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I do believe, that you are probably the only one who could have understood the true meaning of these pictures. Wow!!! Sun Vesta sure gave me a wonderful picture of the cosmic clock, actually Sun Vesta gave me two pictures of the cosmic clock. I believe Sun Vesta knew that these pictures would wind up going to you, and that you were going to be the one to decipher the true meaning. I am sorry that I had held them for so long. Even my wife was telling me to send them to you, and see what she say's about these pictures.

Gee, my wife, who is not much on the spiritual end of things seemed to sense that these pictures were important. To tell you the truth I let my yellow brain talk me out of sending them to you right away. I was hearing things like this is a camera malfunction, and if you send in your pictures you will be the ridicule of the website!!! I finally got around to convincing myself to send these pictures in no matter the consequences.

My yellow brain made me forget several times about the pictures that I had took. I was pretty sure it was not a camera anomaly of some kind, as I had never seen another picture like this as a camera malfunction, etc., previously. Anyway, I cannot express my gratitude on how you have waded through Keylontic Science, and believe I know, as I waded a bit into it myself, but got hopelessly lost after a month or so.

Believe me when I say that I am impressed with your Keylontic Science explanations to my photo's, and many other area's on your site as well. I would say that you have an excellent rudimentary understanding of concepts in Keylontic Science. As you have stated that you are no expert in Keylontic Science, but I think that goal will not be that far down the road for you. As not only for me, but I think there are probably other's on the site, that think you are our 'expert' in Keylontic Science for sure. Thanks Again for all of the wonderful information, and email's on the photo's. Peace & Love, Dear William, You are absolutely correct in what you have said about me and Keylontic Science.

I am absolutely sure that at least 99% of the people who study Keylontic Science are continuously weaving it into their OLD BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE of reality. I see this every time I find a website that seems to be related to a study of Keylontic Science in any way. Since I have been a teacher all of my life on the Subject of Back Ground Knowledge in Communication it is very easy for me to see how even Ashayana Deane herself is always bringing her own limited knowing to the teachings that are given to her. I could see this most clearly when she taught sliders 7 which was on the topic of Music of the Spheres. I kept going back and forth between sliders 7 and her DVD titled Cosmic Clock comparing and comparing for about five years.

I kept drawing what she drew and looking at it from a different angle than she could see BECAUSE I AM A MUSICIAN and she is not. She gave the exact break down of how the entire Cosmic Clock reset has been programmed, and your picture is that exact explanation of that Reset that she showed from three o clock to 12 oclock. Now, to the next layer of how the music of the spheres fits in. If we were only looking at the reset clock of three oclock to 12 oclock, we wouldn't be including the infinite layering of the spheres upon spheres that are reflecting parallel universal musical alignment together with galactic and cosmic and the layers of all of the consciousness which is sent through music from the infinite layers within each of those Suns within suns.

There are billions of suns in that picture-- not just Sun Vesta. I see billions because I see and hear the music. This picture should help give you a hint of the music that I hear within the base tones, over tones and primary tones of each of the times on the clock as each of them interfaces with the parallel opposite adori and atori- visible and invisible- audible and inaudible. Now, we look for the transformational notes and the transduction sequence and the absolute NEW TONE that is created within the Zero point of all of these spheres within spheres. That new tone that is created each time these billions of suns align with the three oclock sun and the 12 oclock or the two oclock and the 8 oclock, or the four and the ten. That alignment is not as significant as the NEW TONE that is created in the center- the zero point. The place where the two tones of visible and invisible meet and create a new reality.

That is what it is all about. The new tone. The new reality. Please look very closely at the multitudes of suns within suns within suns and how they create new layers of light within light which creates new suns. What we are actually experiencing in the picture is the creation of a new Cosmos within the Infinite Cosmaya. Don't get stuck on the one green sun. It is only a reflection of all of the infinite light spectrums involved. This is the point where Ashayana Deane and I do not agree. She is always teaching these songs that are in the God language that is given to her. Those songs are a density of audible words. That means it is not the God Language. It is a Hertzian Rendition of a Cosmic Language. I do not hear words like she teaches. I hear the frequencies of all of the suns singing into and through each other in the language that is not audible at all.

But I can hear it and feel it in my cells because it is a song and dance that is being made through vibrations. I think I caught those frequencies in the Parallel Universe Set and the Lunar Visions and several others that included several layers of Suns. I'm writing all of these things now because I just finished watching the new movie about Brian White of the Beach Boys where I just learned that he said that when he was writing his music, nobody else could even hear what he was creating. I so totally understand what he was experiencing.

He was hearing these sounds in his brain waves, just like I do and he kept trying to replicate them through sounds of instruments in the orchestra. He kept trying to replicate this humming, buzzing sound. Of course, nobody else ever understood what he was trying to do and he went crazy trying to bring the voices out of his head. During the past ten years there have been a lot of people hearing these voices and sounds in their heads because it is time for our brain waves to start connecting with the Mind of God. The first stage of that replug into our neuronets is a hard one-- very painful for most people. What is even more difficult is trying to explain something to people that they cannot see or hear YET.

My point is I was so amazed to find out that even the composer of the Beach Boys music went through this period where people could not hear what he was actually doing in the music. When I watched the movie of how Brian Wilson went about trying to recreate what he heard in his ears, I saw how NEANDERTHAL- how primitive the Instruments in the Orchestra are compared to what can be done through Consciousness and the Breath. Even though Brian Wilson was trying to achieve the same thing that I am, I doubt that he would understand what I'm talking about. However, he did say that he knew that everything he wrote came from God.

And then I think about Jim Morrison of the DOORS. Break on through to the Other Side was a song about doing exactly what I'm teaching in the Atomic Mirror Technique. The Song is about the Crystal Ships Landing and how we must move through the veil to begin to see those who are landing now. And then we learn that Jim Morrison was the son of a very DEEP NASA Agent with top top secrets that were not to be revealed to mankind. And then we hear the lie that Jim Morrison died from a drug over dose just like all of the other musicians who were sharing secret information through their music. I just think it is so fabulous that there was at least one other person who went through what I am going through at this time trying to show the world that there are a lot of realities out there that they just dont see or hear yet. But, some of us do. Please try to see, sense and feel the multitudes of layers in your photographs beyond Sun Vesta. We all see Sun Vesta. What about all of the infinite streams of light that She is made of?

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