I came here early in the year and posted a bit then things began to happen to my family and I. In return I retreated back to my solitude and tried to put this site behind me. That plagued me to no end and although my mind was at rest, my heart cried out for closure. And so I'm back again, ready to face whatever it is "they" throw at me. Two weeks ago my family threw a party and we had many friends over. Needless to say we had some beer and I drank despite the fact that I "quit" several years ago. I got wasted and started confessing to my wife about the things I had experienced while employed by the government. She began to get scared and wanted us to go inside (we were outside smoking a cig at the time). I didn't catch the hint and it wasn't until she pointed out the "thing" across the street clearly observing us that I had decided it was a good idea to heed her warning. It was then that I decided I had limited time and needed to come back if only to share what I know so that others wont become victims to "their" madness. And so I'm back.

Tonight we talked more about it and I could feel their presence much like one can smell the sickly sweet stench of garbage on a summer day. They have a smell about them that I cannot put my finger on but it almost hints at vomit or some other disgusting thing. They make my skin crawl when I think about them and although I read about how others have positive experiences when it comes to "aliens" I however do not.

I have seen them in all their glory. I have worked along side of them and even called one of them "friend" though the idea of it today makes me nauseated to say the least.

They are not good, they are evil, plain and simple. They do not care for us or our plight. In fact, they are mostly responsible for the state of affairs we find ourselves in today. I feel lost and without honor. I feel disposed of and hope above all else that what I share here will indeed lead to some kind of goodness and not more suffering.

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  • I hope dearest one that you are wrong and have a long time with us
  • Thank you Ara. I've often said that there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. I just hope this time I have luck on my side.

  • Thanks for sharing this Ghost ... ;))

    there is a saying from a movie 'eragon' ... to have spirit and courage - "one part brave three parts fool" ... i hope you are not alone in your journey, and you do have courage ... ;)) Stay safe.

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