Mercury Retrograde Ends & Goes Direct Oct. 2, 2022 - October 2022 Predictions Via AFA U.S.A. Chart Versus NCGR U.S.A. Chart

Please see the diagram above to explain Mercury' s Retrograde.  The motion of Mercury Retrograde takes place 3-4 times a year, and while Mercury does not actually move backward, it does move backward compared to its traditional direct zodiac transit movement (which is counter clockwise movement around the zodiac dial). This "backward motion" is due to the way the Earth is placed in it's orbital path relative to Mercury (and it's place on the orbital path with the zodiac dial).

With Mercury going Direct, it will "stop" at the point of 24 degrees of Virgo for a solid four day period, and leave this Virgo degree on Oct. 5th, 2022 with direct zodiac transit movement. 

Enclosed is a reference sheet of some of the astrology nomenclature used in this report.  Anyone is allowed to copy this, as I stated in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation."


This Mercury Direct for October 2022 may be an important point to use in two of the most popular U.S.A. horoscope charts used by astrologers.  These two charts are the American Federation of Astrologers chart and the National Council of Geocosmic Research chart.  With the U.S. election one month away, I decided this Mercury Direct will be a good challenge to see which U.S.A. horoscope chart holds up better for October of 2022.

Let's first look at the event itself that is coming up in Washington D.C.  Note that Mercury is in the rulership/exaltation sign of Virgo.  


Oct 2, 2022 - Washington D.C., 12 PM




Note the T-Square above. Drawn in red above, Mercury is forming a Square with Mars, and it gets within 4 degrees of exactness.  This Square usually defines "arguments or debates," and thus there may be either one of two possibilities: (1) much public verbal and debating conflict taking place in Oct. 2022, and this will be covered by the Mercury ruling media or (2) there may be conflict among the media sources themselves during Oct. 2022 over what is the truthful story in areas that concern verbal and debating conflicts.  The Mercury Opposition Neptune placement (also in red above) defines either: (1) total dishonesty from the media and it's reporting of events during Oct. 2022, or (2) the media may be reporting on certain types of very significant deception, and possibly exposing of such deception during Oct. 2022 .

Note the Sesquiquadrate triangle drawn above in green.  Venus is within 1 degree of Sesququadrates with both Saturn and Uranus (which are in a Square formation. Note that the final Square between Saturn and Uranus had already taken place, but the 2022 non- exact [but within 1 degree]) Square between authority-ruling Saturn and aspiration-ruling Uranus will define "an argument concerning government with certain aspirations and ideas,"  and this theme enhances as the 2022 U.S. elections approaches.  This formation may also indicate major conflict between U.S. political parties, lawyers, and organizations (which have strong ties to Venus).  Also note that conflict among artists may also be possible since Venus rules artwork and artists. 

Now let's look at how these two formations affect the U.S.A. below with the U.S. chart I like to use, which is the American Federation of Astrologers U.S.A. chart:


Mercury rules "the media" on mundane horoscopes. And because the natal 1776 U.S.A. Mars Square Neptune will be symetric with the 2022 Mars Square Neptune placement moving in the sky (and involve media-ruling Mercury as a part of these two Squares going on), expect media reporting of some sort of important deception in the U.S.A. during the month of October 2022.  It could also define that the media is absolutely lying to us (and are hopefully getting caught, because Mercury has a big mouth and likes communications with others).

The house placements of Mars and Neptune (in Square with each other) indicate possible conflict involving the political party in power (which is ruled by the 10th House, and in this case is the Democratic party [with Neptune in the 10th]).  This may concern "grassroot activities" (since the 1st House can represent grassroots activities [and with "blue collar working-class" ruling Mars placed there]). Note that with the U.S. election approaching, significant numbers of Latino voters (especially working citizens with families) are switching from the Democratic party to the Republican party.  And there are reports that this will have a big impact on the 2022 U.S. election.

The Oct. 2, 2022 Venus Sesquiquadrate triangle gets a piece of the U.S.A. Moon (with transiting Saturn forming a Conjunction with the Moon).  Saturn usually represents "the government and authority," and the Moon usually represents "the population" on Mundane charts.  With Saturn transiting the law-ruling 9th House (and forming a Conjunction with the Moon) it is fair to say there may be some direct involvement of the U.S. government (and the people in charge of this government) with the U.S. population in some way concerning U.S. laws (or vice versa.  It's always great when you see a government fearful of it's population).  The presence of great tension is due to two Sesquiquadrates and a Square; this may define significant issues concerning the government and the population in regards to certain laws during October 2022 (and this may have something to do with the elections or the candidates in elections during October of 2022).


Now let's look at the NCGR U.S.A. chart.  This is the most popular chart used for the horoscope chart of the United States.




Transiting Neptune (which rules "disappointments and deception") is in the 3rd House, and this is the House of Mercury (and thus rules the media). Mars is in the 7th House, and this house rules "open courts of law or one-on-one face-offs." Once again, the concept of the media reporting on Neptune ruling areas of "deception" (or just plain lying to our faces) comes up again, and again it may indicate legal activity.  Another possibility is intense debates that may concern the law, especially if it involves people running for office in 2022 (or 2024).

The Oct. 2, 2022 Venus Sesquiquadrate triangle gets a significant piece of nothing with the NCGR chart, except maybe for a minor Conjunction of 4 degree Libra 10 minute placed Venus with the Midheaven at 1 degree Libra 3 minutes.  Transiting Venus is in the 10th House, and this could indicate tension concerning party cooperation within the ruling party (which in this case is the Democratic party).  Note that Democratic party members Beto O'Rourke and Gavin Newsome are expressing concern with the current November 2022 election outlook.




Mercury going Direct in October 2022 is almost one month away from the 2022 U.S. Election.  Both charts relative to this event shared two possibilities that are similar.  One is a strong possibility that during October of 2022 there will be much conflict taking place in the U.S. as the 2022 election approaches.  Much of this conflict may concern the one-on-one face-offs or the law in some way, or it may involve lawyers (or law enforcement) in some way.  The other possibility is total dishonesty from the reporting media, or a media that is covering some sort of "deception" of great importance.  Keep all of these factors in mind as the U.S. 2022 election approaches.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all, 


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