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Your ‘New’ Galactic Lightbody Template for the Upcoming 5D Time-line Shift!

The first constellation and higher dimensional ‘Prism’ of Lyra brought into existence the advanced and ‘original’ race that was the template for humans and many other humanoid extra-terrestrials throughout our universe.  The Lyrans also created the Elohim and many Masters through what is known as the Solar Avatar Matrix. Their race embodies some the greatest and most magical qualities & gifts that are admired all over the cosmos.
As we move closer to our new ‘light’ timeline & reality, the Legions of Light are helping to prepare us by giving us simple and effective things to do that will assist in the assimilation of the new energies to come. This session will present and offer to you the unique, easy-to-use ‘Lyran Star’ Lightwave energy template. This ‘multi-vibrational’ template was utilized in Egypt for youthening and is universally known throughout our galaxy among the 5, 6 and 7D star races for it’s transformational properties.  What will it do for you? It will greatly assist you in maintaining the higher frequencies within your human body, as well as stabilize and hold your DNA in a higher pattern for as long as necessary until dimensional shifting occurs.  This, in turn, will help your 5-6D Lightbody to merge with your physical human body much easier than before…and this will only take a few minutes a week to maintain!  This session will also include the ‘Lyran Lightbody Template Accelerator’ that can be placed on your phone or computer that you can use whenever you like.


In addition to the Lyran Star configuration, this Lightwave training will introduce a number of unique interplanetary frequencies from other worlds and from your home planet, that will trigger memories and restore connections to your multidimensional self and to your many past lives on an interplanetary level.  Also, special Lightwave ‘Follow-along with Bryan’ MP3’s will be available to you during this training...these can be used at home, in your car or wherever you may go…making your daily energy and protection processes much quicker and easier!


Welcome! Come join us for this new expanded Lightwave Training session and learn one of the newest and most powerful energy healing processes on the planet! The technique was designed by the Pleiadians and enhanced through the energy of the Ashtar Command & beautiful accelerator technology of Bryan de Flores. The Lightwave procedure is easy-to-learn and produces immediate positive effects for both the beginner and advanced individuals.  Lightwave works to restore optimum health and youthen the physical body while increasing your psychic gifts, healing gifts & manifestation powers. The Lightwave technique can be used on yourself and others as well as pets, plants and other living things. This process is the perfect addition to any other transformational modality and will blend with any technique you are currently utilizing. The Lightwave method is energetic in nature and utilizes your hands as receivers and transmitters of the energy, in conjunction with your own intuition & instincts. Also, this new healing technology is very practical as it utilizes simple terminology and can be performed in any location or situation. 


SATURDAY & SUNDAY.  September 30 & October 1

The Lightwave Training class consists of 3 LIVE!  international tele-sessions that you must attend to get the initial energy activation + several web-pages.  The tele-sessions can be easily accessed through your phone, cell phone or Skype!

Saturday, Session 1: Lightwave Basic Energy Training - 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM - Las Vegas (Pacific Time)

Includes: Basic Lightwave Training Instruction, Full Color Lightwave Manual, Follow-Along Web Pages & Videos and Lightwave Practitioners Certificate. This Live! international tele-session with Bryan will teach you the Lightwave energy technique & process. This session also gives you a full explanation and experience of the Lightwave process and the beautiful full-color Lightwave manual, which contains all the processes & accelerators and a full list of the frequencies that you will be accessing and transmitting. In addition, this class includes the easy, follow-along web page/tutorial videos and your Lightwave certification.
Saturday, Session 2:  Lyran Star Lightwave Configurations + Re-Attunement Activation - 11.30 AM to 1:30 PM - Las Vegas (Pacific Time)

Saturday All Access:  Akashic Record Blueprinting - Gene Editing  

These training sessions will be available to you 24-Hours a day at-your-convenience from 6:00 PM Saturday, September 30  to 6:00 PM Friday, October 6.  You may take these training sessions whenever you like (and as many times as you like) during those 6 days. The unlimited access sessions (which includes a beautiful follow-along web page) will allow you to assimilate the information at your own pace and time.


Sunday, Session 1: "Live" Session with Bryan + Special Lightwave Classes All Access Discussion! - 10:00 am - 11:30 AM - Las Vegas (Pacific Time)

In this session, Bryan will talk about all the amazing and unique advanced Lightwave processes listed below, answer all of your training questions and give some of his unique Lightwave accelerator combinations that will give you a boost of energy and a BIG upgrade!

Sunday All Access:   Star Magic & Archangel Powers: LW 911 to the Rescue

These training sessions will be available to you 24-Hours a day at-your-convenience from 6:00 PM Saturday, September 30  to 6:00 PM Friday, October 6.  You may take these training sessions whenever you like (and as many times as you like) during those 6 days. The unlimited access sessions (which includes a beautiful follow-along web page) will allow you to assimilate the information at your own pace and

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