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Love is the answer to all of humanity’s problems October 24, 2012 by John Smallman


The loving intent that each member of humanity has always held and cherished deep within themselves is growing and intensifying very rapidly indeed as more and more of you plug into the energy field of divine Love that envelops you. Its expansion and general acceptance has been planned for a very long time, and to see it, as it were, “take off” is most uplifting and exhilarating, as we watch over you with love and joy from our sphere of influence within the spiritual realms.

The spiritual realms naturally include the “bubble” that contains your illusory environment, and that bubble has been floating around here ever since you conceived of it, entered into it, and chose to switch off your ability to perceive the realms outside it.

Loving assistance has always been on offer to you, but for a very long time indeed you chose to go your own rather painful way, gathering experiences of a most unpleasant kind while supposedly seeking your way out of the bubble. The problem was that you gave rather a lot of power to your egos, along with the ability for them to increase it. They then began to see themselves as independent beings of influence, intelligence, and authority, and this sense of independent strength went, as you would put it, “to their heads.”

However, egos are not terribly bright, and they began to fight with one another, as they each sought to establish themselves as the supreme power and authority within your strange and imaginary unreality. This led to the situation that has long prevailed on Earth, where the virtuous aspect of yourselves which you call trust proved itself to be an untenable position for almost anyone to hold, because it was so often betrayed.

What is happening now is the growing realization that for Earth and humanity to enjoy lives of harmony, peace, compassion, and abundance, trust has to be established and honored everywhere. And, of course, trust can only be established by actually trusting one another. Due to your ongoing earthly experiences this seems to be a bit of a Catch 22 situation.

But now people in their millions are turning inwards in meditation and prayer, seeking guidance, assistance, and assurance that they are divinely loved children of God. And as they open themselves to receive that knowledge, that confirmation of their divine origins, which has always been on offer, they are becoming aware that they are indeed what they hoped they were. This mass understanding that you are divine beings, eternally loved and cherished by your Father, is one of the major signs that you are moving firmly towards awakening.

For eons the word love (in all languages) has had connotations of weakness, ineffectiveness, distractedness, and plain stupidity. Loving behavior was taken advantage of time and time again by those who would control and rule others, and by those who would make others feel guilty. Love was a game to be indulged in when the work was done, the battle was fought, and a little time was available when there was nothing more exciting or interesting to engage one’s attention. Those who believed in it and offered it were frequently used and abused. It was further proof that to trust was very unwise.

Finally, after eons of suffering, humanity is realizing that love is the only currency and the essential currency on which the foundations of peace, harmony, and abundance for all can and will be established. It is a realization that is quite astounding when it first becomes apparent to you; in fact, you do not at first believe it because you have seen the pain and suffering it has brought to so many who have loved.

Nevertheless, it has now been established in many diverse communities around the world and proved most effective. News of this is spreading as communities share their experiences widely, and more and more of you are seeking out others of like mind to establish ever more loving communities.

Yes, in the beginning, some decades ago, there were some pretty wild experiments, but people gained a tremendous amount of valuable experience which they passed on, and now a firm base of wisdom and experience has been built on which new groups can base their plans and their dreams for the New Age that they are building.

With the intensification of the divine field of Love which is penetrating and permeating the hearts of even the most hardened and unloving among you, and with the growing realization that Love is the answer to all of humanity’s problems, the path to your awakening is becoming wider and brighter. It is a super-highway that no one can fail to find, leading you home to Heaven.

A very few will choose not to avail themselves of it — even though it is absolutely toll-free! — but the vast majority of you are in the process of joining it for the final stages of your journey. And as there is no speed-limit on this divine super-highway you will soon be Home!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

[FYI. A new book was published yesterday (October23rd) called “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” It was written by Eben Alexander, M.D. It tells the story of his quite amazing NDE – a scientist who did not believe in heaven visited there while in a coma. It is most uplifting and inspiring. I read about on The2012Scenario web site where a review of it from Newsweek had been posted. I ordered it and received it and read it yesterday. For me it was a “WOW” experience. John.]


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