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Hey I know I haven't been on here for a while, heh, but I wanted to run this by you people and see what you all thought of it.


So yeah, you're like b-b-b-b what?  Magic?  You're crazy.
The human body produces a field of energy.  Cellular respiration is the process where basically all the little mitcochondria are literally power plants, generating electricity to power things like your ATP thingys in you muscles going back and forth, and you neurons, and your pretty much everything.
So these power plants and their subsequent powerd motors produce an elctromagnetic field; this is what is called an aura.  This excess energy just kinda goes to waste.
Energy is infinitely transmutable.  This means that energy can change forms as many times as is convenient; from kinetic energy (force to move through space) to heat energy (increase in atomic rate of vibration, I think) (think a pick hitting a rock, and what happens to a spot when you hit it enough; or matches perhaps) to nuclear energy (energy in an atom) to light energy (photons/ E.R. radiation) back to kinetic energy again.  So long as the process can be divined or time space manipulated, (I'll explain that in a while), energy can be transmuted.  Even into matter as the case may be. 
So magic is the process of controlling energy to do what you want.  It's not spells in a book, or words spoken, or alchemies derived, but they're related.  Basically, as far as I can tell, energy is controlled by you.
Well, ok, it's your neurons.  I think.  Your neurons are the senders of electric energy to your varied energy recieving things.  Since they're the connection between YOU and your body (or your body and your brain) they're obviously going to be the most vital aspect of controlling your energy.  Magic is just fine tuning your control over your neurons and developing them to manipulate your and your environment's energy.
So all you need to do is just learn to control your energy, really.
Well why can't I do this already if you say I can?
3 things:  Christianity, the scientific method, and ignorance.
That sounds dubious...
Well let me explain.  Christianity is the worst of them.  It taught that magic is devil worship (as though blinking were God worship, lol).  Anyone caught doing something not lining up with what was accepted was a devil worshipper and killed.  The same thing can be said to occur in many religions:  fear of the unknown.
The scientific method sorta played on that.  The Europeans ruled the world first, and they assumed that magic (ironically) was the asinine gainsay of priests and followers, and had little-to-no evidence to support it, and oftentimes the contradictions in the stories set forth to explain varied magic workings, along with the overall dismissal of religious influence in the scientific world pretty much sealed off magic to European scientists, and thus the world.
When I said that Christianity was the worst of them, I meant of religion.  The overarching reason behind all this is ignorance.  Ignorance of this invisible feature of human life.  The "ancient sages" knew about it but didn't/couldn't know how to explain it scientifically, so they came up with stories about gods and worlds beyond this one and spirits (which are all actually real or have their representation or origin story in realy, btw, but that's not the point) to explain magic.  Hence came religion, to explain magic.  Some I guess were pretty damn clsoe.  But once upon a time we could actually do this, use magic, but somehow we fell to "earth" (I'm not certain on the story, but, suffice to say, human civilization has been around much much longer than 6000 years, and not just on Earth, this solar system, or even this particular universe.  Don't take my word for it though, the point is explaining magic.)  and lost our abilities through atrophy.
Uhm... you're crazy... but... ok?
Yeah I know.  So!  I finished with the history lesson, let's get back to magic.
So in order to feel just what energy control is like, you lie down, in a quiet, calm area, get comfy, and just feel your blood flow.  Yep.  Try to quiet your mind, meditation is helpful, but not necessary.  Just feel the blood flow, and then try to feel different areas in your body where the blood flow is.  Like, if you feel blood in your head, but not in your arm, try tro shift focus of your blood flow from your head to your arm.  Then from there, to say, your toe, and just experiment on feeling your body with your mind.  This is essentially using your neurons, your poorly developed neurons, to feel your blood making all of your cells throb.  It's easy to detect, and chances are that you know what it's like, so it's no problem to do this   There is a separate sensation connected to the blood flow, but you'll notice it only by just observing your body, not your blood flow necessarily, and moving it around.  This is energy.  Your neurons make that energy, at the command of your brain.  And that, the control of that, is the root of all magic.
After that, you just need to learn to manipulate that energy.  This starts delving into things like different bodies you have, quantum physics (which I'll get to in a sec), souls, past lives, as your energy is freed up and you literally make more connections.  But!  That's not the point.  Suffice to say, you develop energy by developing your neurons and your control over them.
So for instance, to manipulate your aura, you could use your neurons to move it, since the energy in your neurons is just like the energy of the energy that you just freakin' put out a sec ago, and like energy likes like energy (say that fives times fast:  go!) so in essence it's sort of an extension of yourself.  You have to be careful because your body uses energy to survive, and you don't want mess with that, but you can develop your body to produce and store energy better.  Now to explain how you would turn electric or magnetic or whatever energy in your aura, into say, FIRE HAHAHAHAHHAHAH... ahem.. into fire, well my best explanation is this:
(btw the Youtube video "Physics of the Hidden World is good for this)
This dimension's existence is derived from the pattern of one incredibly complex since wave of energy.  The universe is like a hologram, or a virtual reality:  it is based on one single code to generate this grand, complex reality.  In a virtual reality, location, space and time don't really exist, except as necessary extensions or products of the computer code.  It's the same here:  that wave-pattern determines the entirety of existence, and existence is the direct effect of that energy wave.  The wave itself is of a sort of energy which could be referred to as "the ether" ( as Tesla put it) or just "null energy" since it's energy that isn't doing anything except being infinite and being the null space of reality.  If you can "hack" the code and change it, well, you change reality.  This can be accomplished with magic.  All you do is access that null energy and affect the wave.  It takes tons of energy (well not literally but figuratively) to affect the wave though because it's well..... it's the universe!  Heh.  However, you can change it, and can hence transmute your aura into somethign else like FIRE HAHHAHAHHAHAHAH.
So! That's it.  Oh also - you can only affect -your- energy from null space.  You can't (unless you embed it with your energy) affect something or someone else.  Only your part of the wave.  There are methods in which you can make energy your own, though, so just pointing that out.
If I made it sound like the entirety of magic rests on null space energy, no, it doesn't, you can manipulate matter and energy at very small scales to change things once you have a really really good control over your energy, and besides you can toy with how your energy is acting and make it into kinetic energy to make you, say, fly.

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Comment by Ryuuzaki on October 23, 2011 at 7:03pm

Warlock or Wizard is the male term for Witch.

Comment by Unlabeled? on October 23, 2011 at 6:40pm


Wait.  Wouldn't I be a negromancer, and not a witch?  Or is witch a gender neutral word?

Comment by Unlabeled? on October 23, 2011 at 6:19pm
Yes it can.
Comment by Ryuuzaki on October 23, 2011 at 9:20am



Energy can do many pleasant things can't it? Such as manipulate gravity. :D 


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