Lisa Renee 'Ascension Cycle Timeline

Lisa Renee.......

This is the best talk I've heard yet, of all the hundreds of hours I've been listening to with all kinds of
people, on Ascension and what is truly going on on this planet.
This woman nails it.
I agree entirely with every word she has said in this 6 part talk.
What blew me away was where she mentions that the ''after life tunnel'' scenario is a false 'light' as I've said, of the dark forces, who send people back into this life ''to finish their mission''........keeping people reincarnated, enslaved in this 3D matrix....a
forced reincarnation.....keeping people away from the higher dimensions above
the 4th dimension in the astral plane and lower. I had not heard that from
anyone before, but I'm glad she said it and explains it. Do Please watch all 6 parts, the information is critical all the way to the end!
Bridging the New Unity Consciousness
A Guardian Family Evolutionary Model

I "See" You

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  • I Think We are All GOOD ;p)
  • Yes, channeled material is rampant. As well as the yogi's of past some of whom had incomplete information and some who did/do have real information keep/kept it well hidden. The scriptures of all religions are replete with hints of truths they dare not speak. It is elitism gone rampant from ancient days to the present. Much of the current ignorance is also due to the fact that most people don't know the truth when they see it due to long held belief systems, conditioning, brainwashing, scalar, flouride, haarp, elf's et al ad nauseum.
    I personally do not go by any information other than what has been gnostically revealed within me.
    I also agree that people should find this Inner Wise One within themselves, to speak to them too. Sadly it is almost impossible for those in complete hypnosis due to this belief in sin and karmic cycles.
    I find Lisa's information on target regardless of her source. At the very least it empowers the individual.

    However the bottom line is, the Legions of Light whoever they may be, and they take many forms, are here (on Earth) and are working both publicly and behind the scenes, to correct the interference, wake up the sleeping/hypnotized lost, and bring back the Divine Blueprint of God into this reality. I pray people to know thyself yes, to know their True Divine Essence...... that Earth is NOT a school for ignorant imbecile idiots lost on a wheel of karma for eons, Earth was intended as God's/Love's playground for the Divine Beings God created....HuManity.This will soon come to pass.
  • Peekay, you are free to believe disagree etc, what you choose. But the fact is there has been great interference with humanity by beings who have not our best interest, and they have been interfering for thousands of years. They have advanced ''technologies'' to create many scenarios, including a false ''light'' and a false ''afterlife''. It is very difficult for some to believe this, but checking in with God and Love should tell one what God would do, and see this interference clearly.Even the ''wisest of sages'' have only the ''information'' from this eons old interference......and they never told the entire truth. And yes, ''getting stuck'' has been happening to many many people for far too long, and this is why Indigos and Starseeds have incarnated, to assist the species out of the wheel of karma......and to Ascend. As I have gone to my inner alter for many years now and realized this truth myself long ago, I am glad it is finally being revealed. Now with more information, people will make a conscious choice to clean and clear because they can see the source of stagnation of humanity's progress, and be aware of more that is taking place on Earth thanks to people like Lisa Renee, since those ''wise sages'' apparently either did not see the whole picture or hid some of it. Now we have Beings of Integrity who are truly working for God and are here to assist humanity out of the wheel of karma to Ascend.
    The current status tells all.
  • Thank YOU For sharing These Vids Series....just finishing off 4th video and Am Truly Agreeing and Appreciating
    this Info ~ Thanks Lady Of The Woods ~ Bless YOU ! :p)
    I had Sooo Many People In My Life with Ego....ONEder WHY ??? Keeps ME AWAKE !!! ;p)
  • Am Still Listening to Part 1 ~ But Just remembered few minutes ago before I saw your blog I read a Blog on another Ning site about Near Death Experience of
    Mellen Thomas and he Wrote this too:
    During my near-death experience I had a descent into what you might call Hell, and it was very surprising. I did not see Satan or evil. My descent into Hell was a descent into each person’s customized human misery, ignorance, and darkness of not knowing. It seemed like a miserable eternity. But each of the millions of souls around me had a little star of light always available. But no one seemed to pay attention to it. They were so consumed with their own grief, trauma and misery. But, after what seemed an eternity, I started calling out to that Light, like a child calling to a parent for help.

    Then the Light opened up and formed a tunnel that came right to me and insulated me from all that fear and pain, That is what Hell really is. So what we are doing is learning to hold hands, to come together. The doors of Hell are open now. We are going to link up, hold hands, and walk out of Hell together. The Light came to me and turned into a huge golden angel. I said, “Are you the angel of death?” It expressed to me that it was my oversoul, my higher Self matrix, a super ancient part of ourselves. Then I was taken to the Light.

    Soon our science will quantify spirit. Isn’t that going to be wonderful? We are coming up with devices now that are sensitive to subtle energy or spirit energy. Physicists use these atomic colliders to smash atoms to see what they are made of. They have got it down to quarks and charm, and all that. Well, one day they are going to come down to the little thing that holds it all together, and they are going to have to call that ... God. We are just beginning to understand that we are creating too, as we go along. As I saw forever, I came to a realm during my near-death experience in which there is a point where we pass all knowledge and begin creating the next fractal, the next level. We have that power to create as we explore. And that is God expanding itself through us.
  • Good and viable questions....she will explain that too. God is trying to get HuManity to wake up to what is going on so they choose, as Free Will Soverign Beings, to be with is our choice....but we must know the options. Most haven't known there were any for eons.
  • Thanks Lady of the Woods will watch the Whole thing ~ I have heard Lisa talk about Indigos before and I enjoyed her videos So Thanks again for Sharing!
    MY Other Question IS ~ Where Does GOD Fits Into This Equation that we are Held Hostiges on this Planet ~ Would the Ultimate CREATOR have No Say about How Is The GAME Played Or ARE WE The Victoms Of a False Creator too.....just thinking :)
  • The entire talk is important to hear, there is much information.
  • Why do people who have NDE not talk about this? because their experience is they see the ''false light'' and believe it. It is unfortunate. They are always sent back, not knowing why. When they claim to feel such love, they are feeling their own, not anything coming from the false light. George Kavassilas also says that those beings presenting themselves as this false light, have the ability to stoke a persons nervous system, unbeknownst to them, and make them feel any feeling within them, including love. There is sadly much manipulation on vast levels. Also these things have been taking place for thousands of years, and so those who have believed things for thousands of years are less likely to consider other truths.
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