My Beloveds,

It is an honor and a privilege to connect with you today in this lovely way. Being an Ascended Lady Master I lend assistance to you in the most important times by far in your history. As Ascended Masters we are often confronted with sordid tricks of the Dark Lords and with impurities in general. We lend our helping hand in removing these impurities from your energetic fields and from your Beloved Mother Earth. It gives me great pleasure to be of assistance in these matters.

Furthermore I am also at your service if you are in need of proper guidance in your spiritual evolution. The latter is almost solely founded on “balance” as it is an essential part of your spiritual evolution. Every kind of imbalance can result in a disturbance which can manifest itself in each of your lower bodies. Two extremes, two opposing energies complement each other when they are balanced ; forming one complementary whole. One cannot exist without the other as they split off of the same Source. In the case where one element is redundantly present while the other element is in minority, one gets out of balance resulting in an unhappy feeling. However, in the case where both elements are present in the same quantity, one reaches a so-called “Zero-Point” state where a balance has been struck. No tension, no disturbance ; only ZEN, balance, peace, harmony …

Before you can reach the point of being physically balanced it is imperative that your Etheric Lightbodies are also balanced. Inner harmony reflects outer harmony. What you create on an inner level, you create on an outer level which results in its manifestation. Balance is the key to it all! So balance yourself and see to it that you enjoy inner peace and that you achieve balance. Find yourself in the state of "Knowing" and "being"!.

My Beloveds, you are most wondrous souls whose path has been arduous and lonely on the road to Ascension. Beloved I AM presence that you are, brilliantly shining like the sun in the sky. You can be truly proud of what you have accomplished. As Lightworkers you are that close now from being removed from the wheel of Karma[ego]. Everything is nearly rounded up in duality and all remaining karma has played its last trump as it has to wither away with the coming of Ascension. Karma[ego] will then be non-existent and its last remnants must be completely dealt with NOW! That’s why it is now possible that those last remnants of karma[ego] come up to the surface to be cleared and to leave your energy fields once and for all. Don’t block its surfacing for it has to exit! It cannot and may not be transferred into the Higher Dimensions. Now is the time, now is your opportunity ; take it with both hands and work to dissolve it. Remove even the last karmic aspects from your energy fields and do it now! Ask that they be removed from your energy fields and from your life. Express unconditional Love to all that exists! Be Love!

I Am that I Am.

Lady Portia.

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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"These are follish non issues. They should not be any basis to hate Iran, the home of Cyrus The Great!😆"
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