Kyanite and past life recall

I bought a kyanite pendant because it looked beautiful and I like the blue. Little did I know that it aids in past life recall. I received it for a day and that night I had a strange dream. I believe I was some sort of exorcist or someone linked with the occult in my past life. There was a series of horrendous events with mass killing, but the people who were committing the mass murders were under some demonic influence. I know what you are thinking, they are to blame for their actions if they kill someone. I think that something must have happen to make a normal individual abnormal and kill out of the blue. One of the event involved a school. A woman pulled the alarm and this caused massive panic. Students were running to the gym locker rooms and hiding in bathroom stalls. She killed herself later. Then another one happened where another woman was setting fire to the public. She was on fire but didn't die. Apparently, demonic. Everyone was racing in their cars like it was the end of the world. It was hysterical. I was driving as many strangers as I could fit into the car. We were in the same boat. I was driving frantically to get away. Then I couldn't find my brother so I had to circle back. It was then that I had exorcised a spirit attachment to a girl. The spirit was blue or purple and had been trapped in a red ball of energy. As soon as I released it, it was trying to bounce towards the sky. It couldn't make it there, but kept trying. The dream ended with me back in the car, driving again. Then in front of me stood all these possessed people. One of them had lava for skin. You know the kind where it's cooled on the outside but you can see the veins of lava and fire. The three strangers and me recited the matthew prayer, but the thing mocked us. It recited it with us except there was an entirely different verse. It sounded familiar to me. Anyways, I woke up and am typing it now. I don't know what to make of it. This is not the first time where I remember a past life, it's just that I wasn't even wearing kyanite. I had it in my hands when I fell asleep woke back up to place it on my laptop next to my bed. In the dream, I had to get away and save some people. The fact that I could so easily cast out that ghost from a girl. Kyanite is fine in the day, but be weary of it in the night if you don't want to remember.

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