You are made in the image and likeness of God.You are made in the image and likeness of Divine Love.You are made in the image and likeness of Divine Peace.


Know your prayer is already answered before you ask because your higher self is you and your higher self manifests everything in your life.Keep consciousness tuned into your higher self.

Contains all of the God Language Codes for DNA ACTIVATION wrapped within the UNIVERSAL MERKABA that spins the reality of all 12 Spiritual Universes into Absolute Oneness and wraps the frequencies into the Crystal Seals between the DNA to melt the seals and activate COMPLETE DNA ACTIVATION.

1. Raising Frequencies into the Source Field

,2. Focus on the Desired Idea,

3.Believe that the Higher Self creates all of your Hearts desires to be manifest in your Reality Field (atomic radial screen around you that your reality is projected into)

4. GRATITUDE that you have shifted into a BRAND NEW REALITY where all of your Dreams Come True.

5. Gratitude magnified into the BLISS of SHIFTING into that VERSION OF YOUR REALITY.
THE MANIFESTATION MERKABA SET includes the FREQUENCIES and the GOD LANGUAGE that insures that your Raise your Frequencies into the Source Field. Insures that you stay in the Merkaba that is spinning you into At One Ment with that reality field, allows you to Focus on the Desired Idea, allows you to Feel the Gratitude and the Bliss. 

There are 4  MANIFESTATION MERKABA MUSIC listening samples in the Music Player to the left.  Click on the Play button to hear them.
MANIFESTATION MERKABA  uses the the magical power of the Merkaba as the power of ONENESS.

The merkaba spins at the rate of ten thousand times the speed of light with the help of the sphere of Divine Love which holds the merkaba in perfect harmonic balance with the Source Field of Infinite Creation. The first requirement is the Mind must be held completely and continuously in the HIGHEST FREQUENCY during the process of Focusing on the desired manifestation.
This is the most difficult part of Manifestation.

To keep the Mind completely within the entire field of the Mind of God- the Highest Frequency of Source is only possible with the use of the Merkaba. And I have learned that the process of "thinking about" the merkaba and the activation and use of the Merkaba distracts me from focusing on the Item that I desire to Manifest.

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