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Blessings Beloveds ~

There are a myriad of reactions, upgrades, changes, and experiences that come with powerful plasma influxes and exposure to cosmic rays like we had last weekend.

Sustained, multi-day KP 8 + geomagnetic storms are a gift: the magnetic field opens up, and consciousness-shifting plasma flows in. We had four days of intense geomagnetic storms, peaking at KP 11.6 on Saturday. Quite the gateway influx.

Feel into the Galactic Center magnetic shift and its effects on all of the Stargates in this Now. The new flows are clearly more intense and purposeful since the Vega stargate recalibration last month. Solaris, our SUN, is also impacted by the new magnetics, as is Gaia’s crystalline-solar core. And of course, our Heart field magnetics are also affected. How perfect that we focused on Heart magnetics in the Presence event right before this influx. The acceleration of Ascension trajectories is ON.

Auroras (literal, visible plasma flows) were witnessed by many who had not experienced them before. Lovely to have everyone aurora-gazing at the night sky, witnessing the plasma influx! The beautiful backyard aurora photos and excitement were a true heart-opener. Can you feel the future passage when this is a frequent event?

Below is the stunning KP index chart from last weekend. I had to find a chart that went past KP9 as the storm intensified; this one goes to KP12 and beyond. Remember May delivers consistent Solar and magnetic-shifting activity. We are being prepared for the unified Heart-DNA-Kryst conduit activation around the June Solstice.

Geostorm Experiences and Upgrades

Cosmic Plasma influxes stay in Gaia’s field. Plasma doesn’t flow by us when the field is disrupted (hence the auroras). We have brand new information swirling in the field now, full of codes, crystalline structures, DNA-upgrading radiance, and Cosmic Mother Plasma LoveLight Intelligence.

This Ascension-boosting information seeks open conduits, as well as changing prepared hearts, DNA, and consciousness to create pure Kryst conduits. Revisit the Presence clip on my YouTube to learn about Mother Plasma and its effect on our Ascension.

Many are seeing the new light and plasma dancing in the Crystalline fields and gateways. Most importantly, we see it radiating around our hearts, spine, and Crystalline DNA. A true upgrade is in progress – and it brings some beautiful and strange sensations.

Here are a few of the sensations and changes noted during this powerful influx:

  • New Heart magnetics activated; Kryst Heart center feels more alive and connected to Cosmic Mother field than before
  • Brain: Sacred fire felt in the head, pineal-pituitary complex, and Brain
  • Spine: Golden-Diamond light in the spine, lighting up a new channel for the Presence and a new kind of sustenance for the Lightbody
  • Visions and Lucid Ascension dreams very active
  • The I AM Presence merge is more refined and strengthened
  • Trance-like moments (or days), dissolving or departure sensations
  • Anxiety, self-doubt, self-revelations
  • Deep Sense of new Heart magnetics and Kryst Heart opening
  • New Earth realm amplified, nature/kingdoms are more unified
  • Expansion into consistent peace, unity, calm, grace
  • Realm division and timeline shifts, density fading away
  • Zero-point moments more frequent and multidimensional
  • Sudden positive change in choices, habits, location, service
  • Fatigue and cosmic ray overwhelm; rest in nature
  • Lightbody Radiation; light radiating from the inside out

I called upon Cosmic Mother when the Presence merge and Heart magnetics were getting intense last weekend. She surrounded my Heart in a palpable field of calm and protection, and shared: ‘Let me enfold you in this Divine Grace.’ This continues to be very comforting, ask if needed.

Use the new plasma in the field for self-reflection. Take care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels; these adjustments are changing us, and more are on the way.

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Sending everyone Infinite LoveLight and Heart opening during these beautiful changes to our fields. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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