Kiesha Crowther: The 13 Crystal Skulls

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Today I went to an event where Kiesha Crowther (Little Grandmother) gave a lecture.

I was whole day very excited to meet her, and felt warm energies flowing while driving to the event.

She had a special message for the dutch people, and gave two lectures; one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

I went to the evening lecture.


Special Message

Kiesha came this time to the Netherlands for a special reason. She is in close contact with the Elders and she was being told that energy-levels in Sweden, Denmark and Holland are currently highest in the World! All Elders worldwide have their eyes preying at these regions. Why the frequency is so high here is still unknown. In april she will come back to place her most precious Crystal here in the ground. All signs are pointing that something very special will happen here before the great shift takes place.


13 Crystal Skulls

Kiesha went also to the Mayan Elders last year where they collected the 11 known skulls wich where spread around the World... ..12 skulls - a man from Inner-Earth came too, with the 12th skull. They laid the skulls together and they started communicating. Lots of energy was radiating and after a while they separated the skulls again because of the heat the skulls started producing. Once all skulls are together and communicating they shall release all the ancient wisdom they carry... ..but the collection of skulls is not complete yet, the man from Inner-Earth told. There is another 13th skull which needs to be provided by the Star-People. Who they exactly are and when this shall take place is still unknown. What the identity of this mysterious man from Inner-Earth is, is also unknown, but I might have missed this when Kiesha told about it. There is definitely more to come about this subject in the near future.


My Experiences

On beforehand I was very excited to go this event. The event itself was very quickly organized in two weeks or a little bit more time. Eight days ago I bought my ticket and expected a lot because of the notification she had something special to tell about. Whole day I fell (and still feel) very loving and beloved with very active chakra's. Also the very warm (almost hot) feets I had when driving to the event was different for me. At the place itself in a small white church in Zeist where about 300 visitors I guess - 2 lectures sold out. All people looked very warm to me and there where also some mysterious types as it appeared to me. A very vibrant athmosphere. Kiesha herself is, well; just a normal woman. A very special normal woman. Only she started to become very emotional halfway, which was different as the lecture before as I learned from the organization.

Kiesha had nice nice things to tell, with new and unknown things for me. I slipped one time away with my attention, but the rest of the time she catched my ears and eyes also if I had not such a long curly man sitting in front of me. lol

A Mayan figure named Carlos Palada was also present, he provided us a guided Earth-healing meditation which was fun to do. Here I displayed 2 sitting figures who where not participating with a sour face which was striking for my eyes.

There was also another special special woman who was guiding Kiesha when she came in. I forgot her name but will find her name again eventually. > Drome remembered: Devatma Amaya. This woman survived as little child in the rainforests of a land I also forgot and came then to Holland for her living. She cares here for the poorest of the poorest people that life here and she herself had nothing but a car. She was clothed as a white nun and has no home here but a car. Maybe this was the reason Kiesha was so emotional because she organized promptly a donation for this woman. For the money donated she can sleep in a luxury hotel for many weeks as I saw the result. Very nice.

All with all it was worth it to be there and I feel satisfied. I am in such a satisfied mood I managed it after a long drive to write this blog when I came home. Drome writing very own blogs is rarely as till this moment. :P


Much Love,

Drome :)


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  • There was something else that's worthy to share.

    At the end of the lecture I did see a little tiny thing in the air 2 meters in front of me.

    It looked like a fly without wings, light-grey, and seemed to life and move through the air.

    The only thing I could think about at that moment was a single Sylph. From this I was very impressed.


  • More about the meaning of all of this

    Crystal Skulls

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