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Channeled- 06/03/97
This month we actually have some news to report and that is that the reveal date of our companion website, The Hades Base Center For Ascension, will be on 12/31. We look forward to finally being able to present our new, ever-expanding learning center. Also this month we have a podcast that shines a light on the two sets of moral standards between our planet and Hades Base. It is a stark difference but a guide as well to where the standard starts and where it can end. That was side one while on side two, Korton reviews a communication, Karra discusses a pair of patients and both she and Kiri have favors to ask. That's just a quick summary with a fuller description below.
Tia begins side one to deliver a spiel as she calls it which is fully in her right as ring mistress. She starts with an analysis of the stock market and its better functioning when the government in charge has problems that prevent it from passing policies affecting the market. That leads to a related topic which is the lack of a moral standard in the punishment of two military officers caught in adulterous affairs. Omal follows next and addresses the moral behavior of our society, warning us here in 1997 of the decrease in moral standards he was seeing. He gave us some signs to look out for such as foul language used in everyday speech we can now see is already happening. You can tell he has a vast knowledge of our past and lays out a very accurate timeline of how morals evolved from the 50s to the 90s. We then look at the moral structure of a higher dimensional society such as the base and see a much more open one that gets compared to the 60s. He shares an example of how it works before we finish with his declining a dissertation on the history of Ashtar Command due to security concerns. Korton gets us to the next side during one of his visits to the base. The reason for his taking the time to channel to our group was to point out the need for editing any communications before putting them out on the web. The editorial in question was one written by someone in a high state of anxiety who was trying to passionately express himself to the readers. Korton had received both the original and my edited copy and wanted to use them to get a point across which he would get to on side two.
The side begins and we find the point he was trying to make is the development of a higher consciousness is aided by controlling the emotions when speaking from the heart. When it comes to communication, Korton is the expert in that ability. We now get Karra when her duties were still that of a healer but wouldn't be for very much longer. It had been during this time when I had been visiting her during work hours on my astral travels to the base. She had a pair of patients I knew of already and while one was recovering nicely, the second was going in the opposite direction. Because of that, they were looking to let them pass on to the waiting period, essentially pulling the plug. In preparation for that, she asked for my help in assisting the person through the transition because of a past experience where I had helped another person on their journey. We end as proud parents on the recent discovery of one of our children developing his telekinesis after having no talents develop yet. After she leaves, Kiri takes the place of her sister and though she has a list of topics to go over, Omal killed each which turned out to be pretty amusing. We find safe ground to talk about with costumes and an upcoming Renaissance fair. That inspires Kiri to inquire about if a hooped dress can be made to give as a gift to someone down here who was a mutual friend of ours. With that confirmed, we end the session just as Leah arrives and Kiri reveals a bet made on who would be the first in the pool to thaw the Ice Princess.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra
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