Just some things

It's short, it's for myself, and I share it with you.

It feels like I am in another reality as yesterday.

Where I had last week quarrel with my earth family about spirituality and the truth in this world, these same people now speak about it like they knew it already for a long time. Last week they where deep sleepers and spirituality was a far away thing for them. Also they did not wanted to believe me about all the terrible things the dark elite does, and today they even told me about what for machine haarp is and what it can cause. Even speaking about galactic people went normally and reincarnation seems to be applicable to them too by now.And this all within a week time? Are they promptly being activated or did I traveled to another reality? Whatever it is, there changed something into a very positive way.

Ok, up to something else. Pyramid = Pyr-a-mid = Fire in the middle.

Mass-ascension is possible, and it shall surely happen, atleast in my World, I am sure about it.

What I am experiencing now is miraculous. Thank you.

Oh and bytheway; I still hear those tones in the sky, daily. Duration of these tones is only 2 to 4 seconds, but I'll try to make a recording now for the first time since I hear them since may 2011.

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  • Thank you all for the comments, and yes Kelly L., I remember. :)

    At once it's already here. ;)

  • Oh Drome, remember when we were told about unity consciousness and it seemed so far away?  I'm full of giggles today, there is something changed in the world... tomorrow is Spring and we will see the goddess manifesting as compassion and joy in service....

    The "pyramid" is one of the most sacred forms in creation, without which we would have no engine for Life... and I would LOVE to hear your sounds... I should show you the link I found regarding tones that are heard as your chakras open... I thought about Gaia's chakras when I saw it, and the sounds she is making as she evolves....

    Sending you big hugs and lots of rainbow light :)

  • You are so right Drome … I’ve been noticing the same … especially the conversations about galactic civilizations and spirituality as they would talk about the weather … ;) or they would look up to the sky more often as well. My most skeptic friend start to care his camera (just in case). That ‘s how I see that talking about it is bringing the awareness and helps people to allow this ‘idea’ slowly to sink in … and then they will pick it up themselves from there, as everything starts with the idea … as the seed for new life. People getting more open to new concepts and possibilities … and soon it’s going to be ‘an old news’ …that would be the day ;)

    Thanks Drome for sharing

    In peace, love and light

  • Hi folks, Hi drome, thanks for sharing your story.

    My guess is, is that their higher selves stepped in to a greater degree, though the time line shift idea could be possible as well.

    In my life, my father has seemed to rise up quite a bit, does not react with anger when presented with similar information you are speaking of, which is definitely a fairly large change.

    Though oddly, my wife has seemingly gone the opposite direction, meaning she was more than happy, more like eager, to have conversations about similar things and now, she literally almost plugs her ears, this is very strange indeed.

    I guess if they can change for the better overnight, they can also change for the worse overnight.

    peace love light

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