Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network mind is a terrible thing when wasted upon the misdirected trivialities of the modern world's perception of importance. We have too long been guided into linear thought patterns which leave no room for exploration and expansion outside of our societal boxes, let alone room for questioning the pathways which have been laid out for us and indoctrinated into us from birth. For many, our own minds have become untrustworthy servants; no longer offering us ways to unlock doors to new horizons of self-awareness; but stuck in lockboxes, collecting dust and focusing on the myriad of thoughtless and mindless subterfuges displayed by our handlers to maintain a docile, obedient World Order.

The programming is so profoundly deep that it is of no use to simply try and counteract it with brainpower alone. Our minds and bodies have been systematically weakened through the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles and chemical corruptors.

This is why it is so important that we are AWAKENING now to the true SOURCE of POWER in this world...

Higher Mind, Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, All-ONEness, The Infinite, The Supreme, God-Consciousness… Our SOURCE of LOVE, LIGHT, DARKNESS AND FEAR alike.

Reality is but a construction of consciousness. And our own consciousness will dictate for us how the mind should perceive the world if allowed to be set free to preside over the EGO. The Supreme Consciousness (SOURCE/GOD), from which we are patterned in the Likeness and Image, has endowed us with the ability to CO-CREATE the VISIONS of our DESIRES into reality. But if our consciousness is limited to what most of our minds currently perceive (thru the lens of EGO) as truth, then we have become a species whose parameters are bound and tied to false and unhealthy illusions of LIMIT AND LACK.

It is time to learn and teach the ways of the INTUITIVE SELF. It is time to REMEMBER who we are. It is time to allow your Inner Higher Self to be the guide on this journey; to inspire your future.

Each day more and more of us are awakening to our Inner Divinity. That is why you are here reading this now.

Let these few words be an inspiration to you to seek out more of WHO YOU ARE and the All-ONEness of life within our SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT. Let this be a spark for you to share what you know with others. It matters not whether you are a Sage or an Apprentice; expert or novice, your SPIRIT can move others toward the inspiration they need to AWAKEN. Use your energy to awaken more energy! 

Be the Love, Be the Revelation, Be The LIGHTBRINGER and...




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