Mikos: Message from the Center of the Earth

2011 May 21
by Steve Beckow

From the Center of the Earth



We are sitting in the huge golden reception and meeting hall in Agartha in the center of the Earth. This is a place where many star nations meet to get to know each other and to exchange information. Here the 5th dimension has existed for thousands of years.

Now Mikos is amongst us who wants to talk to us.

Greetings to my readers and to all of you who have been connected to us for quite some time now.

The way you are used to living on the surface of the Earth is now changing dramatically. And there is nothing to halt this rapid progress as it had occurred often in the past. This process is gaining momentum every day and thus brings you closer to your full awareness and complete consciousness.

What you have experienced during these past years, weeks and even days is losing its importance. Within yourselves you feel the joy and anticipation of something new, something unknown. This feeling of joy will change your life radically and it will determine it in times to come.Inner-Earth.jpg

Your near future will be characterized by a completely different color and another musical tone. This will lead you to the heights of Yourself.

You might have realized that many of you are radiating a great joy which had been unknown to you during these years of the ascension process. This expression of joy is an important driving mechanism helping you to fulfill your wishes. Especially now, since dimensions are melting into each other.

The 5th dimension is bringing its golden light in the density of the 3rd dimension until it has soaked everything. This also means that manifesting will become much easier and you will be physically able to see this occurring before your eyes. Joy is a most important aspect of the new life you’ll be leading in the 5th dimension. 

We are constantly residing in the energy of joy since we don’t know problems or sorrow like the ones you are creating for yourselves on the surface time and again.

Imagine a life without worries? How does that feel?

A life where your mind doesn’t constantly dwell in your past and conjure up old stories based on logic which will then cause the old film to replay again. These times are over.

You will be present in the now and stay there continuously. Many of you are about to forget what you have experienced these past years. This is wonderful because it means you have made spiritual progress, so to speak. It leads to your light becoming brighter and brighter and expressing your true Self more fully. When these dark clouds of the 3rd dimension will have been disappeared you will have released it all.

We are watching with great joy as this happens each day for you and in the world around you. Then you will be able to see the miracles surrounding you and you will reach a point where you will be able to understand and realize that they have been there all the time.

Then the fog of the 3rd dimension will have lifted and you will be radiating your own Divinity out into the whole universe.

Stay in joy and stay centered.

Your light family from the center of the Earth,


March 5, 2010 through Samara-Heidi Stadler ©

(translation: Ina Martina Klein)


Heidi Stadler
F – 04120 La Palud sur Verdon

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  • Mikos!, let us celebrate..lol


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