Living in the age of awesome!

5/12/2015 (5+3+8=16=7)

8109261860?profile=originalLike many of us living on this beautiful being called Gaia, I consider myself to be a light-worker. The path of this life has been arduous, sometimes confusing, sometimes challenging and occasionally utterly rewarding. Since 2012 it’s been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with aches and pains fluctuating with miraculous healing. Suicidal depression fluctuating with flights of fancy and joy. In either polarity I found a need to hang on for dear life, as both sides of the spectrum caused me to want to leave, either because of the pain, or because I wanted to hang on to the joy by moving from here to there.

I had to make a choice, and I chose to stay, no matter what. Upon making this decision, my connection to spirit grew exponentially.


As I became aware of my soul-spirit-star family, and began to communicate more fluently with them, and as I began to remember, dream and visualize the drama of my soul’s story and experience other lives, I found myself fluctuating through various states of shock and awe.


As recent revelations about the true history of humanity began to emerge, I first celebrated the return of so many to the Temple of Light, but then when I learned about the dark sisters and brothers of the light, I found myself sinking from awe into states of shock and awful.


I believe I was lead to *supplemental material by my higher self and twin flame as an introduction to my coming into an awareness that my soul is connected to these events… hence the awful.


I wept in sadness to know that some of the beautiful angels of the light became entrapped in the prevailing darkness and were part and parcel of all the mayhem inflicted on humanity. I wept again to discover that some of my most beloved of the mighty ones chose dissolution, rather than return to the light. My confusion and somber state of mind continued for days. And in this state I became disconnected from the sanctuary of my own heart.


Unable to rationalize or pray my way back into balance I once again realized that I could make a choice. First by saying to myself. I guess I’m waiting for shock and awesome.

Like many, waiting for the good times to roll in. Then I thought, why wait.


And I began by reminding myself how awesome it was for humanity to sink to such depths of depravity and yet only a hand-few in number, by comparison, were able to bring it around. How awesome that humanity traveled through several hundred thousand years, against the worst odds, and still made it back home. How awesome is it that we are, each and every one of us, now on the cusp of realizing our multidimensional nature in full partnership with our family of light and family of the stars, in the fullness of being.


It’s awesome that we have a twin flame and higher self and over soul and on and on. How awesome is ‘true darkness,’ which contains all the rays of light and the particles of creation. And it is all the more awesome that this “true darkness – true light” is within and all around us. Mother is awesome, Father is awesome, and Prime Creator is awesome. I went on with this for a long while.


As I continued, my countenance rose. The energies around me began to hug close. Before I new it I was buzzing with energy and back to my true self once again.


Life is awesome. We are living in the most awesome of times. We are here living out this experience as manifestations and children of the creator. All I can say now is… AWESOME!


Oh yes, it is awesome that we can transform our minds, our body, our selves and our world by the will and decision to do so.


Written on a day that equals the number seven: a number of completeness, divine perfection or indicator of something that is finished.


Welcome to the Age of Awesome!

Kathryn Annette Davis


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*Over the last few years I was lead to encounter material that helped to fill in some of the gaps and provide inspiration to help me through the rough spots. The primary sources being In Light Radio, now accessible on and “The Channel Panel” found on,  also found on YouTube.




I AM Multidimensional AWARENESS, Light and Sound.


I AM a Divine Expression of the ONE,

Mother-Father Prime Creator.


I AM a child of the Divine Mother and the Divine Terra Gaia.


I Honor My Ancestors, My Mother and My Father.


I AM a child of the Over Soul and the Manifestation of My Soul.


I AM A Child of God and the God of My Own Creation.


I AM a Cosmic Being in Human Form Creating

the Manifestation of Heaven on Earth.


I AM that I AM!

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  • When its true from the heart don't ever be afraid to post you are beautiful

  • Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your comments. I was a little nervous about posting because my piece felt so personal. But you have given me some confidence. Thank you. Kathryn

  • Love ya awesome....

  • Good stuff......!!!

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