Maitreya ~ Act of Grace of the Creator


(Standing stone Maitreya statue of Gwanchoksa Temple, Korea

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Jan. 13, 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz




Beloved Ones,

I take up on yesterday’s message from SANANDA (THE BIRTH OF NEW WORLDS, given during the light reading on 12/13/2013 in Vienna, Remark JJK. ) and again emphasize the fact that all of you already are ascended Masters, if you

a.) are ready to accept this gift and if you

b.) are ready to do, to give up and let go of everything, truly everything for it.




I am the Cosmic Christ, meaning the Christ Consciousness on all levels of Creation, SANANDA and MAITRAYA are one – what distinguishes us – but does not separate us – is the individual manifestation as God on the different levels of All-that-Is.

In Eternity.


Yesterday the gate into the Light has been fully opened for you, immediately before the events reach the surface of the earth. And today you already have the opportunity to test your mastery by discarding your old habitual thinking, speaking and acting.


An ordinary and average life, ordinary and average thinking, is foreign to a Master and as you desire the transformation, but remain unchanged, then every hope is deceptive and you will be disappointed in each expectation.


Therefore I urge you now to truly turn around your life. It is easy if you really want it.


The Heaven is within you and if it isn’t within you, it is nowhere.


It is a well-known wisdom, which today gains new importance, now, because humans look up to Heaven and expect the unbelievable and the unavoidable. Prove yourself worthy of the gift for mastery, by observing your whole life, each moment of the day in the token of your mastery. Each great event invisibly and slowly builds up, until it becomes visible and at a certain moment of time spreads out over the whole world. This “great event”, that one repeatedly talks about, now forges its way from the invisible into the visible world of mankind. And while the divine intention is being met, in most cases human Beings still behave totally unconsciously.


Out of two motives:

1.) Due to the choice, that they want to be unconscious, and stay in the game or

2.) Because they intuitively recognize the great event and see it approaching and out of fear suppress everything that would open their eyes to see it. It is because they carry unresolved fears within themselves.


These unresolved fears form the mortar that keeps human Beings on the lower vibrational level. Therefore, in an additional act of grace of the Creator, it is mandated, that each human who in the last act of this epic event wishes to return to the Light, can also do so. The condition for it is the unconditional exposure of one’s fears and suppression mechanisms. Even when these have not been totally released, a human Being can still enter into the Light, based on God’s grace, which is immediately effective and creates a new reality in an instant.


The willingness to look at your “primal fears” and anxieties puts everything on track and you may hop on the train into the Light. All is possible for God, God makes everything possible and you, who do not want to attain your full mastery, have at least the opportunity to step out of the wheel of darkness.


Because it makes quite a difference during the progression towards enlightenment, if a soul is incarnated on the “SUPRA PLANET” or on a denser level of Creation. Many of these human Beings have spent life after life in the realms of shadows, today are full of anxieties, and are barely able to go on and lift their sight. If these have a minimal willingness to look at their fears, then we come to the aid of these humans, who have exhausted their measure of individual suffering and now seem to fail due to these unreleased anxieties.


God does not forget you, God forgets nobody.


The Christ Consciousness is all present in human Beings – and the love that cannot be destroyed. Each human Being is part of the ascension, even those, who have no recognition of it. And these humans now have the opportunity to open the door into the Light by at least a split, so that they do not totally slide back into darkness.



I am pure unchangeable divine consciousness

I am the Cosmic Christ





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