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Paradigm Research Group expands in a media release on World Disclosure Day, to be held July 8, 2011. Thanks to Geoff.
World Disclosure Day – July 8
PRG Update – June 30, 2011 (Register support here) (Join Facebook page here)

In August of last year activist blogger Steve Beckow put forward the idea for a World Disclosure Day. This was certainly an idea whose time had come but PRG was not in a position to embrace the concept. Recently PRG conducted an hour-long phone interview with a reporter from the London Financial Times discussing World UFO Day (July 2) which was put into play in 2001 and has drawn some modest attention over the years. It is home based at:

During the conversation with the Financial Times reporter it became clear it is time to aggressively promote a day emphasizing Disclosure. The era of the UFO is over. It ended no later that 1991. “UFO” is now an anachronistic contradiction in terms. [Imagine the India independence movement had focused on UFOs - Unidentified Foreign Occupiers.] The truth embargo is not about preventing citizens from learning about frisbees, balloons and bird flocks. It’s about withholding acknowledgment of non-humans flying about in Earth’s skies and much more. The scientific study of the phenomena should of course go forward, but should be called extraterrestrial phenomena research – not ufology.

“UFO” is of the past. Disclosure is the future, and this is where the emphasis must shift. A national security policy has to be changed, and that is politics – exopolitics.

Tomorrow PRG will put out an international press release promoting July 8 as World Disclosure Day.

On July 8, 1947 General Roger Ramey held a press event in which he changed the just released story of a captured flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico to that of a retrieved Rawin weather balloon. This was the informal beginning of the now 64-year truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. For this reason the date July 8 was chosen to emphasize the need to reverse that now inappropriate policy.

Disclosure – the formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence by world governments – is the primary goal of a growing worldwide truth movement. The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know and demand the cosmic truths being withheld. World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations advocating for the truth on behalf of the world’s citizens.

People and organizations from every nation can register their support for World Disclosure Day at the WDD website. Endorsements from around the world are already coming in (the majority of which are international). In time various relevant events will come to be scheduled on this date. The 64th anniversary of the Roswell begins this weekend. This is a good time to spread the word and contact the media about World Disclosure Day.

Note: on the day the first nation comes forward to finally and formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence, that day will then become World Disclosure Day (or Disclosure Day) historically recognizing the most profound event in human history.

PRG Speaking Schedule


3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo – Leeds, UK – August 5-7
Pythagoras Conference – Louisville, KY – December 16-18

[Note: PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will be in the United Kingdom for nine weeks following the Leeds Exopolitics Conference - August 8 to October 13. Those interested in hosting an informal speaking venue in Europe during that time can contact PRG.]

Annie in Wonderland

Annie Jacobson, a contributing writer to the Los Angeles Times, recently published a perfectly reasonable book about Area 51 titled Area 51: An Uncensored History of America?s Top Secret Military Base. However, Ms. Jacobson elected to add a brief final chapter which touted a theory that the events at Roswell were the result of a conspiracy between Josef Mengele and Joseph Stalin – all based upon a single source.

PRG tracked most of the media coverage of this book and noted the vast majority of the articles targeted their headline at the Stalin/Mengle/Deformed Children explanation for Roswell. In other words, that final chapter sold a lot more books than the Area 51 material. That’s good business but maybe not good legacy. Ms. Jacobson seems like a nice person so it is a bit discomforting to consider just how big a fool she has made of herself with this toss off chapter.

The point PRG would make here is this: that chapter would never have been written in the absence of the truth embargo still staggering forward in its 64th year. Annie would have known better. Just one more reminder that one way or another we are all victims of this truth embargo – some more than others.

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011

A new space treaty has been put into play by the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, ISCOS. Check it out at the above website.

Linda Moulton Howe in Australia


PRG wants its many supporters in Oz to know that PRG Courage in Journalism Award winner Linda Moulton Howe will be touring Australia in the coming weeks. For information please contact: Denise Blazek, Tel: + 61 8 9228 9940, Cell: +61 0407 980 249, Fax: +61 8 9388 7866, Email:

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