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Moments Of Reflection; Universal Service OF Light- { poem-Change On the Inside }

Today let us all take a moment of reflection together. 

Being a minister to the universe and that of light I am so overwhelmed by gratefulness to have had so many that have been touched by the way spirit has and does move through this site.

When you look at a seed that has been planted, its growth sometimes astonishes. 

The seed of love that has been planted in my heart and in this site has grown with every view and every vibration raised. 

In a state of stillness of absolute beauty I find myself in awe at the joyful goodness and beauty of spiritual growth. 

My heart overwhelmed at each of you that see this, for in a way, I AM a part of you, that is if you believe that these seeds of love have raised your conscious awareness in being a more realized individual. 

This reflection isn't about one person or one persons point of view. 

It certainly isn't confined to a book or a singular perception. 

It is a testament that we are at the very core of our beings all connected to one another by an echoing of love. 

Let this love echo in your heart today and send it on in a way you have been been blessed with.

Sing a song, paint a picture, write a poem, or just send your love in a word action or deed. 

Smile at a traveler passing by and be the light in a dark place.

We reflect to gain a greater understanding of the natures of ourselves. 

I reflect to see myself in you. 

To walk in your shoes with my love ever abiding by and with you. 

In this reflection I am still this day and I send this to you who see it with peace, love and inspiration. 

May this echo in your reality and shine forth into all to bring about a greater realization of our interconnectedness. 

In peace always

Change on the Inside

Change on the inside makes us think it’s real

To something that is more than we now Feel

Allowing ourselves to become

The total of the sum

Seeking the inner voice

For wisdom that only comes from choice

What are we when the day is done

but a reflection of the rising sun

We are not this body we call ourselves

We are our brothers and all of our cells

Our mind is but a fragment

Of the creator’s Love

Descending upon us as the

Peace of a dove

What do we perceive

When we open our eyes

Only to begin the trip

Of what we will realize

We all want to experience

The divine relationship of unity

Only in our love

Can we be in serenity

In some ways

We lie to ourselves

To save the days

We leave behind on the shelves

When we are together

With the family within

All doubt is lost

In the wind

By Rev.Joshua Skirvin 11/29/12

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 30, 2012 at 9:05am

Thanks FW, time is short. & we are all here for a purpose and each has his special job to do, We are one.Adonai


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