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Listen With Your Hearts - A Message From (the REAL) Ashtar Sheran

Listen With Your Hearts”
A Message From (the REAL) Ashtar Sheran
(received by Ariel DeAngelis, October 25, 2010)

Dear Beloved People of Earth!

I come to you in this great time of Joy and Light to bring you an important message, one that you are waiting to hear about an important time in your history coming up. So many of you have worked so hard to get to this moment, this moment of paramount importance. This is the linchpin, the cornerstone, the foundation of what is to come and culmination of many years of toil spreading Love and Light in order to dispel the darkness.

Many of you are looking forward to, and in fact more than likely expecting some sort of grandiose announcement that will set the world on its ear. Well, an announcement of such magnitude is long overdue even and especially by our standards. You also know that everything must happen in its own time. Many have awakened and are in the process of awakening to this idea of Unconditional Love as being the New Way, though many still have yet to begin the awakening process. Those of you who are the Lightworkers, the Wayshowers are doing a superb job of bringing understanding and enlightenment to your brothers and sisters and it is important at this time to commend all your efforts! Congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the good work!

In light of the announcement that is quickening and on its way, we of the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command feel the need to bring to your attention information which some of you might not be aware of, and that is quite simply that you are not alone. Yes, you are quite right, you’ve known that for some time now, that you indeed are not alone in the Universe, but as you have Brothers and Sisters out here amongst us with the Federation outside of Earth’s atmosphere, in orbit around Earth and far out in the reaches of your solar system, so do you too have Galactic Brothers and Sisters there in amongst your ranks on Earth’s surface, living out a day to day existence just as you yourselves do. They come in many forms; some have been born into and live out their lives in Earth Human bodies in ways nearly identical to your own. You are aware of this; many of you who are Lightworkers and Wayshowers have opted to come to Earth at this time to be born into Human bodies so that you might assist those follow behind in the awakening process.

Also, and it is necessary for you to know this now, there are those of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters who were born and have lived elsewhere other than Earth all their lives, who are living amongst you as we speak. They have been arriving a few at a time over the last two years effectively so that when the time was right they would already be in place to help usher in the beginning of the new era after what you refer to as “disclosure” has taken place. We use the term “disclosure” loosely as you well know that disclosure it will be none of the sort given the number of Earth Citizens who already have at least an inkling of what has been going on in recent decades. It is really more a matter of formality. We have, as we are sure you have been wondering for some time who your Earth governments think they are kidding – especially that of the United States of America – by withholding this information from you.

Many who still may live in doubt and fear can have their fears be greatly assuaged by you who have gone before them, and by your Galactic Brethren, both native and foreign, who live amongst you. Naturally we have anticipated your possible nervousness at learning that “off-worlders” walk amongst you. It is only natural given your conditioning over millennia that you fear the unknown. But let me bring to your attention that you have nothing to fear by asking you; if you discovered that your loved one who you had always known to speak perfectly in your native tongue, had in fact been born and raised in a country far away from the one you were raised in yourself, would you love them any less? How about your neighbor – if you found out that the person you’d invited to your home for backyard barbecue on numerous occasions was from a foreign country even though they first presented to you with no discernable accent, and had not had the opportunity to share that information with you, would you think any less of them? It is the same with your Galactic Brothers and Sisters – you have been interacting with them all along and have formed beautiful friendships, and yes, even intimate relationships with them and you have loved them and they have loved you! Will you chance to love them all the same when you discover their true nature? How about when you discover your own true nature? For this I tell you and I mean it in all seriousness that we are All Children of the Stars.

For the most part your Brothers and Sisters have not yet revealed themselves, except for those of you who were born into Earth Human bodies and have lived out the extent of your lives to date on Earth; you have been sharing amongst yourselves of your true nature, and most are accepting of it embracing it for the beautiful thing that it is. Those of your Brothers and Sisters who were not born on Earth have also begun to reveal themselves – yes you’ve seen it; in a furtive glance, and chance meeting and an open smile which incites a wonderful feeling of warmth and love inside of you that you cannot fathom where it came from. This is Love! This is the feeling that sets all others apart. This is how you can tell that you are in the presence of the Everlasting and Unconditional Love that is so endemic of the Galactic Way of Life. It is the One Commonality that we All hold to, and the One thing that holds us All and Everything together. When speaking of Adamantine Particles and the Gravity of Spirit which holds Everything together much the way that Physical Gravity holds you to your Earth, Love is the Key! Love is the Light, the Truth and the Way. So be conscious of the fact that when you see that stranger looking at you from across the room, or across the street and they smile at you, and you feel that wonderful glow inside of you, dead-center of your chest, right where your Heart Chakra is, know then that you have just made contact with one of your Galactic Brethren, AND THEY have recognized YOU. No words are necessary. You will find these instances of recognition happening more and more in the days to come. Welcome the experience with open arms and open hearts, for this heralds the beginning of a whole new era for Earth and Her Inhabitants.

In the days to come it will become obvious to you that no announcements will be needed to tell you of impending events. The Love feeling inside each and every one of you will tell you everything you need to know about exactly when we are about to reveal ourselves. Yes, there may be some preliminary and very late announcement made at the last moment by those in your governments who realize that they are at the point of no return and that revelation of the existence of Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional Life and Civilizations will happen. Some of you have been having a feeling of anticipation that something HUGE and WONDERFUL is about to happen, and you are very correct. And perhaps the rest of you believe that we are being inconsiderate and perhaps a bit deceitful even, for keeping the exact date of our “unveiling” a secret, but keep in mind that there is a reason for everything, and everything happens for a reason, and it is VERY important for the success and prosperity of All that you LISTEN WITH YOUR HEARTS in the days to come. If it doesn’t ring true deep within you, then it probably isn’t.

I AM Ashtar Sheran, and I so look forward to the day when we can All meet face to face and share Joy and Peace in Eternal and Unconditional Love. Blessings to you All!!

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Comment by Leia Kumara on January 20, 2011 at 6:46pm
Thank you for posting this message.  These constant reassurances are appreciated.  I look forward to the grand unveiling! :-)


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