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I experienced a massive dose, of pure love last night, had the pleasure of seeing a PURE WHITE LIGHT ENERGY, COME FROM THE SKY, IN THE LOWER ATMOSPHERE, THE LIGHT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE, AND SHOT STRAIGHT DOWN TO THE EARTH...


My friend and I were driving back to Toowoomba, we were only 30 mins, from the Mountain Range, and the light which was just there out of nowhere...we both SCREAMED!...YELLED!....AND SCREAMED!...SOME MORE, AT THE MOMENT THE LIGHT GOT CLOSER TO THE GROUND, I FELT A MASSIVE SURGE OF LOVE, IT WAS OVERWHELMING..


And the most funniest..thing, before we drove back to Toowoomba, i said to my friend, i think we might see some action in the night skies, ... so I watched, nearly all the way home...then go another message...NO..its to quiet, nothing happening....NO MORE THAN 10 mins after that, we had the experience of seeing the PURE WHITE I was given with my friend, a most BEAUTIFUL SUPRISE, from all that is...


So I guess by now everyone is saying yeah!...another whatever....not so....the feelings you will get when fully connected, you to will breakdown in tears, of love,joy, happiness, of knowing, that you belong,....from THE STARS...IT IS TRULY OUR HOME....


Good luck with your ideas, thoughts, and free to what direction, you will walk, in......


Arubia, Allanah Stanhope......2.49pm....

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Comment by Butterfly on August 21, 2012 at 11:39am

Sounds like a terrific experience Arubia.



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