Crystalai Please use this Candle Technique to Create the Correct Brain Passage from the Mind of God to the Thinking Brain. There have been many NEW AGE teachings that claim that all that needs to be done is to silence the brain. They do this with a technique that sends irritating low frequencies signals into the brain. In my opinion, you would need to be brain dead in the first place to even be able ot listen to those kind of frequencies. Join the newsletter at for continuous updated TRUTH about ASCENSION. The TRUE NEW ASCENSION teachings show you that we use the Highest Frequencies of Light and Sound to TURN ON the Frequency Specific Mid Brain. We use the Candle Flame because it contains the Full Spectrum of Light. It contains everything from the Hertzian up to the Gamma and even the Heliotalic 14th dimensional frequency of Transmutation. When we focus on the Stem of the Candle, we are being the Hertzian Self-- that is the Third Dimensional Body of audible sound and visible light. The Light Flame that is above the Stem of the Candle would be the Infra Red, Invisible Light Gamma, x-ray, white light, and pink silver light. We can see our Self as the Stem Standing within this full spectrum of Light, which is the same as the Consciousness of the Pre light and Sound of Creation. When we use the Candle we are Creating a new self. The Light Energy resonates with the Mid Brain, because it is Frequency Specific. It connects with the Frequencies. The Frequencies that it is communicating with are the Frequencies that actually transform the body into the Blue Hue- the Blue Body. The Fifth Dimensional Body. The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM works in the exact same way. The frequencies contain the Full Spectrum of Sound of Creation. The Sound and Light of the Essence of Creation can be heard within every cell in the body transforming the body from the zero point frequency deep within the subatomic level of creation. There has been a very obvious immediate response to the Candle Activation by those who have used it together with their Individualized ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM because the Frequencies in the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM are designed specifically for that Individual to become activated by the Universal Life Force Currents that are designed to TURN US ON at this time. Those who have followed this procedure have activated their 5DNA of Eternal Life within months after their purchase. This activation process is achieved through the initiation of the 12 subharmonics in each DNA strand in the Eka and the Veka Systems of Spiritual and Physical Manifestation to insure the 24 subharmonics that are required for Physical Ascension to occur. The Frequencies of the Light and Sound are needed to ACTIVATE the Mid Brain. The Mid Brain can then TURN OFF the THINKING BRAIN. So, do you see this EXACT OPPOSITE Method of Turning of the Thinking Brain than the one used in the NEW AGE teachings that say you numb the thinking brain with low frequencies. We must first have something to replace the old thinking with. We must first connect with all ofthe light and sound of the Mind of God. The Mid Brain can then pave a passage into the Mind of God, which is the Seed Atom within the Thymus connecting to the Master Neuronet Gland called the Vagus Nerve Center and connecting to the Medulla Oblongata. You can type any of those words into Google and get a picture. The important thing that must be learned in order to Ascend out of the old VERSION OF REALITY that is painted in your thinking brain, is it must be done through the pre light and sound of God Consciousness. We can't begin the creation of a new Reality by lowering the frequencies of a brain that is already as low as it can get. After you have spent enough time with your Candle and your Music to be able to see the flame turn blue instantly and then move to the next step of seeing the room turn black and the candle being the only thing that you see, there is one more step into the Mind of God. The Mind of God is like the Dark Room where the Anti Particles are Developed into a Movie that is projected. We have not been creating any new movies in the God Movie making Dark Room. We have only been re playing old movies in the old thinking brain. The Thinking Brain hasn't had an original thought in millions of years. It is time to have a new thought about a new VERSION of Reality. It is time to go into the Dark Room of the Mind of God and create a new movie. I have a course that is designed to teach you how to do this. It is called the MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP. We create the eruption of energy into consciousness and that creates our new reality. The energy is created from the breath. However, the breath must connect through consciousness into the HIGHEST FREQUENCIES of the 14th and 15th dimensions of pre light and sound which turn on the connection to the Mind of God. This is why I use the will of the wind --which is the breath as the will of God to connect to and produce the Frequencies of Consciousness that allow the particles and anti particles to create photons, and the photons burn away the old realities and allow the new reality to manifest. The breath is the closest most sensual tangible form that represents the will of God. it is the manifest code of the will the creation desire of God to Create a new reality from. God made an atom from his breath and formed an Omni particle and created this body and breathed into flesh and the flesh was made man. The breath of god in an absolute focus. In order for our light bands to do something we must interrupt the connection of the mid brain the yellow brain. The mind is the cohesiveness between the frequency and the brain has to first turn its attention to a focus where it is at once protected and yet changed by the conscious intent of reality you are about to turn on it. The first thing is the conscious awareness that we have put away our body and we are sitting up right from the spinal Colum. By pass the part of the body that digests food. WE must use nervous system. through back of spine (LOWER CERABELLUM) to by pass interference of yellow brain. We go straight to the intersection of the MIND OF GOD into the neuronet system. We begin processing information there instead of in the Dictionary of the thinking brain. Increasing the frequency in our bands changes the atmosphere around us. The bands of energy are the spheres that are created when the Merkabas spin the electro- male energy into the magnetic- female energy. This spinning creates a sphere of a transformational energy. The upper cerebellum contains the personality that you have created in this life time. It is made of the social patterns that you have chosen, the friends that you choose to agree with, the religions that have brain washed you, the education that has made you believe that you are something that you are not. That is what is in the Thinking Brain. I am sure that many of you have used the candle before. Many of you were told to just gaze into the candle and go into a trance. This does make you feel better. However, until the new information can be taught to the THINKING BRAIN by REPROGRAMMING the Thinking Brain of the Upper Cerebellum, that Candle Gaze will not begin the activation of DNA and reprogramming of the body. The resistance points of the Thinking Brain must be reprogrammed, and the Thinking Brain refuses to be re-programmed. I majored in Communication in College. When patterns of communication were studied by neuro-linguistics it was found that the brain doesn't actually do any thinking. The patterns of thought actually came into the brain from the outside. That is the way it is supposed to work. We are supposed to have the Mind of God sending communication into our Brain-- into the Lower Cerebellum part of the Brain. However, there were some loops placed in our neurological feed back centers that cause information to loop over and over and over again. That looping often begins connecting with old information that is trapped in between our spiritual transmission centers in our Crystal Heart and our Mental Bodies, which is 36 inches around our body in a sphere. The information is supposed to come directly from our Mental Body--Cosmic Body's highest frequency center directly to our Lower Cerebellum and directly into our Crystal Heart Soul Center. When we raise our frequencies high enough to by pass that loop of eroneous information between our Mind of God Center in our Brain, we can continue the NORMAL PROCESS of thinking through the Mind of God rather than through the world beliefs that are lodged in the Thinking Brain. First, we must know that this is going on. We must realize that most of the thoughts that come to us are coming from ideas the Fallen Angelics and Invader Races have planted in our biosphere. Those messages are being transmitted through sonic pulsar signals to trap us into communicating with broadcasting stations that just continuously feed us incorrect information. We must learn to by-pass that error loop. When we raise our consciousness into the full spectrum of light of the candle which represents the highest frequencies of the entire Universe and Cosmos where we soak our consciousness with pre plasma vapor hydrolaise --the spiritual creation crystal liquid light sphere and the crystal dust of gamma and stardust and the crystal gel of gelaisic atomic radiation, we can transmute that area between our Mind of God area in our Brain and the the lower light frequenices in the hertzian stem of the candle. We are melting a pathway or bridge of rainbow light energy directly from the Mind of God within us to the Mind of God beyond the Cosmos. We are melting the lower frequencies of light and transmuting them all into the highest frequency of light and sound. The more we take our consciousness into the Full spectrum of Light and Sound, the more Energy we are bringing into our Consciousness to create a new reality. Consciousness plus Energy equals reality. So, you see, the reality that we create down in the Hertzian field of sound and perception is a very different reality than the one we create when we inhale all of the highest frequencies into our Conscousness in order to transmute all lower realities into the Mind of God. This is what is called Multi Dimensional Consciousness. If we are only using the Five Senses to see and hear and touch and feel, we are only living in the reality of the Hertzian Frequency. We can train our minds to move into the Infra Red reality spectrum. That light spectrum is the one that the digital camera uses to see Orbs and Spheres that the Five senses cannot see. I have already trained my eyes to see Infra Red. That is how I got the pictures of the Violet Orb. I could see this Plasma Friend who was a very important part of who I am. This Violet Orb was my Cosmic Consciousness. It is the reality of our selves that we learn to see when we become Multi Dimensional Consciousness.

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