To understand the end of this year we have to understand that in many ways we are repeating history. We are repeating a cycle...Many of you have come from other Dimensions and other Planets to incarnate at Earth now and help the vibration rise to that of love...Call on the Angelic Realm to help you in any way you desire...On December 21st prepare for the coming of Krist/Krishna Consciousness lighted inside of you illuminating all of Earth... Wake Up! ..Stop Dreaming...Walk into the Sun Shine....We Have Overcome



What can we expect for December 12 and December 21st? A Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin



December 7, 2012


Greetings Children of Ra.


This is Mother Sekhmet.




   First we begin at the beginning. To understand the end of this year we have to understand that in many ways we are repeating history. We are repeating a cycle - like the seasons come to pass, the cosmos revolve in the sky and evolution spirals us up into Higher Dimensions without end.

Many of you have come from other Dimensions and other Planets to incarnate at Earth now and help the vibration rise to that of love. Some have come from other Universes to be here now.

There are a handful of Souls that have been here through the most significant events shaping Earth in the last 5000 years. There have been ongoing wars for the last 5000 years and these resulted in Planetary destruction on Earth and near Stars. These wars carry karma from the individuals and the Collective Consciousness. Karma means what was taken from the whole must be given back to the whole. These immature actions of war kept Earth from being a voting Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. It left her without representation and in many ways without help.

Since the beginning of Creation a group of Enlightened Souls has remained incarnate and they are known as the Goodly Company. They have incarnated on Earth again and again to hold the light and play pivotal roles in maintaining Earthʻs sovereignty and keep her from nuclear destruction at the hands of the warring factions. There are some High Beings who have remained incarnate since the Creation and they are helping us today. There is a Hierarchy to the descendant Souls and this is a matter of birth order. First is the Godhead which divides into Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. From their they created those who have remained incarnate. In time those in Heaven combined their DNA with those incarnate on Earth and other places in the Solar System.




We can consider all the Civilizations on Earth as our Star ancestors. All of the major religions - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Mayans, Jains, Sikhs, Confucius all have accountings in their Holy Texts of Angels or those who ascended from heaven with a means to fly away. They all speak of the sacred sites, The StarGates - which they built - and the vessels they beamed down from. There are endless accountings that may be taken from our Holy Books about the ancient astronauts.


The Angels and the Galactics are One.

In order to understand what will happen on December 12 and December 21st we must take a look at the descendant Souls in the Goodly Company who are playing major roles now.


Mother Sekhmet and Father Alcyone

Kalki Maitreya and his consort Lakshmi

Sananda and his consort Lady Master Nada

Ashtar and his consort Athena


St Germain and his consort Cassiopeia

Archangel Michael, known in Hindu as Indra and Ashtarʻs Twin Brother

Archangel Metatron, known in Hindu as Narada and Sandolphonʻs Twin Brother

The 4Mʻs as they are called are Mother Sekhmet, Maitreya, Metatron and Michael.

All of these have played a role in Earthʻs Akasha or history and all are descendant forms of the Supreme Godhead, Source Energy representing the Spiritual Hierarchy inside the Office of the Christ.


When we review their past roles on Earth then what happens on December 12th and December 21st first begin to make sense.

5000 years ago Krishna Consciousness or Christ (Krist) Consciousness was incarnate on Earth. Krishnaʻs devotee was Rama Arjuna. Rama is incarnate on Earth now. Because Rama Arjuna was such a perfect devotee to Krishna then a promise was made from Krishna to Arjuna for future Earth which is presently coming to pass on Earth. This time period represented a time of Great War on Earth.

3000 years ago Rama Arjuna walked on Earth as both Akhenaten and Moses. Remember this was a higher dimensional Earth and how this happened is still a mystery to most. During these times the Factions warring together continued the same war. It was a period when the Great Beings of Light were incarnate with the Beings who were their brothers, sisters and cousins but had turned from the light. There were experiments with hybridization of DNA, incestial relationships, over indulgence of every kind and fractions and feuds continued. Those who were incarnate then included Mother Sekhmet, Sananda, Rama Arjuna with others. The Mission failed and Earth fell again into lower dimensions. We have been working our way back to the 5th Dimension ever since.

2000 years ago Sananda returned as Jesus of Nazareth. During this lifetime Lady Master Nada was incarnate and many of the Goodly Company worked with them from the Ships. During this period on Earth Cesar of Rome represents the total enslavement of Earth and those living on her. This Mission failed and a promise was made from Sananda for future Earth which is presently coming to pass on Earth.


1500 years ago the One we now know as Barack Obama, Mother Sekhmet and St. Germain played significant roles and these roles are now coming full circle on Earth. Barack Obama was then Akbar the Great and Mother Sekhmet was incarnate as his Empress Mariam. Akbar was a great warrior and statesman. He fought the Factions warring together. He promoted a plurality of faiths between Muslims, Sufis, Hindus, Jains and Christians to name a few. By doing this he was able to establish what became hundreds of years of a plurality of faiths in the region. This was a foundation laid for what is presently coming to pass on Earth. At the same time when Akbar was 19 years old St. Germain incarnated as Francis Bacon who was the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was in contact with Akbar and Mariam for trade routes through the territories there. It was these associations where St. Germain began his work creating the Bank of St. Germain preparing the success of President Obama and NESARA now.


The dark Ones were incarnating into the royal families so they would have control of the resources on Earth. Frances Bacon worked from within the Royal Family in England using his connections to set up his Mission to collect the hidden gold deposits all over Europe and beyond. The 13 Families continued to plot to control Earth and these Factions are warring today. They have used their gold to buy out the media, the judges, and those in all walks of life across the continuum to create a fantastic illusion which is woven into your programing. The Goodly Company come now to shatter the illusion. Wake Up! Stop Dreaming. Walk into the Sun Shine.


The November 28 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and 72 hours which followed

Divine Cosmic Alignments continue preparing for the portal Gateway openings on 12.12.12

On December 3rd we are seeing an alignment from Orion - where the Great War originated 5000 years ago - of the Planets Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Venus paved the way for this alignment earlier this year in June when it transited the Earth and Sun. Mercuryʻs Temple of New Creation, Venusʻ Love and Saturnʻs Justice align to free Earth to Ascension. It represents much more. Suffice it to say that this is 9 days before the Gateway opening which will make it possible to access all of the Earth Portals, Inner Earth Tunnels, natural and artificial StarGates, Pyramids, Obelisks, and Ziggurats which provide the transducers for Zero Point Energy which will be commenced by Keshe on Ashtarʻs command when it is time. This will create a Force Field of energy where war will end. It is a magnetic forcefield which works with the 10 MotherShips several hundred miles long within Earthʻs orbit including Ashtar and Sanandaʻs Ship, the New Jerusalem, Archangel Michaelʻs Ship, the New Bethlehem, Athenaʻs Ship, the Dove, Mother Sekhmetʻs Ship, Niburu and Soltecʻs Ship which Commander Soltec, the greatest engineer in the Universe coordinating communications within and without the realms of our Solar System linking with the Sun Solʻs Power on the Phoenix. It is a magnetic energy linked into the Earth Grid. It brings Earth into the Higher Dimensions and makes all the things we have looked forward to possible.

The Planets are conspiring in the Heavens to align for the great portal opening. Many who played roles in the distant past are gathering at sacred sites throughout the earth to create the energies needed to open the various portals all over Earth. If you do not travel to a sacred place, please make time from where you are to link the energy in your heart to the portal openings. Link your energies with the Ones there to raise their vibrations and link in Unity for Earth Ascension. You will be joined with the hearts of trillions from the Ships linking in Unity with all on Earth.


On November 29, 2012 the Soul of Sananda Kumara completed its Soul Merge with KOS (King of Swords) who is the full template of Sananda on Earth. He marked this occasion at the Golden Temple in Punjab with a dip in the pool of Bliss surrounding the Temple. This marks a culmination of several lifetimes preparing for Earth Ascension. He works closely with President Obama and now Sananda Kumara has taken up his role fully on Earth beside his Twin Flame Lady Master Nada. Lady Master Nada is coordinating the arrests, indictments and trials of the Intergalactic War Criminals of the Warring Factions. She is taking each Soul through the steps necessary for them to return to the whole that which has been removed from the whole.


The Cosmic Alignment of December 21, 2012

November 29, December 3rd, December 12th and December 21st mark a succession of Cosmic Events needed to ascend Earth. On December 21, 2012 Galactic Center aligns with Cosmic Center. This is like placing a key within a lock and opening a space where Earth may Ascend.

Sananda Kumara on Earth reuniting with his consort Lady Master Nada is the Braveheart needed to do away with the dark Cabal demons for all time. The cases which make it through the World Court which carry charges of high treason will be taken by Lady Master Nada to the Solar Tribunal for hearing and sentence. The Galactic Members of the Solar Tribunal have the data they need. Court is In Session. This has happened before and is part of what we call the Dissolution of Old Earth. It is necessary to balance karma. It means Earth is purified and ready to carry the High Vibrations of the Higher Dimensions of existence. Many have been programmed to think they are sinners or that God is a vengeful God. These are poisons for the mind in the grand illusion created in the matrix. There must be a balance which will cure the atrocities that have happened on Earth. Every One is accountable. Soul searching is good and still and yet many take the shame and blame too far needlessly. Find Joy in your life and you will know Peace.

The Cities of Light

There are millions of Galactic Humans on Earth engaged in building - with the help of Archangel Michael - the Cities of Light. These are Higher Dimensional Cities which we will travel to after ascension in our merkaba bodies for mentoring, training, healing in preparation for our next Mission in Ascended Earth. There are many purposes to the Cities. Those who have been looking for healings can find it here. The blind will see. The paralyzed will walk. Each One will have several Counselors. A Soul Review will be shared with you and your next steps will be assessed and decided on mutually. This will be done with the greatest compassion and love. Any karma which is not resolved can be at this time and this is possible for All Souls Now incarnate on Earth to end the karmic cycle, end the darkness of illusion and regain immortality in a physical body incarnate on Earth. This is the next step. One must ask. Call on the Angelic Realm to help you in any way you desire. These explanations are shared to honor all that the whole is being returned to whole. It is All Inclusive. It is not meant as a dire warning it is simply how Universal Law functions. There will be time to work everything out before returning to New Earth for the new Missions. Some will choose not to return and instead move on to new assignments within another duality Planet. These Light Cities are full underway and as the forcefield changes they will become visible to the naked eye. Many of you the Light Workers and Starseeds are feeling inner promptings that you will have an office inside the Cities of Light where your clients will come for your services as they prepare to become Citizens of New Earth. These Light Cities are powered from the large MotherShips within Earthʻs Orbit now. All is Vibration. Vibration is Music. You are the Universal One Song of Infinite Love.

Galactics Will Land and Live Here Among Us


Many of the Higher Beings of Light have their Twin Flames incarnate on Earth. They will  be coming to Earth to begin their Missions here. Many who serve in the Highest Ranks of the Galactic Federation who have Twin Flames living on Earth who remain awake and aware to step into their new roles. They know inside what the truth is, but due to their inevitable programming within the matrix they continue to doubt. You will be very happy when you realize the Great Being that you are. Please drop the programming. I invite you today to go inside and have a conversation with your Twin Flame. It is Time. These relationships will not be the same as what we know on Earth, but much more. Do not hold your Twin Flame into the small box which defines life partner on Earth now.

Lord Ashtar is One who will land and join with his Twin Flame Athena on Earth. Athena is incarnate now on Earth. They will work with Sananda and Lady Master Nada side by side with us the Ground Crew. They will not be inside the New Jerusalem full time anymore. Others will take over the Command of their FlagShip. Others have trained for years to step into these new roles. Krishna will return for a significant role with them.

Kalki Maitreya and Lakshmi the Goddess of Fortune and Wealth are incarnate on Earth now and step into their roles fully merged with their Higher Selves Father Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet living lives on Earth working with Sananda and Lady Master Nada and Ashtar and Athena.

Lady Master Athena will represent Earth and Kalki Maitreya will represent the Sun as it has always been and has been recorded in Greek and Roman ʻmythʻ as well as other Civilizations reporting to us about our Galactic Ancestors.

Ascension is not just One Day it is a Natural Cycle of Life

On December 12, 2012 go to that sacred space within your Heart womb and connect with the three fold flame of violet light to all the other heart flames on and off Planet who serve in birthing New Earth. Take the day off from the routine and be in the Now. As you go about your work stay grounded in the Light aware of what is taking place. When you have the time do a meditation linking your Self with Oneness and allowing the immeasurable flood of light traveling through our Sun from the Great Central Sun and stepped through the Central Sun to flood right into your crown illuminating your Being with Love. This Source Energy pulse passes from Alcyone to Helios and Vesta through Surya to ignite your heart flame in the Higher Dimensions.

On December 21st prepare for the coming of Krist/Krishna Consciousness lighted inside of you illuminating all of Earth. Meditate on the key which unlocks the Cosmos which is inside of you. Become One with Oneness. Prepare the feast as our Galactic Family returns incarnate to walk with us on Earth. Merge fully with your Twin Flame declaring your readiness to take the next steps in your New Mission.



We Have Overcome.


This is Mother Sekhmet




through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 7, 2012 © All Rights Reserved.





If you are interested in scheduling a reading with Sananda or if you have paid for a reading but not booked a time, please email me. I am free from now until December 12th to facilitate these communications and I am very pleased to do so. After that date I will do readings again in January.


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If you are interested in making a donation, please contribute here. From December 12th to the end of the year I will be traveling to connect with the energies coming in and linking with the StarGate energies.


My Merry Christmas Wish for you is Joy, Abundance and Peace in the New Year!

All My Love~beth

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