Lord Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Allah – with Whom do I band?

The heavens, the earth, hell – where do I land?

The Koran, the Bible, the Vedas – where do I stand?

It is very difficult to understand;

Only after getting Guru true, I understand.

He is knowledge and duties’ end,

He is love and devotions’ end,

That is what I understand.

With my Guru’s lineage, I myself band.


(Offered at the lotus feet of my Guru Siddha Nath)

      The True Guru's Grace Has No End!

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  • This is what I felt after meeting my Guru!!. You may band with whomever you like!
  • I band with all of the above just as Gandhi did and I recognise the prophets that are within me.The basis of their original mission here has never before been so clear to me.As it has been now and forever for these beings are embodiments of unconditional love.Like all the rest of life is and ever shall it spiritually evolve to that point as well as beyond it.

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