Lord Adama Discourse Program

We are holding a monthly class in which Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light will share his insights and knowledge about how to transition into a 5th dimensional way of life.  He wants to include the basic teachings of the Telosian way of living and help us individually and collectively to move from the 3rd/4th dimensional body into the 5th dimensional existence as One Body of Light.

As always, we will call upon the Unified Whole to remove any elements that need to be put into wholeness while activating our Higher Self and I AM Presence.  Lord Adama wants us to experience the beauty of Telos so we will travel in a journey to receive the lesson of the month.  We may meet in the Garden, at the Telosian Retreat House, or a number of other places within Telos.  Lord Adama will give an introductory talk about the topic we will be discussing.  So it is a good time to have pen and paper handy for any of the exercises that he may give to us.  He may also invite any of the Ray Chohans to assist in the activation of the lesson plan.

There will also be an attunement to assist in the lesson plan so that we can actualize the energies not just through our physical self but allow the four-body system to assimilate it through the energetics.  We will work with the 22 Rays of God; he may choose to pinpoint certain rays for each of the classes.

Lord Adama has asked us to put this together as he truly wants to work with everyone on a more personal basis.  An MP3 file will be available after the class for your personal use.

The class will be held on Thursday’s, towards the end of the month.Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda Green

April 25th; May 18th, June 27th

5 PM Pacific; 12 Midnight GMT via Skype or Telephone

These dates are subject to change depending upon scheduling.

REGISTRATION:  http://walkingterrachrista.com/classes/lord-adama/

Facilitated By:

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery


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