Light polyhedron of Zero-point-energy, AENA

By Saeko Morishiro

28 April 2014

A light polyhedron, named as AENA (AE-ET17), manifests into reality a new light source of the new Earth born from zero-point-energy. This is a new multidimensional tool for creating infinite energy which has been born based on the information of the Merkabah divinely downloaded from zero-point-energy or unconditional love.

Merkabah of the new Earth

We are going to move into the inner earth by ascending to the multidimensional realm. The Earth located in the sun system and the universal space existed out of the surface of the Earth. However, when we transcend to the inner Earth by ascension, the universal space will be rearranged in the inner Earth with a light source in the center of the Earth. Accordingly, the space existed out of the surface of the Earth will become zero-point space which has no time, space and even dimensions. This means that everything in this universal space exists in the inner Earth space.

The structure of the light source in the center of the inner Earth and the inner Earth itself is similar to that of the light polyhedron that going to be manufactured this time.

The structure of the polyhedron

Basic structure of the light polyhedron.

(1) A light source which is located in the center of this 180 faced polyhedral structure

(2) One piece corresponding to each one face of the 180 faces polyhedron consists of

convex lens on the surface side and concave lens on the inner side with each right focal length functioning to gather outer light on to just the center of the polyhedron.

(3) The light focused on the center of the polyhedron will cause continuous cold fusion, which is caused by collision of photons, with reflection of light randomly by all of the 180 inner faces of the polyhedron. In addition the light emitted circulate aiming to the center of the polyhedron through uroboros, moebius strip, or Klein bottle and circulate by not limited to simple repetition of reflection but through evolution and growth spirally.

The size of the materials selected are based on the assumption that the resulting device shall be for daily life use and not for quantum application.

(4) The speed of light will be reduced from super light speed to normal light speed and the light is stored within the polyhedron emitted incessantly from within. The position of the light source can be altered by changing the angle of the polyhedron.

A face piece

Application for alchemy

The position of the light source within the polyhedron inner space can be decided at will. This enables the light polyhedron to be applied for the aimed position of the warping target, operation of a space ship, control of the position of any event and so on.

This device is used for driving a buoyant vehicle by controlling mainly buoyancy instead of gravity force. Not only buoyancy but also propulsion, direction and speed resulting in excellent driving capability of any type of vehicle. The operation of this device is based on telepathic consciousness of the user.

* Materials

Wall of the polyhedron : Hyper diamond made of C60 (Fullerene) of which hardness is 1/3 of that of natural diamond. This material has been adopted to clear all of the strict conditions to be taken into consideration for use. The properties considered are refractive index, hardness, clarity, mechanical strength to comply with higher atmospheric pressure, conductivity of heat and electricity, formability and so on.

* Size of the device

3cm in diameter. Maximum palm size.

This device can be used for any application from microscopic to macroscopic size level, from for human body up to any structural object because the structure itself represents the minimum unit of the Earth which is a new dimensional cosmos.

This behavior of the light is similar to the method of dynamic breathing. This means that the light circulation for the polyhedron and breathing to the center of the human heart reflecting the surrounding large spherical area are similar on the same principle. The dynamic breathing is the very method of immortal breathing.

Replacing the light with breathing consciously, the Dynamic breathing promotes crystallization of the human body.

You may want to refer a channeled message Manuscript of Survival by Aisha North that says very similar principle to the description above. “For in order to even be able to receive this light-carried information, you will have to vibrate at the right frequency, and anything or anyone still under the influence of the old density of the ego-based system, is simply not able to access any of this high frequency information.

Remember, all of mankind is set up with these same inherent systems that enables them to log on to this vast grid of energetic filaments that criss-cross All of creation, but only if an individual is willing to raise their own vibration by voluntarily opening up for these high frequencies to retune their own density from the old to the new one carrying the same tune as the light. So this cannot in any way be mismanaged, for this high voltage information, these snippets of golden nuggets of information have no value unless they are being connected to the perfect receiver, the person or persons that vibrate at just the right frequency.”

Original idea: Saeko Morishiro

Engineering Assistance: Masayuki Isotani


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