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Lucifer the carrier of light ? No anymore ! .

Lucifer was from the first creations of God. He was an excellent angel an astonishing partner and good manager of planetary systems. He worked for divine purposes for  long time and he was an extremely effective spiritual being.He was adorable from hes contributors.From all this cooperation with divine beings and Father of universe he obtains much knowledge about God and universe.But suddenly without a certain purpose he began to be against to divine wish.Became haughty and asked from God to give him uncontrolled authority, without respect to his contributors at any step.And because God not gave it to him, he became an revolutionist. He makes hes revolution, realized a big battle but he not won .He condemns and imprisons but hes partners is free, to make anything what Lucifer teaches to they.So, we have negative spiritual forces in universe.One consideration is Lucifer mind stroked by a virus, or he became mad.This story not ended yet,the divine spirits tried to change mind of Lucifer but without positive result. Jesus said:love your enemies ! Poor Lucifer !    Narration by your friend .........John   Love and peace to all.

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Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on February 18, 2013 at 7:22am

SAve lucifer

Save our self

Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on February 18, 2013 at 4:52am

Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on February 18, 2013 at 4:52am

Its all a gift...we are all parts of the supreme light

just like Lucifer

all equal---

In Tibetan the Buddhist have a word--- DahYenYambha

I and others equal...

Equal to all beings

bugs birds dogs  but Illusion says you are the best you are the King Of the castle...this is the amazing inconceivable external energy of truth.


Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on February 18, 2013 at 4:48am

This dream is a world of seperated desires away from the light of truth

Maya illusion builds this mundane universe as a playground for the living beings to enjoy in it


Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on February 18, 2013 at 4:46am

Gods business is to enjoy and have fun

and nothing but fun...

God doesnt need to create......anything at all.

How and why does it seem that God creates?

This world is a fantasy dream land its like a machine... its nothing but an imaginary dream...


Comment by Joseph on February 18, 2013 at 2:59am


I first will explain to you how the whole structure of this universe is
build up. Because it can be a little confusing for one who reads this for
the first time. The omniverse has 7 different universes in it. These are
all splitoffs from the omniversum or;"All that is". All universes have
different laws of physics due to their composition & density c.q. it's
frequency. There are 12 dimensions in it, 1th the blacklands, 2nd winter
wonderland, 3th earth, 4th Zeus aka Mempistotoles territory, 5th light
beings, angels & elves, 6th Lucifer soulgroup before they took the mission
of bringing duality into this world, 7th - 12th Archangels & Seraphins.
13th All that is.

Luciel & Michael where Archangels & served together as warriors of light
he was a real brilliant General & Michael was the commander and chief of
the forces of light.

Luciel did rebel against All that is, he & all other rebels where thrown
to earth in the flesh to learn humility and weren't allowed to leave earth.
Once on earth there was a linear timeline, if there is a linear time creation
isn't possible, here is the bible wrong. If creation was possible human could
build a perpetuum motion and would be a creator.

Lucifer or bright star is a soulgroup from another universe invited by All
that is to experience his creation & all aspects of it. This universe was
created for this purpose. As this universe is a splitoff from All that is this
soulgroup is named Yahweh, after the one called in the bible God, this is also
the difficulty in understanding these writings. Yahweh is the manager of this

Memphistotoles is caused by an unforseen side effect which has his origin in
the ying & yang effect which the omniversum is based upon, all has an opposite
and go in pairs, light & dark, female & male, etc. The sum of ying - yang = 0 &
yang + ying = 0. these two forces are always in balance.  


The dark entity has left me @ the 4th of december 2012 which was an truly
weird experience and an internal struggle, i had to choose what i wanted
to be, in the dark or in the light. I always did walk the thin line that
separated them. That dark entity who chased me was on the opposite side in
the battle of Anchara i rammed his ship we both reincarnated. By ramming
his ship his side lost this battle which was between the dark & the light.
It's all about karma.

I do think a lot about concepts, reasons, that is correct. About duality,
this will be fun to read, i've the following to say, There is no evil as
stated in the Bible, the Roman Catholic believe system is build upon the
Pagan system which was based upon the seasons in a year. Pope Benedictus
has acknowledged this, Christmas was in pagantimes the festival of the
lenghtening of days or solstice of the sun. The Pagan believe stystem was
erradicated by the the Roman Catholic Church and installed in the 1th
century by the Roman Emperor, under the umbrella of divide & conquer. Why
else the pope is seen as the emperor of this world? The 3 religions of the
world, Christianity, Islam & Judaism, where invented to prevent the
population on this world to unite as one, if you read the Bible, Quran or
Thora it's all the same, there are some differences in the did/who was what
part. There is only good and less good, in the upbringing of a child there
will be social boundarys which his parents will teach him/her, that's also
the illusion. If you can see through all of this smokescreens you are free.

I agree, the darkcabal knows their time is up, G.W. Bush said once; "If the
population will ever find out what we did to them they will hunt us down &
lynch us".

About the races from which we inherited our genes, there is an 14th race
called "The Goodly Company", we are seen in the universe as royal because
every gene that has ever been developped we have in our strings of dna...
The intention of this eperiment was: can you split of from source & find
your way back home to source? The answer is yes.


I am provocative, i know, i am very contradictional in my points of view.
There is not one thruth, it's just a point of perception, take a look of
both angles & the truth will lay some where in the middle................

Comment by Andronover on February 17, 2013 at 11:25am

Joseph , I don´t know where you got your info from , but it´s not correct.

Gabriel is the "first" , and he is not ,as many teachings says , an archangel.

He is in charge when God aka CMAton is on his bestowals.

He will soon be in charge over Nebadon again.....................(the second coming)

Lucifer were an archangel , and his mind got for some reason distorted , and he wanted to create his own souls - he wanted to be God , but it´s only possible for a creatorson to do that in cooperation with HIS father the Paradisefather or The Creator if you prefer.


It´s possible that he got jealous on the ascending sons/daughters , because he couldn´t ascend himself , as he were created to serve CMAton , and to be in his "team.


He started the rebellion for over 400 000 years ago , and he were at last allowed to use one planet amongs all the fallen angels that supported him in the rebellion.

Guess what planet?

 He had to accept that descended sons/daughters should incarnate here.


So here we are today with the biggest shift in Earth history (look at , and Lucifer is uncreated since some years.

The followers of him is fambling in the dark , not knowing that they have lost and that their master is gone.




Comment by Joseph on February 16, 2013 at 11:05pm

Some point to enlighten you.

Lucifer was not the 1th creation of God.
Archangel Michael was the 1th created Archangel therefore he is the righthand of God.
Michael created first all archangels even before the universe was created.
Archangel Metatron created the universe.

The name Lucifer is also wrong, the name Lucifer is connected to the soulgroup Lucifer
which were asked by the universal counsel of light to introduce duality into this
dimension because God wanted to experience His creation. This soulgroup consists the 13
bloodlines which you know as the dark cabal.

Former Archangel Luciel isn't the one you know as the devil, Memphistotoles is the one,
he is known in history as Zeus and so on. This entity rules in a 4d environment and is
head of the guys you know as the GFL & so on. So beware of this crowd, 90% has to go
with them on their spaceships or the reap has failed, which means that this soulgroup
will undergo a new cycle of enlightenment on another 3d planet.

Luciel was thrown out of the heaven because his rebellion against God & was thrown to
earth. God forgave Luciel, he is still his son, but his title as archangel is gone.

How do I know this? Been there, seen that, done that.

Guess my name?


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