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                   MESSAGE Pleiadian
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"MESSAGE Pleiadians"
Message Alaja of the Extraterrestrial Pléyade

Hello, I'm Alaja. I come from the Pleiades system and am a member of the Galactic Federation, where thousands of benevolent races of this universe are working together. This is not science fiction. If you are smart will investigate the allegation, before criticizing it.

I give many seminars on the development of consciousness in Germany, Switzerland and Australia. Many of us live here as volunteers in order to eliminate the negativity of the earth. Each has its own skills and tests. The universes are full of living beings in different dimensions and nature.

But this is kept secret on your planet. Their governments "Dark," about aliens ridicule issues and the development of consciousness so that you do not take interest in these issues and even laughed at them. The people in power is lying to you about the Aliens and Cosmic Laws for thousands of years. They do not want you to know about it, afraid of losing their power over you.
If you do not believe try to find the truth and know.

The proof is there, but you have to find it for yourself. only then will believe and know. They (the people in power) want you to create negative energy and work for them as slaves, by funding his wars, paying taxes and making fun of everything that has to do with spirituality and extraterrestrials.
They're showing pictures forged space for you to think that there is nothing out there. Discover it for yourself you will be very angry to find that they always lie to you.

The highly evolved people from other planets want you to break free of that system. The truth is that the entire universe is inhabited. This is natural and has nothing to do with science fiction. Many aliens who visited Earth in ancient times were honored as "angels" or "gods." That's why they still have beliefs and religions on earth. You are praying to aliens who have lived here thousands of years atrás.Extraterrestres positive and negative. It makes no difference to the truth, if you believe or not, this has always been our reality.

Try to find it. Thousands of "Earthlings" already know this. But in some years, all saw that you were never alone in the universe. Do not be shocked when you see thousands of starships in the sky. "Find out which are sending Love." These are the spiritual. some negative aliens try to "pass themselves off as us," Plêyadianos. And some people contacted them (the negative ET) and spread disinformation.

Do not be blinded by photos "real" UFO. The most important is who is inside these ships. There is a battle between light and darkness going on behind you (in secret) to free them from slavery in which you have been living in the past 12,000 years. You are not free in the land. Freedom is not it. The only things you know are: hatred, violence, terror, cigarettes, drugs, taxes, government false, living under the fear, belief systems and superstitions. The secret government creates these things to control you.

They themselves create the terror, so he can legally give more power to militarism and control technologies. Your goal is to increase the negative energy. you want to live in such a world? "We know many of you do not believe what we are saying, then, once again ask: find out for yourself. The evidence is there, but you have to struggle to find it. "

Try to erase the negativity from their minds. Focus on the Positive Energy. (In good thoughts, love, light, peace, charity ...) This is its power against evil. They are powerless against this energy. So they want to distance themselves poder.não that allow the "black government" to manipulate you. They are using television, radio, newspapers, cigarettes, drugs, religions, political programs, military, electromagnetic waves (HAARP and other) wars, to keep them on negativity.

All who are laughing at this statement are handled and need to learn more than others. An intelligent human research a subject before forming his opinion about it. The universe is inhabited by humanoid beings and also many non-humanoid. His government has already established contact with them, but is keeping it a secret.
That's why their technology is developing so rapidly in recent years. You are living on this planet to learn how to remain positive, even in worlds so unhappy. "The meaning of life is the development of consciousness. The development of the heart the mind of the character, at levels more noble, spiritual being with the same negative energy around you. " this is happening in many lives and several planets, because the soul wants to learn everything.

Every planet is a school with which you can go one step higher. Each soul must evolve to go higher, back to "Source", the "Center of Cosmic Consciousness." you call "God", but it is not a person, is the energy from which everything was created and exists. you have no knowledge about the universe because they were given wrong information by their rulers and religious. Even his books of stories have been re-written or erased in the middle ages.

Discoveries about extraterrestrial colonies, or were kept secret or deleted. In place of this information the government has been showing you, the discovery of animal bones and selling it as if things were great. They, the government (of all governments of all times, especially today) want to keep you ignorant and stupid so that only they have the wisdom and power. Does that sound fair? The evidence still around, but you have to find them. They will not tell you this for broadcast TV.

If you really want the knowledge, the "existence" will show ways to find it. Most people on earth have forgotten how to listen to the soul! people are purposefully distracted by negative society around them. Friends it's time to change that. You are living a nightmare. Erase all negative emotions. (Hate anger rage, anger, revenge, envy, jealousy, greed, etc ...)

Compared to the civilizations of the universe, you are very new and still in "kindergarten". Focus on the positive energy (love, peace, light, kindness, forgiveness, etc. ..). "Try it at least! Create the inner desire to get the knowledge / wisdom about the universe. " do not let negative people stop you. They come to steal your energy and want to keep them as primitive as they are. Be careful of those who smoke and drink alcohol because they are influenced by negative beings, living in their auric fields and eat their vital energy. All who have spiritual power (farsightedness) can see that.

If something is vibrating higher than you, it becomes invisible to you. This has nothing mystical, spiritual science is simply more advanced. "Negative people are trying to fight with you to make them angry and powerless. Positive people give you love, power and knowledge. " You always have a choice, who want to have by his side, the Light or Dark, Love or Hate?

Do not let them fool you when they say they are spiritual and are smoking at the same time or following a religion. A spiritual human being looks after your health. For it is love itself, not because anyone worships assumes responsibility for his life.
Only if you love yourself you can love others. A smoker who is destroying itself, has no self esteem and need to learn it before. Everyone must make their choice now if they want to live in the positivity or negativity. "Do not spend your life with stupid TV programs, or food that is harmful to health, drug or religions that have killed millions of people in the past."

"When you came to earth his plan was to evolve into something higher and not lower." Think about it. Negative thoughts of millions of people for millions of years, are forcing the earth to get rid of them, so the weather is getting chaotic. With earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions. The land is not only suffering from the pollution of "gas" but also to the pollution of the mind.

Thoughts are "energy" and energy always affects the universe, because everything in "Existence" is connected. This is superior science. Try to "load" your thoughts with positive energy whenever possible. Focus on friendship (which is the union of the unit) and not in anger (which is the separation of the division). You are able to do this?
There are thousands of people like me on Earth that can help them do that. We are light workers and we are using the higher realms of light to eliminate the negativity.

In its history, you have been calling us angels. Those who work in the light are heavily attacked by the "dark". Therefore it is necessary for workers to further increase the light in his light. Do not let negative people and is facing problems that discourage you. Keep your focus on the goal: "to help this planet to triumph by the Spiritual Light," where nothing negative can exist.

The "Trial of the land" where we wanted to see if we could anchor our Light in negative environments, is slowly nearing the end. The dark side does not want that to happen. Do not let skeptics, arrogant people paid or psychologists, to discourage you. They are afraid of love and people with more knowledge than them. They need many lives before they are ready for higher wisdom is their free will. Every flower has its own time to bloom. The more light you emanate from their hearts, the weaker becomes the dark side. The more the dark side to attack you so you have to understand it more and more as a compliment because they are doing everything correctly.

The fight against evil takes place much more internally than externally, in their thoughts. The energy you send is important. If you have negative thoughts within you, the chaos around you will increase because you are feeding the. If you want to eliminate the chaos on your planet, "emanates (radiate) love of their hearts." These thoughts will be loaded by * morphogenic fields of your planet.

Note: * (morphogenetic fields and morphic fields are fields that carry information, energy, and usable across space and time without any loss of intensity after having been created. They are not physical fields that have an influence on systems that have some kind of inherent organization). "

This is how you can destroy the plans of the dark side. They are planning chaos, not only this planet, but throughout the galaxy. Will you allow this? the dark side is using the TV to lie to you. 90% of TV programs have the mission to make them dumb / stupid. They do not want you to think about the meaning of life. They want you to think that "all is well." shows (or programs) that lie more are associated with politics.

They show politicians and elections made to make you think you have the right to vote. People who are really in power never appear on TV and are renowned for their proposed families. As you allow such people "send" in you, you remain as slaves to finance their wars by paying your taxes.
"Imagine what kind of world you want to live. Imagine a world without violence, without militarism, without politicians, without religions, without superstition, without belief systems and no lies. Imagine a world where only Love makes the rules, where everyone has everything they need, where knowledge is available to all and contact with more advanced planets is a natural thing. "

You need to build internally that wish too hard to live in this world. The more people figure it and send its vibrations, the easier it is to direct the evolution of the planet in this positive direction. Begin to hear the words of their souls (listen to the heart) is not the words they are sending through the TV or Radio. You will only be able to hear the words of their souls (or the voice of the heart) When you are silent, without stress or fuss. Most people concentrate on daily hatred, anger, and arrogance in discussions. They live in unconsciousness and are wasting their lives. Make your choices now. In which world you want to live? Send thoughts of love for the planet. This disrupts the dark side, more than anything. "Imagine how the entire planet is filled with the light of Love and Light that burns and drives away all evil."

Now is the time to prove to yourself if you are adults in their minds, or not. Those who like the hatred and violence are less evolved than an animal or a plant. "The meaning of life is the evolution of Consciousness and Love in your Heart." Not your car, your mobile, your bank, your religion, sports, horror movies or violence on others. "It's just love in your heart." Only if you think in your hearts, you will be at the winning side. This is the key to higher stocks, you will use this key, or throw it away? The decision is yours.

-The earth is in a process of transformation. In order to move to a higher frequency. Every planet is undergoing a transformation like this, and the natural evolutionary path. Everything in the universe is evolving nothing is stagnant, the frequency of the earth is slowly increasing. Is greater in the last decade. That's why some of you feel that time is passing quickly. this is an opportunity to expand your consciousness more quickly. Why are so many things happening in a short time and your thoughts are manifesting very quickly. In these high frequencies can not be evil.

This is why the "dark" over the Earth composed of human and malevolent extraterrestrials are doing everything possible to keep down the frequency of the earth. They are detonating bombs in the basement to great heights and disrupting the planet's magnetic field. They are spreading hate wars of Energy, competitiveness and Idiotez through the media and creating fear through the manipulation of the economy. Studied human behavior for thousands of years and are using primitive methods to control the desires of the masses to keep them ignorant
They are afraid that people evolve and grow so that you lose control, so chemical spread (have you seen those smoke trails in the sky?) In order to leave the sick population.

They are doing much more, seek absolute control over everything.
But there is a power that can stop them: and this power is spiritual energy. A greater number of people are using this power of authentic spiritual universal love, it's easier to eliminate this threat. While watching the planet is divided into attacking countries in competition, make it easier for the drivers side black.
If you want to change the energy of low frequency, have to use a higher frequency. In some cases this is automatic because the more human beings experience suffering, most want to increase the search for new ways to overcome it.

Begin the search for truth and spiritual energy of life. So you see exercise as a challenge to overcome the negativity inside and outside. Starting to work your own health and development.
The high frequencies that are coming by light sources, are doing all the inner blocks emerge patterns and emotional neglect, so it can heal them if they work. They can not go to higher dimensions with energy blockages, outstanding issues, anger or arrogance.

"People bellicose, hatred, arrogance, selfishness and greed can not support these high energies of Love." They hate Love and hate those who talk about love. Especially hate anything that expresses love, like music Harmonious, harmonious colors and nature. Especially hate people who openly say the truth, because the masks are falling. They have the option and opportunity to overcome your negative ego or stay and learn these lessons in their next lives.
It is important to overcome the defects of personality, all healing karmic issues and traumatic experiences of this life and past lives and be aware of the negative programs of their society as the "Thought competitive, ego, envy, cults, false systems beliefs and hate people who live in other countries around the world. "

This will open the way to freely develop their spiritual awareness. With a higher consciousness will understand that "Everything is energy." Thoughts, feelings, objects, colors, music, shapes, everything, everything is connected. The spiritual energy, God is consciousness, is that there is creation, is the Source. And consciousness can manifest itself in many ways. Physical and nonphysical, according to the "level of frequency."

"Energy is the source of everything, and can use this spiritual energy to create your reality." In fact you are doing it right now. But unconsciously and mixed with negative mental patterns of fear and hatred. Can you imagine what would happen if a number of people using the cosmic energy consciously into the Universal Love? "It could raise his consciousness and could amplify their quality of life." And when I say love, I do not mean to love distorted that they are using in their religions, cults, or relationships, I mean the authentic, pure Universal Love, the power of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Start cleaning your body and changing the energy sub-atomic structure. Will wish to keep your body clean in order to maintain this high energy. Have the desire to harmonize and avoid using harsh words or negative. Aggression, hatred, fear and sadness keeps your low energy. Are they changing the molecular structure of the body weakening and this causes heart attacks, cancer, abscesses, appendicitis, rheumatism and other ailments.

"Once we avoid malicious, stress, drugs and unhealthy foods, reunited his connection to Source."
If you include the nature, clean your body of negative energies. The disease comes from negative energies or emotions suppressed unhealed. have some karmic origin and others are created by the secret government.

Through the frequency of Cosmic Love can transform negative energy. With the energy of love will be able to acquire wisdom. With Wisdom can eliminate the negative karma, and be conscious creators of their lives, because they are cooperating with the "Spiritual Laws." Wisdom comes through understanding and control of all the experiences of his life. This is raising your consciousness.

Before incarnating on earth, chose certain lessons that wanted to try and teach them to grow spiritually and ready to develop their souls. Benevolent beings from other planets did not bother her education. Never tiraríamos them the opportunity to progress. We are showing the way to do it themselves. We only have the right to interfere also embody on earth. And this has been done by many people of many races evolved.

Most of us like the Pleiadians to have a strong grounding in the past and because we have done so on other planets similar, and therefore have more expertise. And in this sense we can speak directly and act as magnets for higher cosmic energies. We are light workers with numerous talents. We love art and all that is harmonious. We have nothing to do with their organizations and cults. some of us come from "higher dimensions where everything is pure Light."

Everything we do is in coordination (according) to the Laws of the existence of Karma and the right time to act. They should also know that there are different groups Plêyadianos, there are over 2000 Plêyadiano planets in the system, and they are all evolved in different dimensions. Some are members of the Galactic Federation and others not. Some may be both here and in the future through the division of Consciousness and transfers by these bodies.

When you know about the Plêyadianos must use their highest part to distinguish whether they are with us or deal with malevolent aliens using our name in order to generate misinformation or simply comes to us with a big ego that needs to attract attention. We have contact with you but most of the time on the astral plane where his rational ego sleeps. With a Higher Consciousness will be able to understand if the information is true or not. Therefore not use linear thinking, limited and rational. Use a spherical thought, to understand a subject through any level. Spiritual Consciousness can not win with the analytical mind.

"Only with a heart full of love and free of preconceived beliefs."
Only when the existence and co-operate with your higher self. Using the power of their hearts, they will make a valuable contribution to the planet. Every act, thought or feeling is altering the course of the future. For the future is not something fixed. Your thoughts and emotions are changing the future Every second. So there are many possibilities for the future.

Nothing in life is accidental. everything that happens has a purpose. Even when they see no reason immediately.
You will attract people and situations when you are creating the right energy for it. Using the energy of your heart and Meditation, will develop faster. Why is tuned to the Source, the Cosmic Consciousness Center.

Meditation is everything that leads to the quiet relaxation. Not only occurs when at rest. But while you're reading, painting, singing. Walking in nature or love someone is giving everything you do with your brain emits Alpha or Theta waves. Once you have that in mind, allow yourself to do a little meditation to activate your energy and cleanse the planet of evil energy.



So sit back and relax. It is important to be relaxed. So that energy can flow easily.
Close your eyes and not be distracted by anything. Now relax every part of your body. Start with your face, relax your forehead, your cheeks relax, do not force the jaw.
Relax your neck, your arms, your fingers, do not close your fists. Feel the relaxation in your legs and your feet.

Now take three deep breaths, and each time you inhale, draw the energy of light around them to the inside of your body. And when they expire to visualize how the energy your body clean of all negative energy do not need.

Throw away all the unnecessary energy and allow it to disappear. Each time you do this are becoming more and more brilliant.
Remember, thoughts are energy. If you start to believe in the etheric level, will also see the effects on your physical body. So each time we inhale and exhale, are becoming more and more luminous. Will be feeling your body with pure, white, loving light.

It is the resplendent Light of Source, the awareness of the existence
The light is getting bigger and bigger and is covered with a large ball of bright light. Feel Peace, Wisdom and the Love of existence. Allow this light to harmonize and heal where necessary.

Visualize how your Chaka, your energy centers are being activated and harmonized. And come in sync with joining the center of your heart. Feel how your heart gets warm and powerful. Tell yourself: I am prepared to wisdom, I am ready for Love. My conscience and creativity are expanding constantly. I am healthy and free of blocking energy programs. I am free of religious forms of thought induced by the system and take responsibility for my life. My motivations are in harmony with existence.

I am friendly and compassionate. I give and receive love. I'm living a life of love.
Now visualize the ball of light that you are becoming as big as the planet itself. The energy of Love is clearing land at a negative energy. See how the dark energy is consumed and a vortex of light is driving them away. On the astral plane it really is happening and will have an impact also on the physical plane.

Meditation can do this whenever they want. This will amplify the spiritual energy of the planet so that everyone has an opportunity to evolve.
Remember: everything is energy and time does not exist in higher planes of existence. The time is only a concept 3-D (third dimension).
"Time and space are flexible, think so Universal, think with love."


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