Lightbody and Activation

I am a bit due with this blog, I wanted to post this much earlier but could not find all these sources back.

More than a year ago I noticed my Lightbody, and I remembered I did an activation. I got the information from the internet and printed it out. I have moved past year several times and could not find this printed information anymore, and so I lost also the sources. I found it back. :)

This blog consists of three sections from three different sources, four sources if you include me aswell.

  1. First section is information about Lightbody
  2. Second section is 'Lightship' meditation sound by Tom Kenyon.
  3. Third section is a one-time Starseed Activation, which I believe activated my Lightbody

I really hope this information will be helpful for you who is interested in activating his/her Lightbody.

May You Remember!

You have my Blessings and Love.

In Loving Service,




Light Body

The dream We are dreaming for mankind is set along specific lines, which were predetermined by the higher principles above us. We are dreaming the activation of the Stellar Core, your God in matter. We are dreaming the activation of the light prisms that lie in the centre of every cell in your body. These prisms are connected by fine ethereal lines. The prisms operate in the same way as the crystals in your electronic equipment.


Each cell is activated in balance to avoid overcharge, which would destroy the body. You saw what happened when the light prisms were released by separation, the atomic bomb.

If the light prisms were triggered before the light system was formed, you would all be destroyed. The energy has to be carried along the entire system to be held and utilized. This activation of the prisms of light will create a new light or nervous system. This will be stimulated simultaneously with that of the light system of Earth. Once this process is complete all systems will be infused with a higher vibrational light. This will create a light matrix within the physical body of the human and the planet itself. Once the matrix is activated, a large shift in dimensional reality will occur!

It is good to remember that anything that occurs in a higher dimension is reflected within your physical world. The matrix is symbolically represented by what you call the Internet, thus, becoming one planetary consciousness with access to all knowledge. You will break through the fourth dimension and guide your planet into the light of the fifth dimension.

The creating of your light body will occur and enable you, as an individual focal point of your dimension, to travel through others as a unified whole. The purpose of the traveling is to interact with the multitude of yourself. The same light strands that make up the Star and produce its brilliance are contained within the cells of your light body. The prisms of light contain information about your multi-selves, the selves that you are in other dimensions. When the system is activated, the information that is stored within the cells will travel at light speed around the body to be drawn upon by the conscious mind.

In your electronic equipment you have transformers which regulate the energy that is operating the equipment to be utilized. You are, at present, creating your own transformer of light. This transformer will allow a higher vibration of light to be used by the body without burning it out or being destroyed.

This transformer is being developed as a vortex of energy, which you call a chakra. This new chakra being developed will be in the region of the upper chest near the thymus. It will develop as fine lines of stellar energy, and, later, will be utilized as a communication exchange system. This will be activated at the same time as the light system. The nervous system of the body is mainly governed by the physical brain. The focus of the light system, on the other hand, will be in the newly developed chakra.

Mini-transformers will be contained within various organs, all specializing in the storage of information. Each transformer will receive the incoming energy and translate it by using the new chakra. Meridian points will be situated throughout the body, the main points being in the cells of the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. The activated glands will receive the in-coming information and project it through the third eye screen of the conscious mind in pure synchronicity. Therefore, you will be conscious of information as and when it is necessary. The pineal and pituitary glands will connect together along lines of stellar light to create a fine crystalline bridge.

This will connect the right and left sides of the brain into a unified whole. This process creates a being, which is a total balance of both stellar light and matter. This new chakra will unify all your bodies into a whole, i.e. your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This will allow the transference of higher and higher energies. This field of bodies - physical, mental, and spiritual, will resemble a large vortex of light, which will surround and permeate the whole being.


Connecting all these vortexes together into one will shift the entire planet into an expanded vortex of the universe. This movement will shift the universe into a higher dimension, which is the beginning of the journey back to the Source. You can aid this activation of the light body by visualizing the strands of the Star's light making up a complex system throughout your entire body. The aid of a clear quartz crystal will help you activate your light prisms.

We are creating new pathways within the molecular structure of your brain. We create pathways by using light encoded with information, which rewires the brain. These pathways will open new channels, which will allow the transmission of energy from one dimension to another. The information is received in messages contained within the light and is structured into light patterns. Light coded patterns are present within the energy fields that surround you. The new translator of information will allow you to access a vast storehouse of information.


This information is not only present within the cells of your body, but also in the cells of the planet. Thus, every being, with every thought, emotion and physical action, creates light patterns through his or her auric field. These patterns radiate out and affect the energy fields, which set in motion interaction with other energies to create new patterns. Light patterns that are infused with spirit intention are more dynamic and create more powerful patterns!

The chakra that is developing in the chest area will act as a translator and transmitter of these light patterns. Interchanging information will be networked throughout the entire planet. This information can be utilized in the present or stored in the light prisms within the cells of the body. With the activation of the light system, much information will be released that has been stored for thousands of years.

This information will slowly present itself to the conscious mind as visions, insight, and inspiration. This will encourage the mind to explore more and more possibilities.

The light purpose of an individual is naturally synchronized with the appropriate information that is needed for them to fulfill their agreements. The intuition is such that this is all done with no effort, but with knowing, contented ease.

Light will rain down on your world and bring life to the molecules, rearranging them to align with the new planetary design. This light will reform structures into higher vibratory patterns. This will release stagnant emotions and conditioning which will bring chaos for a time, but which will pass. New designs are being woven into the blueprint of the body.


This will temporarily weaken the system, as at first you will be releasing karma that may be hindering your growth. Living Library With the new acceleration of information will come a new form of judgment coupled with spontaneity and pure action, all guided by spirit. New perspectives will enable you to see the Oneness in diversity. This will reduce conflict and comparison, as the energy becomes an everyday reality. Environmental and outside influences will not affect you and will no longer ask you to base your actions on the illusions that are present on Earth. This will allow you to all live in the One Probability, 'Heaven on Earth'!

The information that is contained within the multi-selves will be available as an underlying vibration. This can be drawn upon by simply tuning into that frequency. There will be an opportunity for all to live in free flow expression, bringing the Big Story into your reality. Expression of spirit is a collection of moments. By becoming more aware of these moments, you will allow the opening of the true expression of your Spirit.


As your individual expression ascends the dimensions, it becomes grander and grander. So, through ascension, you combine to create the One Consciousness. In unison, as Spirit descends into the dimensions, your expression diversifies and separates.

On the fifth dimension and above, your expression remains constantly connected to the Group Consciousness. Your expressions are capable of communicating information between the other selves by using the myriad pat-terns that connect all time and space. Up until recently, humans have been unaware of this information highway so mankind has developed without the awareness of their other selves, true identities, and purposes.

Up until now, the Universal Dreamer’s light has not been able to totally permeate the third dimension. With the redesigning, the light will transform your planet into an illuminated world of love and light. Your planet is a great storehouse of information. Stop and think for a moment about how many cells are in your body, are in a tree, a forest, a mountain, or even within the sea. This indicates just how much information there is in your world, what knowledge and what wisdom! The whole of Earth is brimming over with information. It is one vast living library!

When you are capable of accessing this, you will learn all there is to know about the history of your planet. You will be able to access the information about how to turn Earth to light. All your energy problems will be over and new inventions will bring magic and miracles to your world.

You have your library card; it is your body and presence here. You truly are the lucky ones! Many beings have been queuing to join this library, but only the best get in. All the trees are waiting to whisper to you their secrets, the birds to sing all they know. Even your body is preparing to pulsate its wisdom in rhythmic sound. Will you silence your mind long enough to hear the voice of Earth? Trust your inner wisdom and guidance for you know more than you can imagine.

We say you simultaneously exist on several different dimensions at once, thus, making you a multi-dimensional being. At this moment in time, humans focus on the third dimension only. Your awareness is locked in a third dimensional reality perspective and the limitation that is contained therein. Your planet is ascending and becoming fifth dimensional reality, thus creating 'Heaven on Earth'.

As Earth ascends, it must pass through the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is an energetic place, not unlike your own. There is a drama being played out there, light against dark. The fourth dimension is the place where all records of your karmic patterns and past lives are kept. This dimension is being transformed as the fifth dimensional self passes through and removes all negative karmic patterning.

Physical death is unnecessary when you live in the fifth dimension. Living in a light body enables you to live eternally and express your divinity. Your Spirit is divine and is perfect. You are living in this expression when you live in the fifth dimension. Can you open your mind to the possibility that you are divinity in form?

At present, your everyday awareness is ego based, but on the fifth dimension it is Spirit based. You are a unit of bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Each of these bodies is created to be a vehicle of consciousness. All of these bodies will be embodied by Spirit. You are a magnificent being using a human vehicle as a tool to experience creation. Your everyday awareness is only a small part of who you are on the fifth dimension and above. The physical body is a fine creation and Gaia has designed it without a flaw.


It is the limitation of the mind that creates the illusion of disease and death. Your body has a wonderful intelligence that automatically regulates all of its functions, which enables you to live in a third dimensional reality. The emotional body is a fluid react and response body that allows you to experience the depths of the emotional realm. The mental body is a translator and organizer of energies. It is the organizer of the information that comes through the physical senses.

Your rational mind was never meant to run the show. It can only learn through limited experience that is locked in memory. If you run your life from the head, it creates imbalances in the emotional and physical bodies. This occurs because the bodies are not in alignment with Spirit and the light. We say that you must let your heart guide you. It is more intelligent than you can possibly imagine. It is constantly connected to all of existence. It knows the overall picture.

Your spiritual body is a vehicle, which allows your Spirit to live in your dimension. All four bodies combined make up the human ground crew, the Organic Android. The Spirit is the programmer and user; the human ground crew is the computer. Each of the bodies has a particular task to perform.

  • The physical body holds energy in dense structural patterns. This creates a form, which allows physical sensory perception and mobility within the physical realm.

  • The emotional body flows energy to and from itself in spiraling patterns. This allows emotional stimulus to occur from the energetic patterns that surround the physical body and beyond.

  • The mental body is a vast structure in beautiful color and design. The mind allows the spirit expression to be thinking and organizing being within the dimension.

  • The spiritual body is a golden body of light and pure vibration. It is a structure capable of housing the full light of spirit.

Your bodies fight against each other and create imbalances between their energy fields. This in turn affects the spiritual body, making it difficult for Spirit to express itself fully. The power struggles your various bodies endure is, therefore, reflected in your existence. Love will bring balance and finally unify them into one vast unit. All the bodies will become compatible with each other's programming. This will allow the total free expression of Spirit, your fifth dimensional self.

How do you realize who you are on the fifth dimension? We contact you in your dreams and through your childhood when your perception and ideas of yourself are not conditioned by limitation and your magnificence seems real and true.

Remember to access the part of you that is fascinated with who you really are. Access the memory of whom you thought you were when you believed you were special. The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. Play! Let go of your limitation!

You probably spend much of your time daydreaming about being rich or famous. You can put the same energy into dreaming about how you express yourself on the fifth dimension. Clues and signs will start to manifest from many avenues. Be fascinated with knowing. Have all your senses open and discard nothing. Let truth vibrate throughout your body to allow you to distinguish between what is truth or not.


Relax in the time just before sleep and dream-state awakening to help access the knowledge of who you are.

I wish you all luck on your journey.

Love, from a future Gaian.”



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Starseed Self Activation Process

Edit; due to copyright restrictions I deleted this part, the Starseed activation can be accessed through the below link.



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  • It sounds familiar Ara, however I cannot really recall if I am really being 'zapped' by a crystal, I work a lot with them and have made many adventures with crystals.

    At the moment I am very fond at nuumite, which is said to be the oldest type of stone at Earth.

  • Great posting, Drome, thanks a lot :)  I have this disc, nice to know we're across the world from each other and have the same taste, lol, unity consciousness is so awesome.

  • Drome it's the same exercise ... i have practiced this one for a long time now ... and it works ..

    and thank you for the link ... i have a question for you about crystals ... have you ever been zapped - by one (like short circuit ... ;) while working with them .... lol ... or more specific overload ...

  • That's cool Andy.

    Just a small clear quartz crystal will be sufficient.

    If you're lucky you'll get the crystal growing! :)

  • Wow nice info, thanks for that Ara. :)

    That concentration exercise reminds of the Thiaoouba Prophesy which is also very helpful.

    Purpose of Existence, Universe - Future of Humanity on Earth
  • very good post Drome, thanks ....

    i think you'll like this website ....

  • Uploaded by ShaktipatSeer2 on Apr 23, 2011 Check out my website for more Kundalini/Pineal Gland Exercises! Direct transfer of Third Eye energy to build Light Body - Please share this vid and pass it around!

  • What I recommend to all is to give attention to Stones (minerals, crystals).

    These are truly your best friends!

    Personally I have very good experiences with Stones and Crystals, they really make your body-vortexes (chakras) reacting at their very helpful energies. Stones and Crystals contain unique vibrationand calibrate your own energies to those of Earth. Spirit in pure form.

    Earth, I want to ascend together with you!


This reply was deleted.

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