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I remember living in a ivory tower castle place. I think it was gold or silver trimmed? Living there was one of my first memories. In that memory I was 5 yrs old when we were attacked and a servant let them in. I was put in a little hidey h*** place and was there was a few days before having the courage to run away. Found a swamp lady and she raised me before sending me to this priestess place. From there I ended up being the next in line to take over the place but something happened and I ended up running away.

I remember how the camp was laid out. It was a spiral pattern. The spiral was important. Blue says it's cuz it lets the energy flow? I think thats what she said. I remember rear flank was on the outter part of the spiral and the important people and weaker people were on the inside of the spiral. There was two fires. One was to cook the other was to B.S. around telling stories, dancing, singing, etcetc.

I remember one time we had to hide in the caves and I remember having to organize the healer's herbs and such. I think I looked up to him as a father figure.

I remember being short, stubborn, short tempered and loyal to a fault. I remember being beaten up because of it on more the one occasion. Mostly by bullies who "had something to prove". Remember hiding in my tent so no one would know I got beat up again but ya know they always knew. Then they bully would mysteriously disapper.

I remember the bar we use to go to the barkeep was an informant of ours. Under the bar in the basement was were you went to gamble.

I remember we used sound weapons and energy weapons. There was these big stick weapons that were like tuning forks at the top(?) You had to use two hands to hold them. When you slammed the butt of the weapon on the ground it sent a sound wave outwards. It would level walls. I also remember using a bow and arrow that used energy, and sword like weapons that used energy and sound. We also used crystals as a energy souce.

I remember a recon mission it was sucessful. We found out the info we needed and went to leave but something happened to the ship and it needed a quick repair. Unfortunatly a scouting troop was patrolling the paramaters and found us. There was a fight while the other fixed the ship. The scouts called for backup was called and we got out of there just in time.

I remember some of the ships were made out of this organic material.

I remember the ships and I think there was other stuff you could neural link to which was I think was kinda dangerous because computer viruses could affect the person like they could the computer.

I remember this instrument you could play with your mind. It was kinda looked like a Simon game but you put your hands on the panel and you "thought" the music. The music could be recorded and played back and the panels would light up.

I remember this great big huge garden with every flower possible. They had these crystal flowers that looked like Earth's lotus blossoms and the smaller crystal flowers that looked like blue bells. When the wind blew on the bluebell flowers they would tinkle like chimes. Then there was these black rose looking flowers taht when you touched them they would change colors.

I remember this flying disk thing we would ride around on. It was mostly for one person and had a bar so you could ride it holding on to the handle or ride it with your back against the bar for support. It was mainly used for scouting and for fighting.

I remember these feather lizard things we used for horses. I think I was thrown off it and never went near them again.

I remember someone gave me this silver sash or belt thing and I wore it all over the place. I wore it to a diplomat party or something like that and it pissed a lot of people off.

I remember this great big huge diplomatic ordeal and a king gave our leader a servant because she made a nice comment about him always filling up her wine glass.

Hmm,.....I think thas everything. If there's more I'll edit it out.

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