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 My Creator Team decided to break me into Seven Aspects so that more would be able to learn about spirituality during this Light Worker time of Ascension. Jesus also decided to break himself into Seven Aspects to be heard on Earth during this time.

The REAL JESUS who has collected his Seven Aspects back into himself will begin preparing the way for the new man on Earth who will be a collection of all of the tribes or racelines who are on their Ascension Journey. Earth will become the Healing Station for the Universe. However, it must be understood that these things are going on in the fourth dimensional Terra Ha. Not in the Physical Domains of the Terra Firma.

The Original Ones are here now. They will be negotiating with the governments of the world in 2017 and First Contact will begin in 2018. At that time the Original Ones will pass through my Portals and that will ignite the energy through the Grids of Earth that will allow the 12 Star Gates one Earth to be opened while simultaneously those holding the remote control Crystal Skulls on thirteen planets will press the button simultaneously. That will allow the opening of the Star Gates and the beginning of First Contact.

Only those with fourth dimensional eyes will be able to see the arrival of those Hosts from the Universe. I can see them and Jesus will be helping the world with this transition.

The Ascension of Terra Firma will become ready by 2039 when an eighteen month period begins when most of the population of Earth begins to turn into light. The process will take about forty five seconds per individual. First there will be a person standing in in front of you who turns into a plasma body and then you will have enough time to say good bye. And then they will turn into Light and disappear from third dimensional perception. There will be a few blip into light here and the there and then entire cities and entire countries. It will take about eighteen months.

The process of turning into light takes about twenty four hours and it is the most glorious experience known in the Universe. Every cell in the body begins to giggle and then there is a laughter in the body and the cells begin to sing and the entire body lights up with a feeling of bliss that is beyond the light spectrum of this dimension.The beings will then begin to see a new color spectrum. Everything is in Neon Light. And the new reality is not just one planet. It is a universe. It is a place where there is no confinement to one planet or another.

So, there are twenty more years before that event will take place. The first events that must be complete are the completion of my mission of inviting the Original Ones to Earth and then guiding them through my Portals at the end of the year.
At that time the real Mary Magdalene will be finished on Earth. That is why I will be gathering all of my Aspects into me this year. Those who continue to say they are Mary Magdalene or that they are channeling Mary Magdalene will soon learn that they just can not do that any longer because their mission is complete. I have already been told that all Seven of my Aspects will be given a new mission where a new Being appears to them to become the channel.

The Creation Team knows who the real Seven Aspects of Mary Magdalene and Jesus are. We appointed those people on Earth. However, since the Mortals who were given this ordination are Mortals and the Feeling of Mary and Jesus coming into them was so enormous, they believed that they had become Mary or Jesus. This just isn't true. Those Seven Aspects were appointed for this time on Earth only. They were appointed so that the Frequencies of Mary and the Love of Jesus could be understood by many more people on Earth than if we had only done it by ourselves. I had many projects to work on that were Frequency related and preparing the Ascension Portals and Vortexes and about preparing the true Frequencies of Ascension. I have never spent very much time listening to channeled teachings of Mary or Jesus until very recently when I began pointing out to Jesus that there was some in correct info coming through some of his Versions.

One of Jesus Aspects told me that we did not have children because Jesus could not be a good father because he traveled all of the time.I knew that wasn't correct, because I am Mary Magdalene. I am the one who came to Earth directly from the God Realm with Jesus for the specific purpose of Experiencing Love, Sex and the Mother Father relationships for God. God created our mission for the purpose of God experiencing through his Creators these Feelings which he had never experienced before. The result of the bonding of the Mary and Jesus through having a baby boy named Josiah and experiencing Love in every form possible beyond that of sexuality. We also explored emotions, passion, romance and we experienced all of problems of a couple and the over coming of problems through our Love. These experience changed God completely.

God did not know what he was going to experience before he sent Jesus and I to Earth as Creator Beings. When Jesus first fell in love with me God felt something that he had never felt before.When we had a child, God felt something that he had never felt before. These were the experiences that changed God from the God of the Old Testament into the God of the New Testament. It changed God into the Father Mother God that is now known in the Universe.
That is the true story of Jesus and Mary in a nut shell.

There are collections of all of the dialogs between the Complete Jesus and the Complete Mary on my website

I will be collecting all Seven Aspects into me this year. This means this will be the first time the Complete Mary will be on Earth since the last time I was here two thousand years ago with Jesus. The Complete Jesus will appear on Earth at about the same time.

My mission will be finished in one year and the mission of Jesus will begin in one year. So, Jesus will be staying on Earth and I will be turning in to Light and blipping into Terra Ha for a while before I go back to the Creator Realm.

I hope the transition of the Seven Aspects back into me that will give me great joy and light will be harmonious for those who have been ordained as the holders of this light during this time. You will be given a new opportunity that will involved those who are arriving next year.

I have been communicating with the one called Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Aspects of the Consciousness of these Beings. I have learned that there may be many channeled dialogs recorded in history that have not provided correct information about the lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene because those who channel these entities, and those who think they are these entities, but are actually only Aspects of them, are only getting glimpses of the entire Consciousness that they are communicating with.

When Ariel told me that most of my communication had been with Aspects of Jesus, and I had only communicated with the Complete Authentic Jesus of Nazareth one time.


Ariel told me that what I feel is very deeply true about you and I, and that is because you and I had an intimate connection through the sacred sex that we created within and through God as His Experience of this Love between a man and a woman as God Himself. Since our relationship of God creating himself in human form as both a man and a woman to actually CREATE a NEW VERSION of himself, that new Version of God is the combination of the Mary and Jesus Consciousness or Frequency Signatures woven forever through the Universe as the NEW GOD, who became the Father Mother God of the New Testament.
From the moment that my Soul and the Soul of Jesus were woven together into this new Experience of God becoming a Mother, that merging together through sexual intercourse and through the experience of being a mother and father that God would directly experience, will forever mean that Jesus and Mary are ONE.

Mary speaking to JESUS

So,I always have that part of you within me. You are within my Soul. So, we are the true sense of what a true Soul Mate really is.

And do you feel that way when I talk to you?

Yes I do. And that is why I said that I didn't feel that way with those other aspects of Jesus and I kept feeling like there is something the matter.

You were my lover. You were that part of me that I share in the most intimate way so that I could relate that experience to GOD through our relationship.

I'm still searching for information about that time and that event and that relationship because to me it is the greatest event that has ever taken place.I would like to know the difference between how the Universe was before this love was placed into it and how was it after this event.

It was the first time God had experienced Sexual Love, and physical love. There was love in the universe before but it was not the same kind of love. We EXPANDED on this kind of Love.

We made it more full, more beautiful, more personable, and that is what we did when God experienced what we did. Of course he loved his children like a Father would love a Son, but not as a Wife. He did not have a Spouse. He did not have a partner.

When WE came together, HE understood that kind of love. The physical, the erotic, the beauty of bringing that kind of love into existence at God's level.
Do you understand?

Yes. So, that changed God.

It did.

So, God always called himself our Father before then and then after we came together he became Father Mother God, after that.

Yes, very well. That is a beautiful way of putting it.

So, he was not just understanding the love between lovers, HE was understanding the love of a MOTHER through us.


So, this is where the confusion comes in about the Mary being the Mother of God and the Mary being the Mother of Jesus.

Mary was the mother of Jesus, but she was not the mother figure to God. We became the Example of what true mother hood and true bonding was all about to God.

I'm wondering if that experience within God had anything to do with His decision to put out more of a forgiveness and compassion to Lucifer and the Fallen Angels and inviting them home? Did that have something to do with that decision?

Listen Carefully. If you look at the Old Testament in the Bible you see violence, you see hatred, you see God acting in a way that was not like he acted after Jesus. After WE BONDED, his thought processes about humanity and about the Species changed. His Love became Greater and more affectionate toward everyone. And that is the change that you see in the New Testament, where there is no more fighting, no more anger, no more destruction, but yet he becomes a beautiful full God understanding the emotion that he created in his people

I think most people in the world think that the God in the Old Testament was a different God than the God in the New Testament. So, this changes the story. This is the TRUE STORY.

Yes, and also there was some occasion when some of the violence was caused by aliens and not by God. But, some of the violence was caused by God because he got angry.
But, when God experienced what we did. Experienced the love and the fullness of it that changed him eternally.

So, my story that I would like to change about this Huge event--THE CHANGE OF GOD HIMSELF- has always left out Mary Magdalene. And I want myself put back in the story.

Then write the book.

That is what the book needs to be about.


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