Dr. Angela Barnett

I know that many of you OLD SOULS believe that you are living in a very old body.

That perception of reality is going to change very soon. HOW SOON?

As soon as you learn how to become the Master of your Body and communicate with your
cells that you want them to CHANGE.

Yes, you can tell the cells in your body to change your body from an old body to a young body.

The reason that this is happening is because the Light Frequencies of the OLD SOULS must continue with the Ascension Earth for a few more hundred years.

The Ascension Consciousness Team of the Cosmic Soup of Creation NEEDS the Old Souls to stay here. Many of us signed up for this mission before we began the wind of our rebirth from the other side.

The Ascension is the Re- Birth into a new body. The body is a body that has been created in the QUANTUM. That means it is invisible. It is the invisible part of us, but it is us. We have been recalibrated, recalculated, re cognized into Light.

Our old program was a biological structure that was already set on automatic. It was a program where our Thinking Brain just re played old movies over and over and never told the cells to play a new movie.

Now, we are becoming the Masters of our bodies. We tell our cells to create a new movie instead playing the same movie over and over again.

The cell has a function. It creates a duplicate of itself every nano second. Each time it creates a duplicate of itself, it asks the question
Same or Different?
Same of Different?

If there is no new directive coming to it, the automatic process of creating a cell that is the same as the original is repeated over and over again every day of our life.

However, NOW we can create a a new directive. Now we can tell the cell to create a Different image in the new cell.

We can tell the cell:

I am young.
I am thirty years younger.
I am immortal.
I am the Eternal Life Template.
I am perfect health.
I am Eternal Supply manifested.
I am Christ Consciousness revealed.
I am Vital Energy.

There is a lot more to the body than 3D CHEMISTRY

We have living records in our history of man living nine hundred years. We have records of people on Earth today living long over one hundred years.

They continue to live because they have utilized a cellular strucutre that divides itself more efficiently through the process of the Master of the Body directing it to be what is desire to be.

Tell the DNA to change its clock so it does not count as many days. Tell your cells that you have never aged because there is no time. Tell your cells that you are forever young,vital and in perfect health.

Could consciousness change chemistry to the point where  the body would not age and never get sick and live a thousand years?

Yes, that is what is happening right now.

How do we program the body to stop counting years?

We live in joy and bliss of every moment and in the knowing that we control the cells of the body and the out picturing of the body and that we are the Masters of our body.

Each cell of the body is  specific to its own chemical imprint, and it divides.
That is how you rejuvinate
The skin rejuvinates.
Each time a cell decides to divide, it asks the question should I stay the same or is it time to change?

The cells haven't been told to change for millions of life times. The cells have been left alone without any Awakened Consciousness directing them to CHANGE.

If you had a slow motion camera of the cell dividing, you would be able to see that before the cell divides it asks the question should the cell stay the same. Next it creates a pre plasma field that is like a little womb to birth a new baby into. If the cell receives the command, I AM A CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS IMMORTAL CELL, the cell will create a cell in the little womb that is immortal.

However, the cell has not been receiving that command from most of those who are on Earth.

I was raised in a metaphysical teaching that told me that I should continuously believe that I was an immortal, I was made in the image and likeness of God, there was no disease or death.

So, I was always programming my cellular memory to know this as the only truth.

Now, we have some more specific directions of how to make this process work. Instead of just knowing that I can not get sick because I am the image and likeness of God, I have actually learned how the biological process of the human body makes that happen. That is fascinating. This is exciting because it shows that the body is an immortal vehicle, not just a mortal body that we use for awhile for the soul to live in and then discard. Our body is spiritual. The visible body will become more and more invisible, but we are immortal through and through.

So you would see one cell setting up to rejuvinate each moment, and at that point in time there is an INQUIRY for a fraction of a second.

The cell says to the upcoming energy that will become its twin do you want to replicate the same or different?
It asks the question the same or not the same?

With out conscious intent of change the body lives by itself and does what biology does by itself. However, when  the Intent of the human being becomes the MASTER OF THE PROCESS, the sequencing changes. The cell replicates itself through the Divine Template of the Perfect Health, Eternal Life, Vital Energy, Infinite Supply of Mind.


Dr. Angela Barnett


When  Elisha watched Elija transform in as much as Elisha could see of himself ascend into light,
this was a human being putting together the pieces and the parts that are separated at birth.

Elisha only saw light and he named it the Merkaba. Merkaba is a Hebrew word that means the  vehicle that you ride in. I have called this  The Crystal Star Merkaba Vehicle in my teachings, journeys and meditations.

This is how the energy of ascension is created.
This is the DNA field fully activated..

This shift is creating opportunities of DNA change and the opportunity comes with Conscious intent
When the being has a realization that is now manifesting there is an Ahaa-- A realization-- a remembering of who you are.

It is the epiphany of the rememberance of God inside
You remember the god inside --you remember the mastery
You weep with understanding.

 There is a DNA field around your body that is the Quantum portion of the DNA
The quantum portion of the DNA is partly chemical, but mostly quantum. It is invisible and it exists in the Merkaba Field around the body. The Merkaba field of energy spins beyond the speed of light to create the oneness of the multi dimensional fields of reality around the body into ONENESS.

The shift causes a quantum chemistry change. It is not visible but it is a great change within the DNA.

It doesnt matter what the stem cell imprint is

You visualize what it is you desire to become
The out picturing
I am a piece of god and I'm learning to become quantum
I claim what I can do in this interdimensional state
An imprint of action from the boss of the cells to the cell
Change it
Your instruction to your own body
You are changing the inquiry of cellular division

Cells emit an invisible preplasma light vapor that holds a template
of the out picturing of the new reality

What do we need to do to make the change
In that moment the cell divides in a way it hadnt before and it starts to
create what you ask for.
There is a field of intelligence in the merkaba around the body
It analyzes the intent and analyzes the cells as it divides
It takes a long time to have change because there is no one telling it to change

Now, we can tell the cells to become something different.
The cell asks the question? Do I create the same or different cell replication?

and we say:

I am perfect health
 I am perfect health

Consciousness can change the structure of the body so that it lives longer, does not get sick

Keep sending that message to the cell so that it will create that new cell when the question is asked

Continue with I am vital energy, I am Christ Consciousness Realized,
I am Eternal Life, I am the great healer, I am the great musician, I am a genius,
I am a great manifestor, I am wealthy, I am twenty pounds thinner, I am young and vital, I am ten years younger, I am thin and trim, I am joyful, I am pure bliss, I am unconditional love. I am the creator of peace.

This is Quantum restructuring of the body

You are the Boss of the Cells

Your instruction to the body is changing the inquiry of cellular division.

Cells emit a question right before they divide
the question is should I replicate myself the same or different?

You are the boss of your Cells. You tell your cells you will replicate a different image.

You can change your own cellular structure to become anything that you want to be.


Dr. Angela Barnett

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