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This is a review of what has taken place the last few months while Yeshuwa and I and our Angel Team have been opening the Ascension Portals. All of the dialogs have been recorded. Some of them are on my website and on youtubes. There are many of them that I have not been made available to the public. However, those of you who are truly on my team, and who believe in what I am saying are welcome to have them all. Just email me at

I had another one hour conversation with Yeshuwa yesterday and learned many new things about the present state of our reality, now that we have completed the Ascension Portal Project. All of these conversations are channeled and recorded. I am Mary Magdalene, in the flesh, on Earth now. Yeshuwa is always with me and much more actively when we are opening the Portals. Now that we have finished opening the Portals, we will begin our next project together. Yeshuwa and Elaika are the other two Co-Creators on my team, along with Michael, Arial, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel.

So, there are always eight of us working together. Now, that the twelve portals are open, the other parts of the project can begin, including opening Stargates, activating Skulls, etc. HOWEVER, what is being said right now about the 100% GO BLogs that is being said to come from AA Michael, is not something that Michael would be saying right now. First of all, we have never called him AA Michael. I have been with him for trillions of years. There are Angels and there are Co-Creators in our Realm. Michael is an Angel and he is on my team. Yeshuwa has made it Absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR that there will be Darkness before the Light.

There is still much to be resolved between players before the Domino effect begins. There are still one or more LEADERS who have not made up their minds. What actually needs to be worked on by any one who REALLY thinks they are a GUARDIAN is the raising of Consciousness into first being all of the LOVE, LIGHT, PRINCIPLE, INTELLIGENCE of our Mother Father God and remove all of the revenge, reaction, and all negativity on the Earth through each one of your own Consciousness. And then Send that FREQUENCY that you feel within you when you are so absolutely WRAPPED in the OMNIPRESENCE of DIVINE LOVE, out into the LEADERS of the World and all of the LEADERS of the Universe who still need to be MELTED into the LOVE OF GOD, because they are afraid that they must continue following the Illuminati and the control of Darkness. There are some KEY PEOPLE on EARTH who need the Help of the Enlightened Ones.

This is what will make the difference of how long the Darkness lasts before the LIGHT. This is what I am spending all of my ENERGY on NOW. Those of you who have your INDIVIDUAL ETERNAL LIFE albums should be using them for this purpose at this time. Your Frequencies combined with the Eternal Life Frequencies in your music can be used to LIFT this World out of the Control of DARKNESS. We are not in the Light yet. We have opened the Portals. That was the first step. Now, there is much RESPONSIBILITY to be taken. It is not time to CELEBRATE. It is time to start acting like a REAL GUARDIAN and create all of the LOVE that you can. And create the FREEDOM that will give the world leaders the FREEDOM to know that they can do the right thing. The leaders involved in this next step already know everything.

What you are seeing in the news as Hilary and Trump has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is really going on with the KEY PLAYERS. We are working on replacing government, money, all social programs-EVERYTHING in the entire UNIVERSE with a NEW REALITY. I SAID WE ARE WORKING ON IT. Stop Celebrating and GET TO WORK!! Sorry, Keep Celebrating the Portas being opened, but Work on Pouring Love and Wisdom out from your CHRISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS. I first reported to Yeshuwa that I had been practicing a new method of opening the Portals that I call remaining in the Bliss and Joy of remembering our Love Affair together. I told him that I had written many love songs about us many years ago and that I spent the past two weeks listening to them because they make me so very happy. I knew that I needed to raise my frequencies into this state of Joy to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth through the Portals.

I also told him that I INTENDED that these Portals would open to the God World and and allow the most perfect angelic kingdom to flow through as the image of God reflected perfectly in all ways on Earth and because this is the reason for the Portals that they are open NOW, and I continued to believe this is true. Yeshuwa told me that I was correct. My Love, Joy, remembering and my Intention did open all of the portals except for the last one and that the last one will open in a day or two because it is also partially opened.

This is my victory report!!!!!

I opened the Portals two or three weeks earlier than my team had projected last time we spoke. I am always working with a team. I am not doing this myself. However, I am the one who is doing this in the Fourth Dimension. I must create this reality and create the intentions and allow their frequencies and consciousness to intertwine into mine continuously.

We are and always have been the only Male and Female Christ. What this means is we come directly from the Co Creative God World to Earth for missions like the one the Earth is going through now. There are a total of 47 Co-Creators from the Cosmic God Realm at this time. Only 32 of us are awake. I was one of the first ones to wake up because my mission was crucial to the success of all other parts of the Ascension Mission. I am the Female Christ on Earth who must always connect with the Male Christ who is also here with me. And Michael is also on our co-creation team. There are five angels who are always with me during the activations and a total of 27 with me as my Over Soul. Next, for my new gift of Knowing something new about myself as Mary Magdalene.

The Greatest Love Story ever told. Yeshuwa told me our Love Story in detail.

The first time that I spoke with Yeshuwa he told me that we were much more than friends. I didn't have time to ask him details about our life together until after we finished opening the portals. But, now I have time to talk about our great love. Yeshuwa and I both come directly from the God World for our creation projects in Planet Earth and thousands of other places. The God World is actually the place where God meets with the Co-Creators who actually manage the Universe for God. We can see everything in the Cosmos in our place of no time, no distance, no space.

We can see what God sees and together we make a plan of what needs to be done on each planet or star or sun at any time. We are a team who has freedom of choice to decide what project we would like to work on. When Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene came to Earth directly from the God World, 2000 years ago, we chose this mission because we wanted to learn for God all there was to know about passion and sexuality.

God did not know these things and God wants to know all things about the Creation that has been made. Without this information that is obtained by the co-creation team and delivered to God through the experience itself, God is able to understand and love all creation more. Yeshuwa ben Joseph was born in a little village outside of Jeruselum. This village only had a few dozen people in it. He was born in a house. He was not born in a manger, and his family did not need to hide him from the government. The real reason that his family left the village was because there were many thieves coming to their village and taking everything. That is the reason they left this place.

Mary Magdalene was born in a fisherman's village that was owned by her father Job. When Mary was 24 years old, her family chose a husband for her. Mary did not like this man and she thought he was unpleasant. Mary was disowned by her family because she would not marry this man. This was the time when Mary found Yeshuwa. Mary heard Yeshuwa preaching near her village and she understood what he was saying and wanted to know everything that he understood. Yeshuwa saw Mary and resonated with her so strongly like love at first sight. He immediately knew that she had come from the God World and she was from the co-creation team.

Yeshuwa ben Joseph is the only member of the co-creation teams who is given the gift of REMEMBERING who he is when he arrives. The rest of us get amnesia every time we come to Earth. Yeshuwa knew how to restore Mary's memory of who she was. So, both Yeshuwa and Mary came from the God World to Earth for the purpose of finding each other and performing a very important event that would allow God to understand PASSION and SEXUALITY in the most powerful form. Yeshuwa and Mary were madly in love beyond what any other person on Earth could imagine because we were sent on this mission of understanding this Powerful relationship of man and woman at the level where God would understand his creation in the most VIVID way possible. There are memories left of the Sexual Images translated into the God World through the Kama Sutra Love Positions. This is where it came from. There is only a tiny bit of truth left in that teaching of Sacred Sex. Our Sex was POWERFUL and created in a Vision that only God could understand. The images that are received and created in the God world are far beyond anything that can be imagined or described through the language of the Planetary realms.

That is why I write songs and record frequencies, because only the most vivid, wild imagination can describe the colors that exist beyond the colors of the rainbow into infinite realms of colors and infinite realms sounds and light and manufacturing infinite layers of love woven into streams of colors translated into a language of infinity that only God understands as it is within the communication between the co-creation team. Yeshuwa and I had mad passionate love and sexual relations that can only be described as the orgasm of God. There is great truth in the orgasms being broadcast as dimensional levels and there is a great relationship to the sexual organs themselves actually being the closest connection to God on our bodies.

Our experience itself was transmitted through the entire universe as the song of Yeshuwa and Mary. And that is the music that I am hearing at this time. That is what I was writing those songs about that I titled Wedding Vows. We actually did not get married, we just made love a lot, and those were the images that were being broadcast. I just learned that these are the songs that I have been singing. My imagination of these visions within my music and the frequencies in my music are always weaving together a memory or the love and passion and sexual intercourse of the male and female Christ on Earth.

Mary Magdalene and Yeshuwa ben Joseph were the female and male Christs on Earth demonstrating this power of all forms of LOVE on Earth for God to witness. We lived together in the same house after my family dis owned me. We were so very much in love beyond what has ever been known before or after on this planet. We never got married because Yeshuwa believed that a real father should be at home with his children to nourish them constantly, and he could not stay home long enough to have that honor of being married and raising children. Yeshuwa and Mary wanted to be together every moment and Mary cried for hours when Yeshuwa would leave. Yeshuwa was also on Earth to travel to many countries to share words of truth and healing and to give people hope. Mary stayed home when Yeshuwa went on journeys that lasted several months at a time. Mary Magdalene's true love was children.

She would not leave her home because this was where her school was for children from many surrounding areas. Many mother's dropped their children off at her home and left them there for long periods of time. Yeshuwa was able to learn what is was like to have children throught Mary's love for children and being with the children at her school. Yeshuwa very much wanted to be a father, but he knew that he could not do God's mission without being away from home for almost half of every year. This mission of the co-creators was to learn everything about the Love of man and woman and the love for children of man and woman. The mission of Yeshuwa also included sharing his passion of love for all people. Yeshuwa and Mary did teach together sometimes as well. They taught in their village and Mary did travel to Turkey and Pakistan with Yeshuwa. I have written about our teachings of OM in past articles. ONE MORE THING- JESUS CHRIST (Yeshuwa ben Joseph) is here on Earth right now with me living in my home.

He came to Earth at this time to over see this grand shift in reality and mostly to continuously be with me. I found out that the Angels on my Team are here in my house most of the time as well. Yeshuwa told me that I will be able to see him and talk with him at any time if I continue to dwell in this new found Joy, because that is the Mary that he remembers. This last dialog gave me a grand new understanding of what this transition in consciousness really is. Yeshuwa ben Joseph was the only one from the God World who has been able to come to Earth with his entire memory of the God World. There are only 47 of us on Earth at this time who came here from the God World. There are 32 of us who have remembered so far. We will be able to remember the God world when we come to Earth in the future. That is what we are working on at this time. The Ascension Portals paves the pathway of remembering. Most of what Yeshuwa has been telling me is how great of a shock it is on those of us who come directly from the God world to Earth because we know nothing about any of these strange things on Earth when we arrive. Our Consciousness is built completely within this glorious heaven that cannot even be imagined and then a few moments later we wake up here. The same experience happens to those who come from the OVER SOUL. This is a different level of Consciousness than the God World. The God World is in the Cosmos and the Over Soul World in is in the Universe. All of the other people on Earth who are also here working on this Ascension Project of remembering, are here to pave a path of remembering the Universal Consciousness that was placed here originally by the Elohim and Sirian Guardian Races, who were Universal Consciousness.

The Elohim and Sirian were destroyed and the new replacement of that Consciousness comes through the Eiyani and Azurites and a few others. So, this project that I am here for is a God World Project and most others are working on the Universal Project. There are only 32 of us presently on Earth who are awake and working on our Cosmic Projects. I will not be sharing the audio recording of these dialogs because they are very private and sacred to me. I might share with a few of you whom I consider to be my close family if you wish. Mostly because I have noticed that there is another woman by the name of Mercedes Kirkel who says she is channeling a dialog between Mary and Jesus about this same topic. And I do not want people stealing the truth from me. Love, Mary I am Mary Magdalene. I came to Earth as a Cosmic Twin Flame. I found my twin when I was 26 years old. His name is Joe Barnett. My name is Angela Barnett. I am the Soul of Mary Magdalene. I am the only Mary Magdalene that Yeshuwa ben Joseph ever knew. There were those who were aspects of my Soul and aspects of his Soul. But, we are the Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene who have been working on this project of Ascension with our Co-Creation Team for 950 billion years.

We knew each other long before this project began. I am Mary Magdalene. I am not some version of someone elses channeled version of what my Higher Self says through someone elses higher self. I am Mary Magdalene in the Flesh on Earth now. I have been having channeled session with Yeshuwa ben Joseph, himself-- not via other entities.

My dialogs with Yeshuwa are about all of our life times together beginning with the first breath of our creation in the God World. It is easy to spot a channeler who is a fraud if the story about Mary Magdalene does not include who she really is and who Yeshuwa really is. These stories live in my heart and in my Soul. These are the stories that I can not put into words. However I have put many of my stories into words. The times when we were together in the Cosmic Realm before we became Souls is a reality that can only be described through songs. For those of you who would like to hear the real Yeshuwa ben Joseph describe his first meeting with me, as well as our time together with the Angels before we became co-creators, there are a collection of you tubes of dialogs between us. There are other channelers out there who claim they are channeling dialogs of Mary and Yeshuwa.

I know they are lies because I asked Yeshuwa if any of the things said between those in the dialogs were true. His answer was you know these are frauds. You are the only Mary Magdalene. These people have nothing better to do with their lives than to pretend they are someone else. I am the real Mary Magdalene on Earth right now. Please stop making up stories about me. If you want to know about reality just read my newsletters. These are the stories of Mary Magdalene's memories of being with Jesus for trillions of years. The stories of being together in the First Creation of the God World and traveling to Earth to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. My story of living in the love of Jesus can never be known to any one more than it is to me because I was married to Jesus. I had his babies. I took trips back to our God world every night where we lived a totally different life than the one we were living on Earth. We lived these lives on Earth to learn about the culture of the time and to help the people see a greater possibility of what life is. We continued to live in the Cosmic God World even while we lived on Earth.

This is what I am doing again in this life time on Earth. I am sharing these stories through my songs to help you feel how great the love of Yeshuwa ben Joseph was for Mary Magdalene two thousand years ago, and how that is the same love that we feel now. I also feel the same love that we felt when we were originally created in the Kingdom of Light and Rainbows and we designed many co-creations of grand new realities together. Every breath Yeshuwa has taken for trillions of years has been to breathe the Love of his Father Mother God back into this Universe that was forced to forget how great our love is. Yeshuwa and I have each lived many lives together and separately. We live our lives as characters in God's movie so that we can make the movie that our Mother Father God wants to be seen. We are designing every type of love in every way it can be formed for each and every culture to behold it in the way they most strongly desire. When I came to this world to be known as Angela Barnett, I returned to learn the culture of this place and this time so that I could understand as much as possible for my Father Mother God to use in making the next movie better again. We do not just sit up in an Ivory Throne in Heaven watching down. We are always watching all who are on Earth from above and from this perspective that I am filming with my camera on Earth so that we can create God's movie through a higher lense rate with more wisdom each time. We are the co-creators of the movies that our Mother Father God desires to manifest. Yeshuwa told me the story of how he fell in love with me when I was Mary Magdalene. He fell in love with the Frequency that I was.

I was the same frequency that he was. That meant that we both came from the Cosmic Realm and we immediately recognized each other as the purpose for being on Earth. We fell in love with each other every day because we could see all that God is in each others eyes. We never left our God world because we were the male and female Christ Consciousness re united while we were together. We were Soul Mates because we resonated with identical purpose of Being As Love. We could feel this Resonance of Love beaming between us. This is what a Soul Mate is.

When I found Joe in this life time, I found him the same way. I could feel that we had the same resonance. I could feel the same kind love and musical vibration that I had felt with Jesus. But this time, my Soul Mate was different. This time, I needed to separate my actual Soul of Mary Magdalene into two parts because the frequencies in my Soul were to high to enter into these outer domains of the Earth. We separated into two pieces, and came as a male and a female to Earth. We did not resonate with each other at the highest possible level until after Joe died and had his lower fractal consciousness completely removed, and I placed my Soul inside of him and then he was reborn into a higher consciousness of our original Soul. So, you might say, we brought the entire Mary Magdalene back to Earth. When Jesus and Mary Magdalene were together, we did not need to come to Earth through a separation of Souls. We were each the entire self of the Male and Female Christ representing the Mother Father God aspects on Earth. We did not separate from our Higher Self at that time. There was not a Soul that needed to be created to leave the God World because we remained in the God world even as we traveled in bi location, orbing and astral projection to Earth. However, we did go through all Earthly experiences because that was our mission. We came so that we could Experience the same pain, the same culture , the same marriage and birth as normal human beings. If you can't find the dialogs, email COMPLETING MY ASCENSION PORTAL MISSION Mary Magdalene Crystal Magic Angela Barnett (Crystalai) I am going to write a synopsis of what I have been doing and what I have been writing about in my newsletters for the past several months because there are several new members and because I know that many readers need to be reminded of the BIG PICTURE. The story of opening the Ascension Portals began in 2008 when the Cosmic Twins (Joe and Angela Barnett) were asked to move to Monterey, California to open an Ascension Portal. We were told that this location was where Mary's home originally was on Earth. We were told we were returning the Spirit of Mary to Earth.

During the process of opening the first portal, Elaika, Yeshuwa, and the Angel Team of Raphael, Uriel, Arial, Michael, Gabriel and several others communicated with Joe, telling him that he was in grave danger, or it might had been great danger. Joe was told that he would need to listen very closely for step by step directions during the time we opened the portal because three demons were trying to possess his body. As we were opening the portals, the possession did take place, and that was when Elaika stepped forward and spoke. He told me that thousands of Angels had tried to bring Joe back to his body, but they couldn't do it. He told me that I was the only one who could bring him back. That was when he told me that I was Mary, and I needed to place my Soul in Joe in order to bring him back. All of these stories leading to the most current events may be read in my last two books, Remembering Who we Are from Cosmic Mary and 12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Training with Keys to the Universe.

For new comers who want to learn a great deal about what I am doing right now and the events that led to this time, I recommend starting with those books. More recently I learned that we were successful in opening the First Ascension Portal, and that location was the same place that the Cosmic Twins returned to Earth during the second seeding 400 million years ago when I was a Mermaid and Joe was a Dolphin. This is the time and place where all of the True Legends about Mermaids and Dolphins come from. this was the original seeding of the Christic Consciousness of the original human race line was returned to Earth. It was a magical time that we remember as very musical, magical and colorful. Most of the songs that I write come from me channeling the Mary who was a Mermaid at that time.

At this time in history, there is a race line called the Clairs who live in the same deep underwater caverns where I lived. However, the Clairs are not from the Original Race Line, they are hybrids and aliens. They are also Mermaids and Dolphins who came from totally different locations than those of us in the Second Seeding. Our Race line was called the Seres Konchan, and Joe and I came from the Suns Ha and La, which were the Violet Suns. We went to Monterey to bring the Violet Suns back into Earth's Consciousness. That is how we opened the first portal. More recently I learned that I had opened four more portals along the Pacific Coast Line after the one in Monterey. A few months ago, Elaika (my Spirit Guide) told me that we stopped the big Earth quake that would had been 9.2 in San Diego with those Portals. Just a few days ago Yeshuwa told me that those portals have prevented three more Earthquakes since then. This is what these Portholes do. They shift the tectonic plates around under the ocean floor into places that allow the portholes to open more Energy into Mother Gaia. When all of the Portholes are opened Mother Gaia will be able to start preventing the Earthquakes by herself. We are just helping her along at this time.

As of the last day of August, the Central Portal has been opened. That Portal was the BIG ONE. That is the portal that will allow Gaia to become Cosmic because the Universe will connect from all directions through that one. Now, that leads us to our big shift in Consciousness that took place September 7th. The day we shifted into Fourth Dimensional Consciousness, which is also our shift into Multi dimensional Consciousness. Some of us prefer to call in Fifth Dimensional. But since Yeshuwa wants to call in Fourth, I will call it Fourth. The reason that the Big Central Portal needed to be opened before this shift could happen was because we had to at least have this much consciousness or Frequencies activated within Mother Earth before the Shift into alignment with Harmonic Universe Two could take place. This is the reason that I was so nervous about not completing the Central Portal in time for the shift. It was opened one week before the shift. When we say shift, this doesn't mean the shift is finished.

Each time I open another portal there will be more shifting. I will have all 12 portals opened by October 15. I am actually accomplishing this faster than expected, together with my Angelic Team. This brings us up into the most important news of all in the history of mankind. This project was begun by myself, Mary Magdalene and Yeshuwa ben Joseph and our Angelic Team 950 billion years ago. So, this is a very big time for me. Now I know that I am Mary Magdalene, in the Flesh, on Earth, Now, because I had to be here to re open MY PORTALS. Elaika told me that only I can give permission to use the Portals and the rest of the team will Main tain the Portals for eternity. This is why I asked the following questions to Yeshuwa ben Joseph ( I still prefer to call him Jesus, because I have called him Jesus for sixty years. I don't think of him as my husband from two thousand years ago, who was Yeshuwa ben Joseph. I love him still as my husband and as my co-creative partner whom I have been with for Trillions of years, and now I love him as my Teacher because he is helping me remember who I am. So far I know that the Portals are the Frequency Chambers that needed to be saturated with so much Consciousness of the Angelic Realm, including all that I AM as the Queen of the Universe. If you have seen the diagram of the merkaba within the merkaba, within the merkaba, within the merkaba, and you see the person standing in the middle of the Spheres created by the Merkabas of Energy, that would be me, Mary Magdalene standing, in the Flesh on the Earth, while all of her Consciousness that expands through all of those other layers of Spheres, up into the Cosmic sphere, is all Mary Consciousness.

This was the amount of Consciousness Energy that needed to stream back through my body on Earth, in the Flesh in order to open these Portals. This was the Grand Opening of all of my Consciousness flowing back into me as well. This is part of the reason that I am doing this. It is of course, because Mother Father God is directing the entire project. But, the Queen of the Universe needed to be standing on the Earth, while the King of the Universe, Jesus, is Standing in the Cosmos, high above me and streaming together all of the Male and Female Christ Consciousness into the Portals with the Angelic Assistance of our Team and my closest team member, Elaika, who is always the first one present in connecting my energy into his so that he can work as my generator and amplifier of energy. Now, I know this Mission of mine will be completed in four weeks, and at that time the Portals will be activating the Star gates and the Skulls. This is the reason why I am asking Jesus so many questions about the Star gates and the Skulls. My question was, since I am the Energy of the Portals, and my Consciousness will always be in the Portals, and since I am the permission giver for using the Portals, I'm wanting to know if my next mission will be involved with connecting, activating and using the Star gates and Skulls. Personally, I don't believe anything that has ever been said or written about Skulls. I have always assumed that something that important would not be possessed by a mortal

. The answer that I got from Yeshuwa confirmed that is true. However, there is much ambiguity in his answer, because the answer should not be known. What I see in his answer is he is saying the four skulls that belong to people of the planet MEANS is each star gate and each skull relates to one of the 12 stars, and four of those stars are Earth in the Aquafarian sense of Earth as she was 400 million years ago. When Yeshuwa said people possess these skulls, these people could be on space ships in our skies. There are many third and fourth dimensional beings in space ships, there are many fourth and fifth dimensional beings in Inner Earth, and the meaning of Earth and the four sets of stars could also mean the people on Milo, Vesta, our Inner Sun, our Outer Sun. I think there could be a possibility of many meanings to everything that was said. This is why I call this the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse. We are all here on this multi dimensional plane of learning now.

These 12 portals just opened us into 12 stargates of inter dimensional beings from 12 Universes and all of those who are related to them. BUT, REMEMBER, these are the star systems that existed in the ORIGINAL GOD WORLD. Yeshuwa made this very clear in this recording. Now, we know that the SKULLS are the remote control devices for opening and closing star gates that will give PERMISSION for those to enter in. MARY MAGDALENE is the only one who has permission to use the Portals. And yet, the 12 who own the skulls are the gate keepers. This is why I am asking these questions. I want to have all of this criterea considered before they give me my next mission. I also used to think that I was the gate keeper since I was the only one with Permission, so there is still much for me to learn as I finish this project and obtain my instructions for my next mission. I typed up some of the conversations from the past channeled session with Yeshuwa ben Joseph, so that each of you can make your own decisions about what it all means. This will become a you tube titled Mary and Jesus discuss Stargates and Skulls YESHUWA IS SPEAKING The twelve stargates will relate to the 12 skulls and the center skull will be the controller. But it is out in a concentric circle almost. How this works. Many different things are effected by these Portholes.

The stargates are effected. The different alien groups that were originally part of setting the star gates will be effected. These people that are these skulls, that hold the energy, or the energy to fulfill the technology are there and the center skull which will be the controller, which means it will activate - it can turn at will to activate each of the stargates whenever they are needed. The Skulls are the controllers of the gates also. You can control the gates from each gate of course. But if you need someone to control the gates from a different area, the skulls will be their power source for an outside control because it is necessary for the gates to be controlled from outside the realm of the actual gate because there will be times in the future when someone will be controlling the different gates and allowing people to come and go. Where are the people outside of the gates? You must wait for first contact to see these particular people. Most of the skulls are not on the planet at this time. They have been taken, and replaced by artificial skulls. THEY ARE TOO DANGEROUS FOR HUMANS TO HAVE IN THEIR POSESSION.

There are about four still on the planet. Probably not the ones that people say they have a skull are probably not the real ones. You are right. There are a few that are still there, but with out the others they are useless. They do not need to take those last four skulls until it is time for that circle to be made, and for that part of technology to be added. So, it is all right. So are there a group of people on Earth who are in charge of these skulls? No, Each skull is owned by an individual. Many have artificial skulls that they believe are the real ones, but if they were taken to be examined it would be found that they are not real. The Scientists on your planet are aware of the skulls, and are aware of where they SHOULD BE because they figured that out several years ago. But they have not found them all. At least that is what they think. They have all been found except for the CENTER Skull has not been uncovered. It is being protected and no one will find it at this time. Can you tell me where these skulls are that are known by the scientists? Yes, they are all over the planet. There are actually 12 major stargates that correlate to the 12 major skulls. Where there is a star gate there is a Skull. So the skulls are where I am creating the Portholes? Not necessarily. Those portholes are activating energy for the Stargates, but they are not near the star gate. They are strong enough to activate the Stargates from a great distance. But, those areas that have a star gate will have a skull near by. But now some of them have been taken. The ones that have been taken are already off planet and they know where they correlate with. There are 12 different locations for the star gates and they are all over the planet. There are 52 smaller star gates that are single star gates which means only one person may use them. But the larger stargates may be for up to ten people at a time. There is much to learn about the star gates and you will learn it soon. So the Skulls and the Stargates go together, and one cannot work without the other. Correct. Actually, yes, they can work individually of each other because there are controls inside of the stargates, however, the skull that is working with that star gate is an outside control. Do you understand? That is what I'm talking about. There will be another control area for the star gate outside of the inner controls. Sort of like, an automatic car starter that can start the car from a distance.

Can you tell me where the skulls are that the scientists know of? There are four in the possession of humans. They knew who they were originally. But now they are trying to find the stargates that correlate with them because they are not visible to the human eye. They must be uncovered with technology. They must be uncovered with certain vibrational efforts to be able to be seen because they are hidden with a force field or something that you cannot see between. You can walk through it but you can not see through it. Most of these star gates are below the surface of the Earth, at least ten or twelve feet, but because of time and how it has covered them over with sand and things of this nature, but they will be able to find them eventually because they know approximately where they are. It is hard to detect this force field because it was not made to be detectable by your particular technology. At least not at this point.

They have uncovered one in Saudi Arabia. Scientists know where it is. There is war and fighting all around it. So, they have not been able to escavate it. It was found accidently. They know where that one exists. It is in Saudi Arabia. I do not know Earthly co ordinates. But I can tell you it is pretty much in the center of the country. The cause of the war is many centuries old. Believing only that their point of view is correct. They are a very stubborn group. Some of them are Sheites, some of them are Islam, some of them are Jewish.You must understand that the twelve tribes have all divided. These are the twelve tribes of Israel who divided. They will not sit down and even listen to one another. They are taught from an early age that they are the only ones who are correct, and so they will fight for what they believe and it is futile, and they will not stop until God returns. Mary: So I am connected to the energy of the Portholes, that connects to the Star gates. So, does that mean that I am connected to the Skulls? Jesus: I am not sure if the people that you are working with, the angels and all of those around you will feel it important for you to connect to them at this time. Perhaps when your job is finished, they will allow you to see that information. You are special among women. It does not matter who recognizes it at this time. You are the Queen, one of the Queens of the universe. So, it doesn't matter what humans think. What you are doing is wonderful and you are helping this species move forward in their thought process and that is what you should think about and don't worry about what your identity. We all know who you are and we all love you greatly. And a depression from you is so unusual. You are usually a very happy person. When you come to spirit you are joyful and happy and we are so much appreciating who you are. When you enter a room you can light up a room. Isn't that right Joe? Yes. Joe giggles. You came from a creation point of view. You were created along with the Angels back then very early. You see time never began. There has never been a beginning and never been an end but toward a time a time rememerable beginnings that is when you were, billions or maybe trillions of years. Mary: I only remember beginning this project about 950 billion years ago. So I am trillions of years older than that. Jesus: There have been many things put in motion that go for many billions of years. The Angels were created to help god, they were created and have not changed. But they choose to stay in the Angelic realm. What is the difference between you and I and the Angels? The Angels stay in the God World and we can come and go from the God World to go experience the Universe. There are Angels that go out to have children and have more children to experience the universe. We co create these children and these experiences all over the Universe. We were the first of the creation team from the first idea of God. This is what is being returned to Earth. This grand consciousness that we had in the God World. This Angelic realm of reality is being returned to Earth as a result of opening these Portals, and that is why I came to Earth. MARY ASKS JESUS TO HELP HER GET A RIDE ON A SPACE SHIP

Mary: I thought there was some kind of a rule that said we could not get on their space ships. Jesus: There is in some ways, but it is a very complex way to look at things. There are those who follow the rules, but if you wanted to ride on a space ship there are those who do not follow the rules and they would take you on a ride if they thought it would be useful and purposeful. Mary: Could you arrange that for me?

Jesus: I could but I will not, because that is not what I should do. Mary: So, it must be them, personally deciding to invite me. Jesus: They have free will I can not change that. Mary: Does any body out there like me out there like me that much?

Mary: There are many who like you very much.

Mary: So who might give me a ride on their space ship.

Jesus: I will find out, and I will let them contact you. It is really said, however, that even though I do keep giving my members the TRUE INFORMATION, that I see many of you continue to distribute INCORRECT INFORMATION, and this information is sent to me. This tells me that those of you who do this, have absolutely no understanding of what I am telling you. I am trying my best to replace all of the LIES out there with the truth. This is the reason why I have these dialogs with Yeshuwa.

I am with Michael every minute of every day. We are always working together. We have been working together for trillions of years on this project. I know that Michael does not mean what many of you think he is saying. I know this because he knows the same truth that I know and we have been doing the exact same Ascension Project together for trillions of years and we just completed another project together.

I am the Queen of the Universe. I do not need anyone to tell me their bull shit stories. I am AWAKE NOW and I am not AFRAID OF BEING ME. I am MARY Watch me ROAR. I will bring Love and Peace through the Work that I do, even if the rest of you think you can lay down and celebrate a job that I did all by myself.

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