Two years before I was in the spiritual trip in the Sedona ,Touscon, MountShasta etc.with a twelve people from Japanies. The first ten days we are healing the people with cancer, some near to death....many mirracles throught our new energy healing ..after this teching and healing we spend two weeks arround Arizona .... we met many spiritual people , one of the village of Indian Hopi ...during one of the meditation the old shaman gave me my animal totem Golden White day in the Grand Canyon I flow free as Phoenix.......many changes started from this time in my life.I feel all pain my loving Mother the 21 March last year during full moon meditation I was in the small mountains in my country.... I felt so strong paing in my heart, my heart was totaly broked, I was sure that I am near the death(as many times before in my life) ....suddenly the Luna wake up from horizont, set on the sky and the knight as laser of bright light touch my heart ...I felt unconditional love .....waterfal of tears fall during my face from sacred heart.....I cry and cry, maybe 30 minutes, my sweet dog Mia cry with me... jumped up and kissed my hands, my face..when I clean all pain living on the beautiful blue planet Gaia, the laser of light arrived on the sky and I was rebirt ......again......full power, unconditinal love, courage, awe, harmony, silence and peace .......Mother Earth embraced me.......from this time I can´t automaticly heall all beings, as before.......I respect choice of alll... only if somebody ask me for help,....I feel all emotion of people, animal, nature, elementall elements.., from this time I feel only joy, happiness, peace, harmony.Now I am who I truly are.. server ...wave shower, translator of universal Truths, creator of beauty ....I full my mission here on the digital world, the much faster way..I am working in the one hudred spiritual portals with two´tousand friends..I am listening my heart, let lead my Higher self and at the right moment I send the message by art the somebody who need my support, my love my light energy... I am grateful that I can help only one beloved each day......... I enjoy the present time, the moment NOW.... I share my love, shine my with all of you . ..thank you I degree, we degree togehter..together we can make difference......I am ready to claim my divine birthright each moment...With honor, awe , respect, peace,silence, balance, harmony and abundant joy I love you, I love life!!!!♥♥♥SelanT Ja!Be in Joy!
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Nobody Nobody has the right to force their religion / religious beliefs onto others ...each one is on their path of evolution. Not a single spiritual master forced followers to do this or do that but suggested, hinted, set examples.ALL HUMANITY IS…
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Chiron is notorious for placement in key horoscope areas (or in key aspects) of horoscope charts of those who are ET/UFO aware.  I discussed this in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation." Three horoscopes that were used for research…
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"This chap is correct....The pandemic tyranny (2020-22) has been biblical....And evil has failed...👏🏻"
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Hello there. I am here, willing and apparently, able! Are you feeling the same?Indeed, Blossom. It is wonderful to be back in conversation with you this day. Being uninspired as you have been, in a sense, is a good thing.Really? How so?When the mind…
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It is evident that there are more sightings of our ships, as the threats are being removed considerably, and the first real contact will not take long.There is also excitement on our part as we have waited for thousands of years for this moment to…
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"There are two scenarios that leads to slow economic growth or recession. Each has different prescriptions.

One comes when pple don't have the money. So they don't buy a lot. The businesses shut down and fires employees etc. We say 'there is a…"
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