Living Beyond Duality;**By Kenneth Schmitt

Nothing in life just happens to us for no reason. We are incarnated here to learn about the energies of duality. Through our perspective, our thoughts and feelings, we project energetic vibrations that come back to us in the form of our physical experiences and conditions. We have become intimately familiar with a wide spectrum of dark, negative energies. We know what they feel like and how they diminish life. Now we have found out more than we wanted, and our sojourn in the realm of duality can come to an end.

When we recognize the difference between negativity and positivity, we can trace them to our creative life-Source and our free will to think and feel however we want. By directing our imagination and emotions to the vibratory range of what we love and desire in every moment, we become capable of sensing our heart-consciousness and deepest intuition. This fills our awareness with gratitude and joy, carrying us beyond personal limitations.

By living in a state of compassion and understanding, we gain access to knowing our own essence beyond space and time. We can open ourselves to greater awareness within universal consciousness. As we continue to live in the radiance of the consciousness of our heart, our awareness opens to sharing the awareness of all conscious beings, including every cell in our body. Everything vibrates in resonance to our state of being. How we feel about ourselves determines our vibratory level and how much love we allow ourselves to experience.

As we align our perspective with the guidance of our heart through our intuition, we can open ourselves to ever greater genius and understanding. We can live in progressively better situations, as we learn to align ourselves more closely with life-enhancing energies. There are many of us now, who are choosing to live in gratitude, love and joy, and we are transforming the consciousness of humanity.

Living a heart-centered life creates experiences that we love. While experiencing human life, we can be aware of our vast consciousness and magnificent potential. Applying this awareness to our human experience allows us to direct our lives in ways that we deeply desire. The limiting beliefs that we have held about ourselves become unbelievable in the light of our infinite presence of awareness. In the dimension beyond duality we can be the creators of the lives that we truly want.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


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