In addition to some perspective from Juan O Savin, this video from Jetson White brings images of more activity most of us didn’t see going on. Always interesting revelations from Jetson. There has been a tremendous amount of stuff happening in the skies for years that we had no explanation for until long after the fact. Jetson also addresses what are certainly questions many of us have wondered about. His theories make a lot of sense.  At the 10:33 mark we see “My fellow Americans…” etc. for those who need a reminder what that was about. At 13:11 he shows us Q drop that speaks of nothing but “Justice” and it reminded me of Phil G’s post the other day saying we need a new word for “justice”. Is that because the form of justice about to be delivered is unlike anything we’ve ever known? Justice isn’t only for those who commit crimes but also for those victimized. 21 min.

The New West IS the Plan to Save the World

Jetson’s newest sounds intriguing, as well, but I have not yet had time to listen. Of course there is much to be said for the element of surprise and the Earth Alliance is not going to tip off the dark.

I stumbled upon this channel on Telegram and have been watching it for a bit. It seems like a good time to share their most recent post, considering what Jetson proposes above. I have no way of knowing who exactly is publishing this but if it resonates with you, great. If not, then it’s not meant for you.

“All of you have been encoded. We have monitored many of you so that we would be familiar with your patterns and life styles to be of help where possible. We are sending our Love to you for we understand and know what you may be going through.

Most of the coded Light Servers have already been temporarily brought aboard our Motherships in their sleep-state. When you finally arrive through our Lifting Beams, you will be awakened to this knowledge that you possess and then you will not feel so strange in these new surroundings. “There will be changes in your lives as you all have Missions, and according to these Missions your training will continue so that you can carry them out with a minimum of adjustment.

There are even facilities for your special pets. Yes, we care for pets just as you do. They are helping us to harmonize with all life forms and as you have discovered, I am sure, that harmonizing with nature is such a pleasure, and to attune to other life forms is so rewarding.

“There are many of us from distant Planets that have volunteered for this service, and I am sure you might be curious to know where we are all from. We volunteered to help those of you on the Earth plane in your time of crisis. We have studied to be able to communicate with you, studied your Earth life and hope to be of some help.

Many of us have come from far distant Galaxies. As the word went out for volunteers, you would be astonished at the response. There were very few who, for reasons of family commitments and such, did not respond. Mostly all were anxious to be of service. “You will not need any garments other than what we provide. not be able to give you much warning when the time comes for ‘Beaming’. As you know, Love is the Key in the Beam and everywhere else, so keep it flowing.”

Some of this material may be a little “out there” for some but since we do not know the nature of our true reality, I like to keep an open mind. Anything is possible, I feel.

Some of the expected events hinge on specific events for the timing. Will September 3rd be “a day”? I guess we’ll see what happens. 14 minutes.

The Last Possible Moment

It is oddly quiet and that may mean this is the calm before the storm. It’s forecast to be a hot summer, it’s already scorching in France where “climate change” appears to be shutting down outdoor events [climate lockdowns] and we know the cabal are sweating bullets so there’s plenty of ammo to go around.

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