Mother Earth Update


Gaia (Mother Earth) has dircted this message to the oil industries, bankers,
military leaders, subversive agencies, pharmaceutical industry, religious
leaders and others supporting darkness on this planet.

Greetings to you all. I will speak slowly and sincerely as you all must
hear what I have to say. Some of you will act, some will react and
hopefully you will respond from a considered placed. I have tolerated abuse
of the air, water and earth long enough. That toleration has come to an
end. I will be responding myself. There may be loss of life, massive loss
of income, and dire consequences to all of you that continue to put greed,
power and control first.

We are coming into a whole new paradigm, one in which conscious choices are
needed to be made. It is your choice. Those of you who persist, in raping,
pillaging and plundering my oil and other "unnecessary bounty" will be
downgraded to a different realm to learn your lessons with others that
refuse ascension. It might be what you call, living your worst nightmare.
For those of you with the courage to quit your current jobs and move into a
new and more green perspective, avenues of personal abundance will overflow.
Avenues will open up for each and every one of you. You will create what
you focus on and you will integrate it into the rest of this life. So fear
and greed will create mistrust and chaos with thousand or millions of others
feeling and doing just the same around you. There will be no Lightworkers
there to sooth and try to cajole, encourage or shift you into a higher

Those of you who choose to take the more evolved path will be richly
rewarded on many, many levels. We know such a shift is neither easy nor
immediate, yet we are at a point to demand a show of which direction you
will take. Those of you choosing a higher path, we have to see your
attempts to do this. We will be compassionate and yet the time is now. You
have an expression IF NOT NOW, WHEN!

This is not a threat, this is simply a heads up. This is what will be
happening. You will no longer to be allowed to desecrate the land, oceans
or my valuable resources.

My recourses are valuable for me to function efficiently. The oil is
unnecessary at this time as you have adequate and superior technology
available at this moment to be able to supersede any use of oil. Plastics
can be recycled and new products invented that are far more eco friendly.
Using my oceans as a trash heap is unacceptable. Killing my wildlife,
whether in the ocean or on land is unacceptable. Taking pieces of these
beautiful animals, fish or birds for sexual stimulation, adornment, or
profiteering will cease and desist now. The big cats are not to be made
into fur coats or rugs. Ivory will not be harvested unless caused by a
natural death. We understand, it may take time to get this message out to
the artery and capillary outflow to all you have created. And yet, we will
be intolerant with any who countermand this. If one family is poaching to
gain income, that whole family will be at risk. Whether drugs or oil the
families will also be put in jeopardy. This must stop NOW. So know that
any of you who breach this, will not just harm yourselves but ALL your
relatives are at risk.

This will have ramifications, all back thru the arterial system right to the
top. This will also go off planet to any of those who are masterminding and
string pulling from other galaxies. The galactic federation, the Christ
council and the Archangelic realm along with all the Ascended Masters have
decreed this.

And so beloved beings, it is YOUR CHOICE. Those who wish to ascend can come
and play in the new paradigm. Those who wish to remain with their old
status quo may also do that, this is a free will planet. Just know your

On a lighter note, there are many, many beings like yourselves who are
beginning to wake up and to see that each of our thoughts and our actions
and our words have a consequence. As more of you choose the light, the
higher path or the path to higher consciousness, then all of the energies on
the planet will be amplified.

So if you have chosen greed and chaos (the consequences) will be amplified 10 fold in the remainder of this year alone.
Those that choose a more conscious path and choose live in a positive
compassionate and community way which is all of earth as one community will
also find peace, love, joy and prosperity accelerating 10-100 fold. You
will find those to teach you.

Ask and the teacher appears. It is that simple.

You may find it is your child.
maybe a pet.
maybe a stranger or guide from another realm.

Pray earnestly and you will receive. Release doubt, choose trust.

There is light all around you. You have beings here
(on Earth receiving this message) filled with such deep compassion for
humanity that have devoted their lives to this pursuit. They are only
several of the many on this beautiful planet, providing me marvelous hope
making it tolerable for me.

I do this for them. I am in honor, integrity, deepest compassion and strength.

Gaia (Mother Earth)


Channeled by Galactic Friends of Gaia
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