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"All men are bastards", is a cliché that isn’t true and it isn’t useful. If uttered however, mostly women will cheerfully agree and men themselves rarely offer a defence.


Though less commonly said the useful truth is all men are wholly delightful humans deserving of love and respect.  It is the cultural construction of masculinity that will ideally evolve.


Perhaps part of the reason for the presence of such resentment is that males are statistically speaking massively represented as perpetrators of bullying, violence, sexual violence, and domestic violence. Male fury holds a fearful primal threat.


Though it is a tiny minority of men who commit this violence, there is indicated the tip of an iceberg of male anger. Most men in greater control of their feelings might more often express their anger by creating a cold barrier that confirms they stand outside of care.


Currently our culture has the male of the species expecting of themselves, and indeed some do experience, superior access to power and wealth. Righteous masculinity requires the appearance of power, strength, decisiveness, and independence.


It happens however that power and wealth are low on the list of things that make a human healthy and truly happy. Also the rigid expectation of appearing commanding constantly is an impossible pretence doomed to fail.


Thus the culture of masculinity heads men towards a lonely precipice laden with anxiety and sadness, then disallows their emotional discharge as being inappropriate for a Marlborough man. Anger is the volcano that fumes from this cracked and crazed dry ground. The burning result of male anger then maintains the cycle of distress.


To change this phenomenon is the business of every man. Reaching softly for closeness and authenticity as you expand a band of compatriots is a useful action since anger dissolves with minimal management on contact.


The female half of the species can be most helpful by trusting their own power, as they continue to love men as friends. Fearlessly welcome men as equal partners with a relaxed high expectation both genders will grow.


Women’s liberation can’t be complete without men’s liberation embracing this` wheel of change.


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Comment by STAR* on June 13, 2012 at 4:06am

actually my mum used to say *all men were bastards* :P

i dont think all men are bastards, not at all, it is a cliche,

some men have given others a bad name, and some women too can be b******; so it works both ways!


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