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LOVE I AM; Poems,Prayers & Promises for 2012

Photo: "Alone in moments of prayer or meditation, or simply in stillness- we breathe more deeply, see more fully, hear more keenly. We notice more, and in the process, we return to what is Sacred." ♥ -Katrina Kenison


I AM the new light. in the morning sun..

I AM the moon rising, when the day is done.

I AM the shining stars at night..

I AM the darkness and the light.

I AM the grass that blows in the wind..

I AM the brightness that grows within.

I AM the Father and the Son..

I AM duality, we are all One.

I AM the universe and all reality..

I AM the Oneness in the trinity.

I AM the beginning and the end..

I AM the love you all shall send.

I AM the lovely rain that falls..

I AM the One, who knows all.

I AM the water that flows ever on..

I AM the awakening of the dawn.

I AM the flower clinging to the trails..

I AM the lost child who cries and wails.

I AM the rainbow in the sky..

I AM the wonderer, watching all pass by.

I AM the mother holding her new born child..

I AM the father standing there, meek & mild.

I AM the children laughing and playing..

I AM the old wise man, contemplating.

I AM the youth, who's lost in the folly..

I AM the mountains and the low valley.

I AM the buffalo that roams the prairies..

I AM the gnomes and the pretty faeries.

I AM the Mother Earth and Father Sky..

I AM the legends of that which came I.

I AM the angels of the fallen ones..

I AM the spirit of the eternal sons.

I AM the eagle soaring high..

I AM the beautiful butterfly.

I AM the hairy bear big and strong..

I AM the sad one, who’s love is gone.

I AM the precious minerals in the ground..

I AM the powerful Crystals all around.

I AM the hungry and the lonely poor..

I AM the stranger knocking on your door.

I AM your brothers and your sisters..

I AM your aches, pains and blisters.

I AM that which you are to become..

I AM the total of all of the sum.

I AM the truth that never ends..

I AM the message which I send.

I AM peace and joy in the community..

I AM the shining light eternal energy.

I AM the vision of the Dream Time..

I AM the wisdom of the words in this rhyme.

I AM in you and you are in me..

I AM that I AM, will always be.

I AM truth in all the above..

I AM that I AM… "LOVE"

By Rev.Joshua Skirvin...1996, revised 12/22/12

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Comment by Nath Yogi on February 18, 2013 at 10:20am

I am a servant of God.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on December 22, 2012 at 12:19pm

Thanks devi, for your kind comment. This is not the first time I had to fight for my life. BUt it is really a bad one, lots of pain and I can;t eat. I only hope its not cancer again. I thought that I had defeated it. It looks like I will need a miracle again and I do believe in Miracles. Funny my affirmation mantra today was about sickness and healing but most important Miracles. Also H.S. presented me with a fantastic blog today I posted it right after this one. It was also about healing and Miracles and that the Father is always with us in our pain and suffering,nice. Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on December 22, 2012 at 11:39am

Hi,FW. I am a little better, went to the hospital, got some drugs to make me better and less pain. They wont a lot of expensive tests and I don't know if I will do it. I figured out what happened. My dish water and spare water was outside of the shelter that I made and the chem-trail dumps went into my dishwater. So I have eaten a lot of poison from the chemtrails. I moved them back under my shelter and cleaned them. But still can only eat a tiny bit, guess I will loose some weight. I am doing a lot of Prayers and affirmation including AA Rafael and a lot of silver water. I checked my mail today to see if the medicine you sent arrived but not yet. I don't know what happened to the poem. So I went back and reposted it .Its there now, ck it out. Keep sending the prayers,cause the pain is to much. What a way to start the new golden age, huh. A stupid thing I did, a lesson learned the hard way.L&L,Adonai


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