More Questions?

I have some Questions...

Why were we pushed behind the shots?

Why do you spite others when they go against the grain?

Why is it if we do not go with you we all doomed?

We were Born here not you visiters!

Why do you manipulate others to do what you want?

How can anyone follow anything claiming to be grater the you?

why do you have lords? 

Why are there so many masters?

What are they masters of?

Did you forget we are all ready everything there ever was and will be?

We are the ones! Not you!

Did you forget we came here to teach you not the other way around?

Your the ones stuck in your dimensional hierarchy. Not US!

Did you forget we have no hierarchy?

We report to no one!

Did you forget you have no power here?

No i think you are starting to remember to.....

Is this why you hide in the shadows?

Behind others secure walls?

and your own?

Where are you?

Why can't you ever answer the big questions?


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  • Kelly your crazy. You came back first! 

  • James I never Knew..... :) We are the one's we have been waiting for.

    Drekx, I never asked for your appologise..... why should you?

    No Brother, I thank you for what I now, know! and you know, I know, you know... got it... :) 

    No No, what I want is some simple answers, please. That is all I am asking.

    When are you gonna realize I haven't lost my mind. No compassion. That is just simply giving it away. 

    Were big boys. We don't need to hug it out! Just answers!


  • Greg, I will ignore you, as I have nothing to appologise to you for......May you one day find your peace and regain some semblance of sanity...

    In compassion for a brother in fear...


  • Oh and any of you friends of dekx get those emails about how crazy I am and how I have lost it?

    ....hmmmm     ya I used to those to about other people..... 

    Do you really all know what your friends with?

  • Why Does Saturn feed on his sun?

    And what is with the Orion cluster above?

    maybe who Saturn prays to?

    Any comments Drekx?

    8113993085?profile=originalYet again let me point out that I did not paint it! Some may try to blame me for this....:)

    I just know what is going on...

    hmmmm how about a Video..... 

  • By Dr Joshua David Stone

    The Spiritual constitution of every person on the path of ascension really involves four major parts. These parts are your Soul, Superconscious Mind, Oversoul and Monad or Mighty I AM Presence!

    Many people get confused about this because there are so many different names for these aspects of Self. Some people call the Soul the Soul Extension. It is the aspect of your Oversoul that is incarnated into a physical body for the purpose of becoming an Integrated Ascended Master, passing Spiritual tests and learning lessons, as well as being of service. The Soul is not one place in your physical body, like in your pineal gland or Heart Chakra, as some people think. The Soul pervades your entire physical body. Many people are not awakened to their Soul and think they are just a physical body. At the third initiation, which is called Soul Merge, one fully merges and awakens to the fact they are an eternal and immortal Soul.
    To Achieve Ascension You Must Merge With Your Soul, Superconscious Mind, Oversoul, and Monad.

    Secondly, we not only have a conscious and subconscious mind, we have a Superconscious Mind. This is literally a higher mind that can access the Akashic Records and is an aspect of God within you. It is your true teacher. Edgar Cayce became world famous, for he was a channel for this mind. The Superconscious Mind, also known as the Higher Self, has the job of training you to become an Integrated Ascended Master. So it is constantly giving you guidance, dreams, inspiration, intuition, thoughts, images, synchronicity and lessons to help you develop in the areas where you are weak, in terms of Self and God Realization. It guides you to books to read, workshops to go to, tapes to listen to and on and on. Every person should develop a close personal relationship to one’s Superconscious Mind. This does not mean you have to hear a voice like Edgar Cayce did, for the Superconscious Mind is communicating with you all day long through a variety of means, if you have the eyes to see and ears to hear. Your Superconscious Mind loves that you are doing this correspondence course and reading this lesson, for these teachings are part of the Superconscious Mind’s curriculum for you. On the path of initiation and ascension it is important that you merge and integrate with the Superconscious Mind. You do this by developing your consciousness to the point that your thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, words and actions are all guided by and mirror the consciousness of the Superconscious Mind in how you live your life! Then the three minds function as one mind. You are the master of the subconscious mind and you are completely subservient to the Superconscious Mind, which is the consciousness of the Spirit / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Within.

    Then each person has an Oversoul, which is also their teacher. This Oversoul contains 12 Souls that it incarnates on different planets, which build the consciousness and virtue of the Oversoul. It is kind of like ten fingers on a person’s hand plus two. So, you are not the only Soul incarnating from your Oversoul. Isn’t God efficient! This is your Spiritual family, in a sense, all working for the Oversoul.

    Then to make things even more interesting, there are 12 Oversouls in your Monad or Mighty I AM Presence. So if each Oversoul has 12 Souls, and you multiply 12 Oversouls times 12 Souls, you come up with 144 Souls that make up your Monad or Mighty I AM Presence. The 12 Oversouls work for the Monad, just as you work for the Oversoul and the Monad. The Monads work for the Cosmic Monad who work for God! So in the process of ascension, one first merges with the Soul, then the Superconscious Mind, then the Oversoul, and then the Monad or Mighty I AM Presence! Then you are an Integrated Spirit / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mig

  • He doesn't have to.

    His not... is enough.... and if he does he can't win

    .... check.

This reply was deleted.

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