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Knowledge for our sun by Ashtar Sheran

The center of sun in this solar system is cold for more detail the temperature is suitable for alive beings.Here there is a planet with it's atmosphere with high intelligent and evolution inhabitant's called the conscience of  Creator.Our sun is a luminous bright rotating bubble made from a thin ethereal material which is very hot externally and little hot internally At this bubble there are holes which serves as  entrance and exits. All scientific information's given by NASA about mass and fuel energy time life of our sun is blasphemies and stories of Halima .Narration by .................John.

Peace for all universe ! ! ! 

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Comment by Krishna Kalki on January 29, 2013 at 9:20pm
This is true but not a message from Ashtar Sheran.
There are beings living in the inner sun that have different bodies then is stared in the Vedas.

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