Mikhaël Aïvanhov

"Humans are so presumptuous, they think they are the only trulyevolved creatures in the universe. They place animals, plantsand stones beneath them, and somewhere far, far above them, whoknows where, is God, the Creator… that’s if they believe in him.They are unaware of the various entities acting as a link betweenGod and the human world. Or even if they know of them, becausethey have actually heard of angelic hierarchies, they rarelythink of them and do not try to establish any link with them.Catholics and orthodox Christians appeal to the saints; that’sfine, but even the greatest saints are only human beings, andthe worship they receive often reminds one of pagan worship. So,become aware of the existence of angelic hierarchies, and linkyourself to them, for only they can lead you to God.When you are faced with certain events and situations in life,you feel troubled and disorientated, and you no longer know whatto do. But not knowing what to do is no excuse for forsaking whatyou know to be the right path. On the contrary, then more thanever you must remain on the path. For, be under no illusions,life will never conform to your wishes and needs; it’s up to youto adopt the right attitude that will allow you to find thesolution to your difficulties, the cure for your suffering.There is no point in continually complaining and saying, ‘Whyare people like that? Do I really need this? Why is life sohard?’ No point in asking such questions. On the other hand,what you should be asking is, ‘How am I to understand what’shappening to me? How can I make use of it? How can I transformit and make it useful for my own evolution and the good ofothers?’These are the questions you should be asking. It’s thenyou start moving forward, and whatever happens to you only servesto strengthen you. "Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
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