Just a little piece of me to share :)

Lol, there is attempted gossip mongering that I am a figment of Commander Drekx Omega's imagination, teehee... so I thought I would return to this video from last year by my dear friend Dieter from indianinthemachine.com... where you can clearly see that I am a simple canadian girl growing and changing like us all :)  I admit it felt really uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I was sooo tired by the end I could barely think, lol. 

Of course much has changed since the filming, I did bring back my picture and I have evolved so much that I barely feel like the girl you see here... but my love and faith in Gaia and the divine plan have never wavered.  My evolution into the Lightchalice has much to do with my connections to you all and the continued wisdom I learn here. 


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  • Very cute song, babe.....!!   DΩ---KL ♥ ♥

  • Just because I am feeling sentimental :)

  • Yes I agree, my sweet......and Gene Wilder is not the best of singers, yet still carries the song, very well...10/10 for Pure Imagination.... ~sighs~

  • I always loved this song, and such beautiful images...sigh :)  Blissful ...

  • What an imagination.......  ;-)

  • Oh my gosh, I have tears in my eyes, thank you all so much, I am humbled. 

    And Drekxy (blush) .... !

  • Nice comments from all you dear contributers.... 


    How's this for a figment of my imagination.....  ;-) 



  • Kelly you are lovely.... WELL DONE .. your videos here are wonderfull and will seve to uplift many.. its something I may do myself at some point as soon as I make that leap... what an inspiration you are, thank you my beautiful sister.. thank you for reminding us of many home truths..

    I wish I had gotten to see the Norway Spiral myself, I only ever saw the news reports on it when it happened but it would have been awesome to see it for real, maybe it will happen again..

    stay as beautiful as you are sweet sister.. you are LOVED Kelly..

    thank you

    thank you

    thank you..........







  • Hey Kelly I have this video for reference...hehehe. I also have your other video in my files. You were my first introduction into the galactic video stuff. So when you said you were ACC I went in search of you and, wow I found you. Keep doing what your doing, I enjoy all that you do to keep Us all enlightened and uplifted. Love and Light to you Sweet Sister.8114395694?profile=original

  • lol its funny that some thought you were a figment of Drekx Omegas imagination hahahaha! You're a very beautiful woman, amazingly Light energy coming from you. Love you!!

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