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Mother Mary ~ The Divine Plan and Gaia’s Ascension By Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that humanity’s ascension has been going so well lately that Divine feels that it is time to kick it up a notch and increase the incoming energy so that the Divine plan can get moving forward faster, and Gaia’s ascension can be smoother. And that is what Divine and the company of heaven, are doing. We are going to increase the energy level largely to the areas where Mother Earth needs it. And humanity in turn will feel it more and wake up more. As a result, we can push the Divine disclosure even further till the final disclosure happens. That is the Divine plan for now, and that is what we have been doing lately.

I love you dear ones, I am Mother Mary. In the recent shifts, Divine and the company of heaven, have noticed that a lot of our light workers have been shifting a great deal, especially in the recent shifts when the incoming energy is so pronounced, and Divine is happy about that, and thrilled that our light workers are finally getting the Divine messages and participating in the shifts. This way, our light workers themselves will grow so much and so much faster, just in time for the upcoming changes and events. For that, Divine is happy and satisfied with the progress our light workers are making. And Divine wants to encourage more of this kind of growth and participation. Also, Divine is going to continue the efforts and work so that our light workers and humanity alike will continue the wake up process. Together, we will push for the further awakening of the masses, and establish our Divine agenda on the planet. That is the goal. So far so good.

I love you dear heart. Besides the intense energy currently coming to the planet, Divine also wants all of you to know that the planet is currently on the cusp of the big shifts. In other words, big changes are coming. The changes to the weather, changes to the earth herself and big changes to humanity are all coming. The big changes, planet – wide changes I am talking about, are the kind of changes that will bring tremendous impact. Divine wants all of you to know this and adjust your emotional body so that when changes happen, you won’t freak out, you still can sit in the heart and be the peace for the Mother and humanity.

I love you dear heart. In the next few weeks, Divine and the company of heaven, will continue the push for our agenda. So far, we have established our first Divine government and its structure in Washington DC. And we are going to continue to fill in the positions, bringing our light workers in and adjusting the Divine agenda so that we can be in sync with humanity’s and Gaia’s ascension and where we are as a whole. In other words, we need to make sure we don’t go too fast. We need to make sure that our light workers can grow with us and follow the Divine guidance precisely. We need our light workers, each one of you, to find your place, energetically and physically so that when the Divine government starts to function, you know your place. That is a tall order, but we need to make sure each and everyone of you, finds your place and move.

In terms of how to find your place and where to move to, dear heart, I want you all to listen carefully on this one. Each one of you has a Divine mission to fulfill. Not until recently, has this Divine mission manifested in your world. In other words, before, you just did your Divine mission energetically, you stayed in a designated location. But recently, we have moved a lot of you to Washington DC to form a team, and together, you and I, together, we have been working in DC, getting the energy cleared, moving out lots of the old energies and establishing our first Divine government, and we even organized the government in a way that is going to be manifested in your world soon. In other words, you are part of this Divine government. You get to move for the new position you signed up for.

As for how you would know whether you are the one who needs to move, what is your position? At this point, all I can say is to prepare thyself dear heart. If you feel that you are part of the new Divine government, you get to move to where the government will be located. In this case, the Divine government is located in Washington DC. If you are not sure how to approach it or simply have no clue, you may want to meditate on your mission, ask for Divine guidance, consistently ask, and you may get a clue. But being consistent is the key. Sooner or later you will be noticed.
I love you dear heart. It is an exciting time right now. We have got so much to do. Our Divine government is coming online soon, soon enough for us to start the preparation. We need to prepare ourselves, get ourselves ready, little by little, we will get everyone here, and fill all of the necessary positions. Together, we will start the brand new organization, the brand new Divine government and new human race. Together, we will get the job done, you and I, together, dear heart, we will bring Gaia home, bring humanity home, and make Mother proud.
I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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