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Below is a couple of pages written by Violinio Germain from year 4, day 334 (July 16, 1991).[Note, you may wonder what year 4, day 334 is? Well, all ancient calendars ended in August 1987. It means that we are already in the so-called ”new age” or ”the time of sorting” or whatever you want to call it. ”I thought the Mayan calendar is ending in 2012” and after that all will automatically be ”good” and we will all ”ascend” to some other dimension? Well, I do not know about all that, but since the Mayan calendar ended in 1987 [oh gosh, so the Gregorian calendar, forced upon mankind by the Vatican in the year (of the Lord) 1582, must be out of sync?] it would mean that ”it didn't happen the way they (people) said?”QuotingDEFINE MEDITATIONMeditation is the desire of man to know God in him and to manifest his God-awareness by extending his knowing--through his thinking--to the production of material bodies createdby him in the image of his inspired conceiving.Let us put it more simply by saying that MEDITATION IS A DESIRE TO BE ALONE WITH GOD TO TALK WITH HIM. MEDITATION IS REALLY A CONFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR SOUL AND THE UNIVERSAL SOUL. To be One with God means to desire His knowledge and power. God's Mind is your Mind; hence you have all knowledge and power that God has to the extent of your awareness of God in you and the measure of your comprehension of your unity with Him. If God's knowledge is asleep in you, it must be awakened in order that you may be aware of it. When you are aware of it, you can use it in the measure of your ability to comprehend it. The entirety of Universal Law works with you at your command.Some of the things I say here in the beginning may not make much sense and seem even trite. Please abide with me long enough to give it fair trial. You are actually afraid that you are going to get all relaxed and give away your perceived shortcomings--GOD ALREADY KNOWS THEM SO PERHAPS IT IS TIME YOU FACE THEM! The facts are, however, that what you fear will not happen if you release the fear--it is the fear of a given thing which draws it directly unto you. Thepoint herein is to communicate with God--not wash dirty laundry.To the extent of your awareness and understanding, and to that extent only, you may use universal power to think your knowing into material forms. Your KNOWING is your Mind-Self. Your Mind-Self is you, the eternal Being. Your Self is not your body, nor is your knowing in your brain, but your knowing controls your body and your brain as their absolute master. Do not confuse your Mind and brain as being the same. Your Mind thinks through your brain and with it, as a lever works upon its fulcrum--remember the JOURNAL describing this working mechanism. Your brain is but the instrument for fulfilling the commands extended to it by Consciousness, which Mind is.Your brain records memories, experiences and information electrically, just as phonographs likewise do, but it is the will of your Mind which orders your body to obey through electric messages from your brain, just as it likewise orders your automobile to obey. The nerves of your body are the "wires" of the electric machine which your body is. The brain is but a nerve recorder and distributor.The measure of your cosmic knowing is the measure of your God-awareness. It is the measure of your ability to dwell in the Light of all-knowing and to command the thought universe of Creation with God. You are then a co-Creator with God. Thinking what you KNOW into imagined forms is expressing your eternal Self in the invisible universe of Mind.Giving formed bodies to imagined thought-forms, by following up your thoughts with actions, is expressing your eternal Self in the visible universe of matter.That, beloved ones, is all that God does, for He controls His electric body as its absolute master. He keeps all of its interactions and interchangings in absolute balance, for God is eternally creating His body in the image of His desiring.You can do likewise, if you desire to, by working knowingly with God. You can be master of your body in the measure of your awareness of God's power in you. You must remain in balance instead of continually unbalancing your thoughts and body actions in diverse ways from morn until night and from night until morn. Tensions and strains, fears and worryings, and various emotions destroy your body by the accumulation of toxins. You will continually pay the price of your wrong actions until you ultimately learn that whatever you know, you think--and what you think, you become.”End quoteI guess it would be appropriate to place the well-known phrase ”Truth will set you free” here. I'd also like to add another phrase; ”Wisdom will set you free” and one would then ask ”free from what?”. Well, haven't you heard that this is a prison planet? We live in the hardest place in the Universe called EARTH - 3rd dimension - and to get off this planet we must become ”Godly” or ”Balanced” (or continue your re-incarnation/learning cycle until you reach Balance/Truth/God). That means we need Knowledge about WHAT IS.When I found out that some ”books” are imaginings from other Humans and not Truth I started to be extremely aware of what I believe in. Am I on the right track now? Well, what do you care? You should ask yourself if YOU are walking on the Red Road (spiritual, truth) or the Black Road?The above excerpt about meditation is taken from the Journal called ”PHONE HOME, E.T. - Reach out and touch someone—like God” written by Violinio Germain, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton. This Journal is the fifth in a series of eight called the Pleiades Connection Series. In this particular Journal Germain explains and teaches MEDITATION (What, how and why?)If someone gets inspired and would like to study the teachings provided by the Hosts of God (such as Hatonn, Korton, Sananda, Germain, Michael, Soltec, Ashtar) then please go to All Journals (books) are free. Simply download them and read from your computer screen or print them out. If you live in Oslo, Norway, you will find that 115 Journals are printed out and they are available to the ones who would like to borrow them. In that case, please contact me and I will connect you with the person in charge.I would like to end this post with the Law of CREATION:THE HIGHEST COMMAND OF THE LAW OF THE CREATION IS:Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation. This means to seek and demand the TRUTH be shown to you so that you must develop that ability to discern and judge all information, actions and behavior with self and others which go against the laws of balance given forth by GOD and The Creation. This also means that when information is put before your attention, you must ask the FATHER within you to show you whether or not it is true and ask for the Father to give you the verification you need for understanding the Truth in all information and situations which HE puts before you. THIS means you must have the courage and the determination to conquer the fear, apathy and ignorance within your altered ego to ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH!God bless and I wish you the best of luck in your journey “off” this place, reaching for next level of your soul growth.
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