the evidence. It is that simple.

So you enter a sweepstakes or you mentally think you desire something. We calculate the benefit or harm done by winning or gaining.

However, if you write something down and mentally spend time meditating to gain this thing. We might grant it just to provide you with more beneficial meditation. If we see that a process taken to gain something is beneficial we give things so the process is continued.

Here the channeling when into personal topics. Which I do not intend to repeat. I pulled out two quotes from the personal topics and posted them alone. (Previous two posts.)

I felt I should post this part below as it is loosely connected to the post.

Oh, that was a lower frequency echo. You will have those from time to time. An echo from the past. Now is not the time to bring up any emotion connected to it to be burned up in the feeling of intensity. Frankly, you do not have enough emotional fuel at the moment for any burning up thoughts of the past. That is a good thing.

In this case, you can use the POD and POC tool to clear what you can at this moment. Everything attached to that lower frequency wave… poddy pock it.

That was a little light-hearted humor. Certainly, it would offend some. I think Gary Douglas would laugh.

(ME) Yet if I weigh on the scale of lighter or heavier it feels better to have won the lottery than to have lost, but I have yet to see the millions in my bank account.

Sigh. Do you want to use to go over Abraham Hicks teachings now? You have heard the answer to this question.

(ME) I am not asking for Abraham Hicks answer. I am asking for yours.

Yet what you are talking to is one and the same.

That question is on a certain level of vibration and requires a certain level of answer. To get higher level vibrational answers you need lighter questions. We do not intend to answer misaligned questions. That process does not seem to ever result in a decreasing of questions but in a transformation of questions. The question will morph from one form to the next until the underlining belief system is transformed. and words can only do so much transformation.

We can offer you words and you will question them as surely as anything else. The basic problem has not been cured.

So here the level of answer for that vibration. Do not look at what is for your vibrational alignment. Look at how you feel. For indeed there is a bank account you do not see which has millions upon millions. Now Abraham Hicks will state people ask the question, “How do we get the money out of the vortex and into the bank?” Abraham Hicks will say to tend to your alignment.

Exactly how long do we have to repeat things that other people have put into your head? I intend to answer questions, but these are not your questions.

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