Love is God, all will agree

Love is truly what sets us free

Love will find a way

Love brings a bright new day

Love everyone as yourself today

Love will find you some way

Love washes away all that gray

Love yourself, love keeps evil at bay

Love cleanses our mistakes away

Love is now here to stay”

Love warms us from the cold

Love teaches us how to be bold

Love has brought us all life

Love is the means to realize our strife

Love in the darkness of the night

Love shines its energy bright

Love is the only truth in what we say

Love rebirths us each and every day

Love brings us peace within

Love is the joy we send

Love all there is,so begin

open the door let love in

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  • I also called this poem; Looking for Love.I am glad you all like it. Some times we get to carried away with all that is happening in the world and our lives and we forget, were all here to learn love. And communication is the name of the game there too.Gailene, your right; Love is the key and do what ever you want with the copyrighted poem as long as you keep my name on it. Its from my e-book Peoms Prayers & Promises for 2012. This book and my other e- book;2012 new earth will both be free by the end of the month. Feather Winger, I have a lot of spiritual stuff but when I post it I only get a few hits but when I post my Galactic news I get a bunch of hits. So I  will try to do both. I try almost daily to post spiritual contemplative meditation short blog. But I usually don't get a reply from them so I don't know How they are going. Love and blessings to all. ADONAI

  • Love is the Law.   from the Goldens Scripts spoken by Jesus, (in the 1930s)

  • That was a WONDERFUL poem! It almost brought tears in my eyes! :)

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